How To: Create Mix Highlights At Home Using Tape In Extensions Ft. Eayonhair

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Foreign hair for sponsoring today's video. So let's get into this look so today I will be installing these tables, so this is my first time working with colored tapes, so I have two packs of natural black, which are a 18 and a 20 inch. But I have an 18 inch of the mixed color, so the color is like a 27 Balayage highlight and I really like it because the roots are dark, so it fades into the color which is perfect to blend with your natural hair and the hair. That'S left out so as far as tapes for those of you that don't know they come with an adhesive Tab and you basically section small sections of your natural hair and you sandwich it in between the tape and extensions. So with the tapes. It'S very discreet and you're able to achieve versatile hairstyles and you can get away with that. Sew-In look, but with more versatility than a sew-in. I used one pack of the natural black and I kept that towards the bottom. Then, once I worked my way up to the top, that's when I use the color I use all of the two packs of color. I used one entire pack of the natural and then I used very little of that second, so the bottom is a 20 inch and then, as I go up towards the top it's 18 inches, usually I try to start from the back and then I work my Way towards the front, but I was kind of just jumping around for this install, so it's a little all over the place, but I will come back later as we get further into the video Lego. Kindness tell me what you want to do: yeah. Yes, I know who I tips. I thank you tell me what you want to do me, so she sent to me foreign foreign, just a little, because I wanted to add curls and just because it looks more natural when you have layers as opposed to this super blunt look, although I love a Super blunt look, but with these or this particular style tapes I wanted to do layers. This is a straight texture. It did blend fairly well and my hair is natural. I don't have a relaxer, but I have to say that this mixed color, this, like Balayage tape, did have a nice texture to it, so it Blended really well, so this hair holds a really nice curl. So if you're interested, I will have all the links for this hair down in the description box as well as a discount code. If I have a discount code that will be in the comment section, but that is really it. I style the hair. The only thing that I did different with this tape and install and previous tasting insoles is when I got to the top, I laid the tapes a little different. I did it that way, so I would be able to pull everything all the way back with it. Still being discreet, with very little tension and with it still laying flat, I always say: if you have someone that can help, you definitely get someone else to help you. It speeds up the process and if you are unsure of what you're doing it definitely helps you, because it can cause damage to your natural hair. So that is just one take away from the tape and experience big shout out to Eon here for sponsoring today's video, and I will see you in the next video bye. I just wan na have a good night mode cause girls as players too, get money all around the world cause girls too I'll, go on and on and on again foreign

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MsMitchell: Looks great! Are you going to show the take down process?

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