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Today I wanted to show you all my new natural, fast and easy clip in curly hair extensions from Bebonia. I am transitioning with my hair at the moment, as I damaged it from overbleaching and had to cut it and I miss my long hair, so what better way to cope with my loss (hahaha) than to try out these beautiful curly hair extensions from Bebonia. I wanted to show you all how I put them in, how they look during the day and also how I remove them at night. Its really easy and they look natural when you blend them with your own hair! These natural curly hair extensions give you a good hair day no matter what kind of a day your having, which is exactly what I need at the moment. I hope you enjoy xxx

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Below is a description of all the products I used today - note that I havent added links as I buy my products in New Zealand so it wouldnt be any good to any wider audience but you can always google the products from whatever country your in

Bebonia Hair Extensions in Curly Honey Blonde

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Good morning, my beautiful peeps good morning, good morning good morning how you going today this morning, guys i feel like crap and i'm going to work, and i wanted to show you as promised that quick hair tutorial excuse my red eyes. I just should have sleep last night guys anyway. I wanted to show you with and share with you guys that clip and extension here how i do it. It'S only a few pieces of the hair extensions that i want to use this morning, because i am i am going to work. I don't want this to be severely long, so yeah. I wanted to share how i'm going to make my hair go from this, because it's very thinned i'm in that transition stage, guys of it growing back out to his luscious gorgeous self again. So i wan na you know still keep looking good. Remember number one rule guys when your hair looks amazing, you feel amazing right so yeah, that's what i'm going to achieve today. If any of you out there are stuck on trying to get a good hairy day like i am yeah watch what i'm doing hold up. Okay, my beautiful peeps so number one. What i'm gon na do is just do my own hair, first very fast, so i'm gon na be using kerosene's discipline cure for that. I have wet my hair extensions already like that. I want them to air dry the same as my hair and, if i put in dry hair extensions, it's going to look very freaking, weird right brush it out. So there's no tangles anymore, going to add in the hair extensions and how many bits we need. I don't like using a whole lot. That'S in the pack, i'm not looking for that hollywood. You know style. I just want it to look quite voluminous and lovely. So here are my hair extensions, guys they're from the bonier very good brand curly. It was so hard to find a good curly clip in here here extension that matched my texture. I'Ve actually gone for the color honey blonde and it does actually melt in with my normal hair, because what i've done guys is i've dyed. My hair brown to save you know to save it. What i need to do this weekend probably is just to dye these ends here. I'Ve wet them to try and match my weight here so they're like that. There'S quite a few pieces here guys there's like about eight, i'm not going to use the whole lot. I don't have time for that number one and i just i i want a normal lovely look. So that's what we're going to go for! I haven't put product in this, yet i'm going to put it in after they're on because i find that's the easiest now, i'm after simplicity, easy, quick, fast, but an awesome result. So that's what i'm gon na get. So, let's get going with these, so i'm gon na use the four clip one first for the bottom, i'm going to go around the back and put this one in at the bottom, very bottom of my neck, and i'm just going to do it quite roughly. Really. I mean this is real life. You know, i don't have a hairdresser to help me out with anything so and use any snappy clip. Even a normal hair club will do my hands wet, see anything your hands get wet hold that up there. We'Re going to add this forklift on it's the biggest one at all now bear in mind guys in the perfect world. I would have already dyed these just the top brown, but i haven't even had a chance guys, so so nice they're really quite easy. I did it the other day, so you will put this one right at the bottom, so you want to put it right up against your hair, try and get it right in the middle. As far as you can secure it, you don't want it to be feeling like it's going to fall off and then you're going to push those clips make sure those clips are right into their hero. That feels pretty good, see that it was easy. What'S that that was easy yep i like easy now, next one and then you'll just keep going up in layers to as much as you want, so that one's there now i'm going to go over above it always leave some of your natural hair out, and i Usually just do three at the back and on the side, but yeah that's planned. I might leave that man. It doesn't need to be perfect, guys leave some of your real hair out. The only downfall with putting them wet guys is that you can. Actually, if you haven't dyed those you know the band part, you can see it only if you're looking for it. You can see it through your wet here a bit. So for that part here in the middle, i'm actually gon na go with two threes. I think i'm doing it wrong, uh, no, no yeah! There'S no rules. There'S no rose, i'm gon na do two three, so i'm gon na do. This has got three clips on it. I'M gon na go here, but closer to here, put it in there and clip this make sure it's in there guys make sure it's quite secure in your hero. It'S one. I know you can see that hard up, but we are going to hide that. Let'S get this one in the other third of the three. So who cares if you're doing it wrong? You know you've got to test this thing out. Actually i'll put this pattern here first, so this is where i'm missing a lot of hair. Oh there we go guys and i was surprised at how easy this was today my battery's going to run out. So i just want to see if i can get this all in before i change it, see i'm quite thin at the top, which you know, there's nothing. I can do guys it's not, except for maintaining and looking after my hair now, okay, it's like that. I'M gon na put one more in. Oh, no, i'm gon na put one on the side. I think here and then i'm gon na put one more piece of back here. Yeah! That'S that's what i'm gon na do. So, let's just do the back piece. First, how far is that? I don't care what anyone says as long as my hair looks good and it looks amazing guys when your hair is dry, really dips, it's just trying to hide that band. While it's wet, then you know it's a bit of a oh. Well, so for the top guys, i think i've got it around the wrong way, but i don't care. I'M gon na use a floor. I think i was only meant to use the three, but it doesn't really matter. I don't think it matters. I'M gon na put this right up here. Well, i would say it would be