Natural Hair Vs. Weave #Hairstyles #Shorts

I wish I could be these moments: sweet dreams,

Nira Tomás: I don’t know why people fail to realize that some women just love variety! We love to switch it up with a new look often because it’s fun‍♀️ Variety is the spice of life!

JayJamGold81: I guess they thought your real hair was wigs too. SMH. People find a problem with everything. You show them girl

Chenese Henderson: Sis you have definitely left your mark on this beauty platform

Vanessa HALL: Absolutely beautiful in every look keep doing you girl love the tik toks thanks

Carliah S: Girl you look damn good in everything ❤

Pinky: You are stunning lady forget the naysayers we're here to uplift our sista!!!!

Brenee’ H.: Sis, you are drop dead gorgeous! Just absolutely, breathtakingly stunning!

YagirlMsCaro: I love ALL the flavor that you bring to the table Sis…Yessss❤️

Kim Brown: You still look good in anything and everything young lady...keep shining and sharing! ❤️

Katelyn Nordby: You're stunning in every version of yourself

T: Crazy this pops up when I'm literally thinking... I wish I could wear weave sometimes but every time I try it feels sooo weird. People who can wear weave... it's a privilege.... it's like my spirit doesn't want it. I can't. But I do appreciate & love my own hair. It's a gift & curse.

Mrs Hatton: I swear people used to think my hair was fake….. lol ‍♀️ Like black women can’t have naturally beautiful hair or something. I cut my butt length hair into a bob last year and everyone STILL asks me if it’s a wig‼️‍♀️‍♀️

Mary Bacon: U never miss sis!!❤️

keavrick vandyke: A Queen must have a variety of crowns to choose from! And who’s place is it to tell the Queen which crown she should wear? You slayed every look

Kim Williams: You look beautiful in both your super versatile….keeping it up girl ❤

Judy McDowe-Webb: Natural hair ALL the time makes us look too innocent Sometimes I wanna be that girl that's fierce do not approach......just stay back and drool that's what the unnatural does for me

POOHBEE BROWN: I wanna be like her when I grow up❤

Randy Jones: I love this fly girl her swagg is unmatched keep doing you baby girl!!!

Sandy Thomas: You have nothing to prove to nobody... YOU KNOW WHAT GOD BLESSED YOU WITH AND THAT'S ALL THAT MATTERS! Stay blessed sis... keep up the fantastic work, you're AMAZING ❤

Denise Oates: I told you that your natural (?you did say you were natural gal?) thick hair is just beautiful and using the protective styles of wearing wigs probably helped with your other routines. I am mature age (61) and my natural hair is feeling it age because I been very neglectful (kind of gotten where I did not care), but I have maybe the same length. Do you do anything to your hair to prepare before you wash? I probably going to lose a lot once I do but if I got to chop it I rather do it during the winter because I do a lot of swimming during the summer. You so pretty all of these looks worked for you. Just put me to awe, because I never seen you with these styles before.

Ms Love: So beautiful!

Jamesetta DraytonBey: You look fabulous and inspired those who desire to change or better their self Thank you for your inspiration

EmiRose2013: Gorgeous with and without

JoAnn Hardy: Girl you Rock It All.

ailynn mckae: People need to mind their business! You look great

K&C: People legit have mental issues. Who cares if she never shows her real hair AT ALL why does this matter to people You look beautiful either way.

Sass: All looks are beautiful love them all

Tulani Alexander: Either way - Still a Baddie!

gigi ngala: I look different errry damn day and I luv it!!! Fake/Real hair dont care!!!Fashion is more than clothes. You rocking


Shon B: And if she don’t… what


Carlishia Garrett: Have fun! Versatile

LaKisha Lynnette: Beautiful ❤️

Erin Dunn: Gorgeous either way.

Mz OMG: Beautiful with both

lisha williams: Weave is ok for emergencies but I prefer natural

Tiajuana Cutner: Gorgeous

Deborah Rose: It's all good, you show us possibilities, possibilities, possibilities and you enjoy making them real, that's the abundance of life and your creativity is so full of exuberant joy.....yaaay. thank you for being so generous with sharing your creative ability , the ideas give me ideas to enjoy life with more fun....thanks

Porsha Pressler: I love both looks

Sharon Williams: NATURAL ❤️

Bena Peterson: Show them.... fire

Virginia Maldonado: Either way

Tammy Boyd: Beautiful


Gloria Stewart: This the thrift gurlll go ahead

Five Star Chic Gear : Beautiful woman

C'layena Stubblefield: Her natural hair brings out her jene sais quoi.

zheahra: In other words, "Do you."

toya marti: ♥️

Jazmin Taylor: So fine

On my way to SUCCESS: You are BEAUTIFUL !!

Fay Roy: ❤️‍❤️‍❤️‍❤️‍❤️‍

Sha-Sha BLESS: Natural hair

stanley Byrd: Okaaaaay! I'm a fan.

Erykah Tee: Either way !! People worry about the wrong thingz

China Doll 30: Baby were did you get that beautiful boots Dat you wear all in blu with?

MzNecessary: Young Muva

I’m soo504 Johnson: Point being what?

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