Amazon Unboxing |Headband Wig| Review

So I ordered this wig off of Amazon, we're about to try it out. It'S a headband week, some goodies. What happened why they send me this through this? How am I gon na wear this today, some lashes, I needed this purchase your tracks today experience it. Forgive me so this is what is that I don't know how I feel about it. It'S looking real. This is the velor um, not velor. I don't know if it's called the Lord, but this is the headband part that goes right here. You know to save the edges and protect them, so I'm going to show you how foreign thing I'm gon na show you how to put it foreign look brush it right out today and okay. So this is the finished touch of the headband wig uh, it's from when Yan um yeah, I'm a hashtag them in the comment section, but I'm about to go run. Some errands me and Bae is about to go um well they're about to go car shopping, Dave's about to go car shopping, so I just wanted to do this quick, video and y'all. I'M loving this I'm about to order me another wig, I'm about to go pick me up some two headbands but cute convenience battery on the budget. Bye,

Unbothered Mimi: Hello Fatim and Happy Valentine's Day. ♥️✨️ . Headband wigs look so convenient

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