Luvme Hair Bohemia Curly Headband Wig | How To Wear As A Half Wig

LuvMe Hair Bohemia Curly Headband Wig | How To Wear As A Half Wig

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Hey guys for all the details on this flowy Bohemian curly headband unit from lovely hair, keep watching girls, hey guys, welcome back to my channel. If you are new here, my name is Stephanie. I have a question for you. How many of you out there are still rocking a headband wig? I know that I am and I just love the convenience of a headband wig when I'm in a pinch or just don't even feel like doing my hair, I can have a sleigh within seconds. So, that's why I love a headband unit. I know that headband wigs were hit us in a Chokehold honey. Had us in a choke hold at the end of 2020, all the way into 2021. There was a shortage of lace, and so that is how the headband wig came about and um some people have like died down and stopped rocking the headband wigs. However, I'm not one of those you can still catch me in a headband wig from time to time, but let me just start off with the specs of this unit for first, so this unit was sent to me from Love Me hair. It is their flowy. Romantic Bohemia curly, headband wig. This specific unit is 22 inches long. However, they do carry lengths 16 inches. All the way up to 24 inches um for a price for 22 inches is 269.90. However, I do have you covered with a promo code, which is snh25 which will get you 25 off um. This unit is glueless, of course, because it is a headband wig. Zero skills are necessary to install this unit, so it is beginner friendly, zero maintenance. You really don't have to maintain this unit at all um. It is a throw on and go unit, it's 100 Virgin Hair, which means yes, it can't be dyed, washed straightened curled. All of that um, it's 150 density color is a natural black. It has that Elastic Hair band piece with the velcro attached to it and four Combs inside now that you have all the specs on this unit and why we love a headband unit, I'm going to go ahead and just jump to my unboxing. So you can see every single thing that came along with this unit, which it does come with a nice variety of headbands for you. So some companies do not even send headbands to go with headband units, but love me hair. Has you covered in that area? So I'm going to go ahead, jump to my unboxing, then you'll see me style this unit up and a little surprise in there and then I'll give you my pros and cons and close out this video. So if all of that sounds good to you, please do me a huge favor and go ahead and keep watching alright guys. I am always here for a purple and gold love me, hair unboxing, so Inside the Box it says thank you letter. Also, this mesh bag to store the unit - and here is the unit I'll - show you that in just a moment also this iridescent bag. That says love me, hair and inside the bag. Is this leopard print elastic band for melting lace into your skin, but we won't be utilizing this for this headband unit also an edge brush. Also in this box is a pack of wig caps and this user guide to show how to care for the hair and also their return policy, and here is a pack of headbands that they send you a nice variety of different colors and textures of headbands. So, let's just take a look at these this first one is this velvet cream one with pearls on it and then a polka dot, one a purple and yellow floral headband, an all-white one and another velvet one, that's gray, with gold stars on it. So now, let's take a look at this unit, so here is the headband unit, just straight out of the box, as you can see, it has that beautiful wave to it. So here it has the black headband piece: that's attached, three comes in the front one in the back and the headband piece has a velcro in the back, so you can adjust it to your head size after my unboxing, I did co-wash this unit and let her Air dry overnight, all right guys, so here is the unit after I co-wash. So as you can see those beautiful waves and if you don't know what co-wash means it just means, I just wet the unit down, put some conditioner on it, comb through it. Let it sit for about five minutes or so and then just rinse it out, and I let it air dry overnight. So here is this unit. I'M gon na go ahead and just go ahead and install her. So first I need to apply a wig cap, so I'm just applying my wig cap onto my head and pushing it back just a little bit because I do want my natural hairline to be exposed. So here is the construction again. So, as you can see, has those combs in the front one in the back and then has this headband piece attached. So I'm going to go ahead and how I like to do mine. I like to put the first comb right there in the middle so that I know that it's on centered and then insert insert these Combs here on the side and then the one right here in the back foreign. I will say that this unit is already pretty snug on my hand. So if you do have a larger head size, you may want to just leave more of your hairline out, but yes, this is laying very very flat. So then also I'm gon na lay my edges with my fave, so this is style Factor Edge, booster foreign. So let me go ahead and turn around, so I can show you all angles, I'm also going to comb through this unit, because the waves are super super defined and I kind of want it to be more fluffy. But I do want to show you like the length of the unit, so here is the back and a length comes down to like the bottom of my waist all right. So let me go get a comb, so I can kind of comb through this and make this more fluffy. I did not realize that the ways would be so defined and thin looking after the co-wash, so combing through the unit. Definitely fluffed it out. It'S so much better and I'm gon na turn around again, so you can see Angus again, but first just want to note no shedding and no tingling and inside again and front. So I am going to try on a few of these headbands that were sent to me, so I can show you the different options and what they look like and then maybe do some different styles as well so um. This is just with the natural black headband that came attached to the unit um I'm going to go ahead and put this one on all right. So this is the black and white polka dot one I'm gon na go ahead and try on another one. Okay, so before I try on this headband, I wanted to do something different with the back. So, as you can see, currently I have the headband attached um to the outside and I'm going to tuck it into the unit, so it can lay flat when I pull it up in a ponytail. So all I'm doing is putting this unit over that headband. Okay, in order to do a high ponytail with a hairband wig, all you have to do is pretty much throw the hair all the way to the top of your head and secure it with an elastic band. The End foreign switching out the headband again changing it to this