Hair Extension Diy Itip From Keratip

Making iTip for Microbead from Keratip. If you recieved the wrong tips and cant return , watch my video to see how to make itips for microbeads from keratin tips or fusion tips

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For this video I'm going to show you how to make an eye tip extension from a keratin tip, you tip flat tip. So when you get the you tip extensions, so you order these by accident or say you want to make the eye tips and beaded extensions. Rather than the keratin tip you take your keratin tip, which a lot of times comes in a you tip. Sometimes it's flat like I said the flat tip this one's a you tube, because it's shaped like a you, okay, so to make this into an eye tip. You'Re going to first, I like to trim off a little bit because sometimes they're pretty thick, so trim off a little bit the tip it's a little smaller or not as much glue. You'Re gon na take your iron. This is an extension iron. If you don't have one of these, you can use a blood iron, take an old flat iron or cheap flat iron that you're not going to use for hair. This is a mini one, like a travel one that I use it's pretty cheap and since can take your tip and just heat it up melt it down. You can swipe it a couple times just of it. It doesn't get clumpy pull the glue through to the end, let it cool down for a minute and then roll it into like a shoelace tip. So it's gon na look like that. Now you want to kind of press it down and form it. So it's straight and not bumpy and then you're gon na cut the tip off and you have a knight tip. That looks like a shoelace, and you want to take your little bead, that you're gon na use for the tips for the micro bead and make sure that it fits. So you can take your little bead, whatever type of beads you like to use and see that it fits if it doesn't fit. For some reason you can always do it again. Take your little flat iron and heat it up one more time you can swipe it again, you swipe it. It kind of pulls out some of that glue, so it's not too thick and it also smooths. It make sure it's not too hot and roll it into a shoelace tip each time you do it, it kind of gets a little smaller. So if you need it smaller for your little micro bead, you can do it again and make sure it fits and there's your tip I'll do one more in a different color, so you can kind of see it a little bit better. Maybe you take your you tube, which looks like this trim some of the top off. If you have this tool, it kind of fits in the little groove and you melt it down. If you don't swipe it, it's kind of like that, so it helps to just wipe off some of the glue swipe it through makes it smooth there too, and then you roll it. You press it down again and then make sure it fits in your roll it into a shoelace. That'S how you do it!

J B: Great! Thank you was wondering what to do with the hair i just bought! Looked like fake nail tips and would not fit in the rings!

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