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Hair Structure: 13x6 HD Swiss Lace Wigs

Hair Style: Jerry Curly

Hair Color: Natural Color

Hair Density: 180%

Hair Length: 20inch

Hairline: 4C edges Natural Hairline

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Foreign foreign, hey guys, welcome back to my channel. My name is beige. If you're new here welcome, don't forget to give this video a huge thumbs up and comment down below before you leave. Today'S video is going to be a tutorial on this wig. This wig was sent to me from YG wigs. I will have all of their information the promo codes and the direct link to the wig one in this video down below in the description box. So the wig that I received is a 13 by 6 20 inch, water, wave, HD, lace, lace, front wig. The density is 180 percent, and this wig features a 4C kinky Edge and kinky baby hair hairline. The Cap Construction includes four Combs, an adjustable, strap and a removable elastic band. So let's take a closer look at this hairline. Oh, my goodness. I have tried, of course, so many different Kinky Curly and kinky Edge baby hair wigs over the past few months. But, oh my goodness, I've never seen this texture on a kinky Edge wig. This is more so giving me a natural hairline than the others, a few of the others. I'Ve never gotten this texture, although this is a four seat, kinky hairline. This looks really really good to me. In my opinion, it does look a little bit Fuller than my own natural hair, though so I do know that I want to pluck some of those hairs away, but I do like the curl pattern. I can say that I do like the curl pattern so far on this hairline. I think it looks so natural and I know a lot of times. People have been cutting or trimming down their edges or baby hair just so that it could look a lot more natural, but I do feel like this is a good length. So if you do decide that you want to keep it this length, it still looks natural or, if you want to trim it down a little bit more just for it to blend. In with your edges, I feel like you have the option to do either because it does give you length, but one thing I am interested in seeing is how the kinky edges is going to blend in with this looser water wave, hair texture. I do love the fact that the knots are already bleached for us, so we don't have to worry about bleaching the knots upon arrival and if you are a beginner, you do not have to pluck any extra hairs from it at all, but because the textures are So different, because the actual pattern of this wig is a water wave pattern and then the hairline is like a tighter curl. I just want to make sure that those two textures do blend in and in order for them to blend in, I want to try to make that hairline a little bit thinner her. So I don't want to pluck too much away from the hairline, because I want you guys to still see how the hairline is going to come out. But I do want it to at least have a natural blend in textures. So to do that I'll be doing the beige method of zigzag, plucking and parting and I'll be right back after I'm done y'all as I am looking at this wig and looking at the hairline, it looks so much like the back of my head, like my my Nape baby hairs in the back, this wig would be so bomb if they had those types of baby hairs. Just in the back of it like. Is that not the most genius thing in the world? Okay, so moving on to tinting the lace, we want this lace to be a perfect color match for our complexion. Of course, I'm going to grab two different colors of lace tint. These are custom lace, tints. The first color is the color of my foundation and I'll be spraying that, along the hairline portion of the lace frontal, the second color is the color of my scalp and I'll be spraying that, on the inner portion of this lace, frontal I'm going to do two Different layers of each color of lace, tint and blow dry in between each layer - oh okay! So now it's time to style! This curly hair, I'm going to section off the hair, I'm using my detangling comb, a spray bottle of water and some curling mousse in small sections, I'm just going to detangle each section spray, some water on the section and then apply that mousse and then I'm going To use my Denman brush from the bottoms on upwards to get these curls to pop foreign foreign, so now that I'm finished styling these curls, I'm just going to allow it to air dry overnight. Okay! So now I'm just going to cut away that extra lace. I'M grabbing a pair of pinking shears, I'm going to carefully follow the natural curvature of this hairline to get rid of that extra lace so that we can install the Swig all right now, it's time to prep my skin, I'm grabbing some alcohol. I'M going to clean off my forehead with that alcohol and then I'll be grabbing scalp protector from Walker tape and applying that to my scalp grabbing the wig. I'M just going to place it on my head in its proper placement so that I can have a better view of the hairline and how it matches up with my own natural hairline. And I normally do that to determine what would be the best install method and because this is a kinky Edge wig, I'm just going to go ahead with the sponge method. So doing my sponge method, I'm just going to grab my makeup sponge, I'm going to spray! It with even New York's Wonder