velvet cream colored one with the pearls on it and I'm going to do a half up. Half down look! So I'm going to remove that elastic band separate the top and the bottom of my hair and with that top portion of my hair just again securing it with an elastic band and that's it half up half down foreign band and apply the all-white headband and I'm Just going to take the ponytail at the top twist it around and secure it with some bobby pins for a top knot with the rest down now keep in mind. I am just doing all of this on camera really really fast, and this bun is not really that secure and I am going to try one more style. Okay, so the bun was not clearly not secured very well, I'm going to try one more style and just like try to pull out the front of my hair and have this unit kind of be like a half wig. So I'm going to show you what that looks like in just a moment now. This is the first time that I am doing this, so we are learning together, but I've seen other YouTubers do this. So, let's just see so to start off this style, I'm just removing that white headband, as well as the elastic band and I'm going to take the unit completely off of my head and also removing that wig cap and my ponytail. So now I am taking a rat tooth comb and just making a part right at the front of my hair, making sure to separate enough of my hair in the front to cover the headband wig. And now I'm securing the back of my hair again with an elastic band and reapplying my wig cap. Now I'm going to reapply this unit, so I'm kind of tucking that black headband under the unit, but still applying those Combs to my hair. So, as you can see, you can barely see that black headband that's attached to the unit. So I'm going to go ahead and clip of my hair and go ahead and secure the black headband with the elastic in the back. Take that unit and slip it over. That headband and apply that back comb as you can see no headband in sight, so I'm just going to go ahead and comb my hair over the unit. Okay. So it is possible. Look at that. So this is a headband wig, but you cannot even see the headband, so you can definitely wear this like as a half wig and I'm going to pull this up in, like a half up, half down, look to create this half up, half down. Look, I'm basically doing the same thing that I did before with the headband, so I'm separating out the top portion of my hair finger combing it just a little bit again. I am doing this super fast on camera. So it's not going to be perfect, but then securing it with an elastic band at the top and I'm taking my natural hair and just wrapping it around the base of that ponytail. So it's not sticking out and securing that with a bobby pin, and that is all I have to do so, of course, if you do take your time, you may want to apply some product to your natural hair, to smooth it out and make everything sleek and Smooth for that ponytail up at the top, but I think it looks pretty good for just a rush job and now let me go ahead and turn around so I can show you all angles all right. So it worked out. So you definitely can wear this unit as a half wig as well, so headband wig, slash half wig. I love the versatility here. Let me just get into the pros and cons really quickly so Pros for me is the convenience of a hip and wig. So I'm I still love a headband wig. I know it was pretty much like the go-to in um late 2020 2021 um, because there was a lace shortage, so headband wigs were the IT thing. However, I still love me a headband wig. I will still rock me a headband wig, especially when I am in a pinch like my hair is not done. I don't know what to do with my hair and I'd have to work on camera all day, so I have to be in meetings. I have to look presentable, so a heaven wig has saved me plenty of time. So I love me a good headband wig when I am, in a pinch, also uh, the versatility of it. So you saw all of the styles that I was able to do, and then you can even wear this unit as a half wig, so you do not even have to wear a headband with this unit. You can tuck that headband under, like I, showed you and saw those Combs comb, your hair, on top of it and style it as you please. I think that is so cool because you have so many different options. You can style it so many different ways with the headband. You can silence so many different ways without the headband. I only just showed you the tip of the iceberg. It'S so many other possibilities that you can do with this unit, and I want you to explore those options. So I'm going to put everything down in the description box that you need links to love me here is a website a link to this unit, as well as my promo code, so other positives or Pros on this unit, I will say: is the cap size? The cap size is very, very breathable, it's stretching um, so if you do have a smaller head size, this will be perfect for you. If you have a larger head size, it may be a little snug on you. However, you could just install it a little further back and you're good to go um what else about this unit? The Bohemia curl pattern on this unit is so effortless. It'S like a loose wave, so you don't have to really worry about defining curls on this unit. That can also be an inconvenience, but this one is just so effortless. I cannot explain it any other way. It'S just an effortless curl pattern, an effortless unit, it's beginner friendly. You have to have zero skills to install this unit. Just put your hair in a ponytail and put this unit on top of it or braid your hair down. If you want a flatter style, I have my hair right back here in a ponytail, but um. If you did want it to be, super duper, duper flat. Then I would suggest just having your hair braided down, or you know, braided down yourself, but yes, um. What other positives? No tangling, no shedding all of those styles that I was doing. I have zero hairs on the floor, so there's no shedding with this unit whatsoever. Also, if you are experiencing hair loss or alopecia or anything like that, hair band unit is such a good option as well, because you can pull this headband to cover your hair, hairline and just wear it that way. So you don't necessarily even have to have your edges out so again, like I said, the versatility here is just endless endless, endless endless negatives on this unit. You cannot go wrong with the headband unit, so I don't have any negatives at all. So I think that's it for this review, I'm going to let you go and not hold you any longer, so make sure to check out my description box, like I said, I'm going to put all of the information that you need down below and make sure to Use my promo code, you cannot be 25 off um, but again, thank you. Love me here for sending me over this fabulous headband unit and that's it like comment subscribe, and I will see you all next time.

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