the four. Let me put it here just to give it more volume at the back, as you can see that yeah now, i'm going to go ahead and put two little ones on the side. What the hell happened here. So it also comes with a two clip one which is perfect for me, because this is where a lot of my hair is broken off, so i'm gon na go ahead and just put it here like that and then like that yeah not too forward, i mean You don't want it to be super obvious, i'm guessing here that will do it's a bit loose that one. You really need it to be secure, like grab onto that here. Yeah like that and the second one to match it up. You know go on this side. That'S what i'll do not too forward, because you are gon na say i think that's too forward. I know that feels good. Okay, now let your hair down now. This is the part that you know you need to really work on guys, and this is the blending of it. Obviously, because my hair is so thin up top i'm going to have to try and hide this hide those wefts which is all good. You can do it now that is super obvious over there, so i would get my hair clip very shortly now what i'm gon na do now, because it's wet see that guys it looks pretty good eh, pretty good. I'Ve still got three pieces left guys which i haven't used because i think that's just a bit too much so now, i'm just doing a blend. Now i'm just going to check the back yeah. So you can see that quite obviously, so i will tidy that up because i haven't dyed them. You can see that guys see. You can see that and that's where you'll need to cover up with your rail here, which i don't have much of, but it will look better and sorry my paints, it's changed damn battery, so that's it there. Now, i'm what i'm going to do now is just blend it, i'm going to use some mousse, which is why i love to have them in wet what nice! Ah, what's going on with me this morning, guys, i'm gon na say something's following me, but no no be gentle and i like to put it put it all together, put my products in all together with my normal here now you can see that heart out. Can'T you sure that's not very tight, but you know you can always so you need to get your real hair there guys just cover that bloody weft up. This is when you get your mousse in there blend all your hair together, put oil in it. I am not actually you know because i'm still testing this out, but doesn't they look lovely, but i do need to hide, obviously, because my hair is so thin up top, and this is only temporary too guys. My hair is going to grow back to its luscious. Beautiful self seam - and it will dry down, see this part here where you can actually see it, i'm hiding it for now, but when it dries, you won't see it. So so i say so. I said: let's just check the back out quickly. So that's going to air dry nicely for me. Can you see that guys? It looks actually alright. I mean you can obviously see it there, but that's fine! It'S going to be covered very shortly once my hair dries and it gets more opaque, so yeah, okay, my peeps, so that's it! Now. I'M gon na go ahead and do a very fast makeup look. Hopefully it would have dried down a little bit more um and then i'm gon na come back and just show you a little something i'm pretty much done hold on. So i'll show you a little video of me at work with my hair and yeah. We will check it out hello, my gorgeous gorgeous peeps. It is a game janine. I wanted to update you on the old hair extensions piss off hair extension situation. Um. What do you think very natural looking? Isn'T it guys i've tied up the sides so that you can hide the wefts with these a little bit and i am just yeah kind of leaving it out? What do you think? What do you think? What do you think you girl yeah guys? So that's me and what do you think of the old hair from the back very natural? Actually, i do need to dye that i do need to dye that you know um band part on them. So that's your girl guys. So i hope you love the hair extensions um, the bobonia, if anyone's asking - and i did scour - i scoured the internet like i do - to find the best ones for curly hair, because i have bought quite a few um curly clip-ons and they're - not none of them Matched my curl pattern. I think i am a c or something like that, but yeah they look totally fake. These are great and they're so soft and i'm so glad that i can actually clip them in with wet hair. So yeah, that's it guys. I hope you enjoy um yeah, very easy application, as you saw me do this morning, um yeah, that's all i've got to say about them, they're really great, especially for us. Ladies out there that are transitioning from short hair like i am my hands start up here. Now, as you saw and it's thinned and i need to grow it back out, um yeah, it's great hello, my gorgeous peeps, i just gotten home, and i wanted to show you the um extensions. So i rolled them out like i've just taken my bobby pins out and i've hit them up kind of like that all day, so i've taken that up. I thought i would just show you a quick how i'm going to take this stuff out, so they've been setting really really well all day. I kind of bobby pin them up there to make it have a little. You know kind of subtle, look, makeup's kind of lasted. I look good now, but um yeah, but i wanted to just show you how i'm going to take these out now so they've been in all day, which is great picture yeah. If you get the way. I look guys i'm like you know it's friday, so um, i've, hidden them and i'm gon na do a better job than this i mean this is like only they do look quite natural way. They look pretty good they're pretty and they blend in with my normal hair as well, which is really awesome. So don't forget guys. I did have them up a lot nicer than this i've kind of just pulled the bobby pins out. I thought i would take a very quick video of this just to show you how i'm going to take this out before i have a shower. So let's do it um, it's the first. I think that's a two one, so they just unclip. Really, oh yeah. That'S the two one we put in a bit fuzzy, but that's: okay, that's cool one! I forgot how many we put in now that one's gone i'll take the side out. First, there's the other one. I'M still getting used to this guys. If you look at that one is that one or is that my note yeah? This is the worst side. So there's the two one here that we put on the side. It'S just a matter of filling those clips yeah here. It is very easy to take out too that's the other two clippy one put that there. How many did i put in? I forgot the other one. So i put, i think i put three up at the back. It'S a full one. We put on i've forgotten how many we put in it's so good and it doesn't ruin my hair or anything like that, which i love and they don't tug too much on your hair. So i love it. So removing them is really easy for putting five. I can't even bloody remember what i did this morning guys. I'Ve had such a bloody busy day, but the beauty of these extensions guys they don't wreck your hair. I would never use anything. That'S gon na damage, my hair, that one you

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