lace Bond and then I am going to press that Wonder: lace Bond into the edge of the lace I'm going to put my head scarf on and allow it to set for about 15 to 20 minutes. Removing my head scarf. There are a few of the hairs that have gotten you know clumped onto each other, but no worries. I'M just going to grab my baby hair brush Combs you up, I'm going to spray some water on the comb portion of it, and then I am just going to gently loosen the the hold of that adhesive by just you know, putting some water on it and Using that comb to kind of rake it through these are kinky edges, so you don't want to be rough with this part. You don't want to rip your hair out. You don't want to rip the actual hairs out of the glue, but you do want to just have some water touch, the parts that have clumped together and that will release it all right. So here's how the hairline is looking some of my natural hair is peeking through a little bit and I'm just going to grab some gel and do some baby hairs on my natural temples. Hopefully it Blends in with the edges of this wig, but then, after I finish that I'm going to put my head scarf on and we're just going to figure out the styling of this wig. Do I want to put some gel on the kinky edges? Do I want to leave them, as is what do you think I should do? Let me know your thoughts and your comments in the comment section, so I decided to just grab a little bit of water and some gel and to try to define the kinky edges. A little bit, I have never done this with any of my kinky Edge wigs before, but because this is a curly kinky Edge wig and it does give me some length with the hairline I'm going to try something new. So I'm just going to apply some gel to the hairline and then I am going to use my rat tail comb as well as my Denman brush, and try to get these curls to pop okay. So this is giving me Jerry curl for sure, but this Jerry curl is you know, blending in, I would say better with this looser curl pattern on the rest of the wig. So, although I don't exactly know what I'm about to do from here, I do feel like this is definitely a lot easier to blend. Now that I put some gel on it all right. So now I'm just going to experiment with leaving those baby hairs curly and not like hiding them behind the rest of the wig. I'M just going to try to just do different hairstyles and see what I like best. Do I like the baby hairs out like this. Do I like the baby, hairs comb backwards? Let'S, let's see, do you like the wig, with the baby hairs coming forwards, like short bangs, or do you like the wig with the baby hair is all out of my face. Let me know Down Below in the comment section, and here are a few hairstyles that I did come up with and I absolutely loved the way that the side part came out like the flip over hairstyle that I did last. I think that that took the cake. It looked so natural, especially with the baby hairs going backwards. It like it was unclockable. You could not tell me that that was not my hair. It looked so so so good. I am so happy with the way that it came out. I am obsessing over this and I am super super excited to see what other textures and styles and variations they'll have in the future. Thank you so much for watching. If you have any questions, don't forget to leave them down below. In the comment section, I will have all of the information, the promo code and the direct links to the wigwarn in this video down below in the description box. If you're new here welcome, don't forget to give this video a huge thumbs up, comment down below and subscribe before you leave, and I can't wait to see you all in my next video before you leave, don't forget to drop me a comment in the comment section And let me know what your thoughts were about this wig. Would you be trying this? What was your favorite part of this wig? Let'S chat in the comment section, I can't wait to see you all in my next video bye guys. Thank you, foreign

habanerobbq: This is the best of the kinky edges wig series you’ve been doing. I’m in the market for one and although the texture here on the edges would be better with a kinkier hair texture all over it still got the job done. If they have that on their site I’ll be picking one up! Thanks for sharing. You put me on and have definitely elevated my wig game. ❤

Impress Divinity: This texture always comes across very flattering on you. I would love to see you do a ginger/orange unit with this texture is slightly shorter like 16in or 18in

Jazmine Gardner: Hey Beige!! Happy Belated VALENTINE'S DAY!! I pray you had a beautiful one I love your you tube channel and I love how you finesse your units every single time ♥️♥️♥️♥️ Thank you for sharing your expertise Have Blessed and prosperous Day

simplybri: It would’ve been A1 if the texture of the rest of the hair matched the edges. Since the texture of the baby hairs is drastically different it looks a bit weird

Denise Laurel: I Absolutely Love ❤️ This

Beige Ojai: **THE CUSTOMIZED wig worn in this video is for sale, email if interested: [email protected]

Product_Snob: Hey sis hope you had a beautiful love day.. on to the video

Jasmine W: It's cute but edges should be loose curly like the hair

SukiBratz💋: Can you do sum color next

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