Versatile Sew-In: Install & Styling

Hey guys Here, I am with another video. This is a quick tutorial on how I achieved the vs. hell, so in a versatile, someone is basically where you leave the edges out and you're able to put it up down whatever you want to do so, let's get started. First, I'm gon na get started with sectioning the edges out, so what you're gon na do is you're gon na leave about maybe a little less than a half an inch of leave out around the perimeter of the hair, and basically this hair is going to be. What'S used to cover the tracks whenever you want to lift your hair up into a ponytail or anything like that, then once you are finish with the edges of the hair or the perimeter of the hair you're going to leave out a good enough section, that's in The top to where you can do a side, part middle part. You can wear it going back, so you want to just make sure you leave out enough hair on the top to where you can basically do anything now here. What I'm doing is just a really quick, loose braid of the hair. That'S that I've sectioned out for the leave out and this braid isn't nothing. It'S just a placement braid, basically to leave the hair out of the way or get the hair out of the way. So that it doesn't get mixed up with the other breeds and with me sewing, so this is just a placement braid. You will be taking this braid out at the end of the sewing. Now here's just a quick glance of how I did the braid up. I have another video. I will have the link in the description bar of how I do my braid ups, but this is just a glance of how I did the braid up or the Selwyn and, as you can see, the anchor braid is around the perimeter and the rest of the Hair is braided up into a nice neat beehive once you get started sewing, please remember to not stitch any hair on to the placement braid underneath once you have finished installing all of the hair. What you're going to do is gather all of the hair up and Adam your way, and then you are going to tape your placement braid out, as you can see once you're done with that, all you are left to do is blend cut and style as desired. This is actually my little cousin and I did her hair for her senior prom. She was so happy with the way that her hair turned out and she looked even more gorgeous. I hope you guys were able to learn something from this tutorial and don't forget to Like comment rate and subscribe. Also, don't forget to check me out on all the social media networks at miss darling,

xoxopeacebringer: So gorgeous! Lovely results and her hair blends perfectly

BigChrisLady0608: Love it honey!!...amazing work an congrats on ur bundle of joy!!!..

Erica Davis: I love ur tutorial! U really do good work.

renee304: Amazing work Honey:-)

Melanin Monroe: Aww you're having a baby! Congrats! Great job on the hair as usual ☺

SheBeBrii: Cute baby bump and beautiful styling !

Teela Henry: Your work is ALWAYS beautiful! I'd like you to be my instructor...I'm a Braider!...always wanted to do weaves

Shauna La’kala: i went to The Weave Shop here in Detroit and i asked for this and they acted like they didnt know what the heck i was talking about lol good job girl!!

laquisha granger: Beautiful work

QueenEdgy: Beautiful

Kamiylah Bennett: how many bundles did you use?

Laced By Swagg: Why is she looking like that?!? LOL, but on a lighter note congratulations!!! and of course the hair is flawless as always.

Mimi B: How much do u charge for a sew in like this

Laquita Christal: great video!! and i peeped the tummy! congratulations mama :)

chanel mixture: I didn't know if you said it. but, how many bundles of hair did you actually use

laquisha granger: Did u use any heat protectant?? Vecuz i didnt see that

Lisa J: LAID

Tasha Brook: Where are you located and what kind of hair was that ?

Jbug220: Funny I live in md and I saw a girl in my neighborhood having prom and looked like your cousin...

Lauren and Kris (brothers): Beautiful. Where are you located  like like.lovely results

_Makeup_fetishh S: Omg your preggo congrats

Jbug220: Where are you located?

Island Princess 501: are you in chicago? can I have a piece of Popeyes chicken lol

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