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Hello, its Jannetty beauty and welcome to my channel in this video, i'm gon na, show you my first-ever twist out on stretched hair ever since returning natural now years ago. Before i did the big chop and returns natural, i always pressed my hair religiously every single week and occasionally I did twist outs from pressed hair and I enjoyed it. I loved it. I had so much volume, but I don't use heat to style, my hair whatsoever. I always wet style and what saw has been the way to go for years. I just love the way my hair looks my hair air-dry, that's able to retain moisture and my Styles last a lot longer, but today I decided to switch my method of styling. My hair up by using this Carrie, do and it uses steam to help soften their hair, and I really like that, because it's adding moisture to my hair - and we all know that moisture - is really good for us naturals. So I decided to use it carried you as my method to stretch my hair out. Currently I have a leave-in conditioner from as I am, and also an oil from Bajor, which I will link below in the description box. So you can check it out if you'd like, I did use it in my previous wash day routine. So make sure that you check it out if you didn't, I give you 15 different tips just to help intensify your wash day and take it up a notch to the next level, and I did let my hair air dry for a day after using the care You do to stretch my hair, here's how one quadrant looks and I'm just going to clip it up and continue the same process on the other three sections of hair I do like using like yuridu just to help with overall healthy hair. I did use it in my previous video to help intensify my deep conditioning treatment and my hair. It felt so soft and supple, and now I'm using it just to help stretch my hair, so the care you do definitely is an asset I decided to steam. My hair out one more time before I section it and do my twists. I put my hair back in quadrants and I'm using this paddle brush from kaleidoscope just to make sure that my hair is nice and detangled and it stays stretched. Now that this section is nice and detangled and stretched I'm gon na pack, a small subsection, her hair and then I'm gon na use a paddle brush again just to make sure that my hair is nice and smooth before I twist and for my styler I'm using This one from Missha it is their hydrating twisting butter and I do enjoy it. I used a little bit over a quarter. Size amount and again I'm gon na make sure that I'm smoothing the styler in with the paddle brush. Before I do twist my hair, I have so many twists out tutorials on my channel already, so I will link down below in the description box some of my favorites. This video is just more of experiencing a different method of styling, my hair. So I'll, just let you watch and enjoy, and obviously my hair feels a lot different from what I'm used to it's not wet or damp. But I really like the way that my hair feels it's still smooth its soft and it's moisturizing, hydrated, of course, from using the leave-in conditioner, the oil that was previously in my hair and now adding the twisting butter. I really like the way that my hair feels it feels really nice and soft. Also, I noticed that my hair is more elongated and I don't have that shrinkage. It doesn't bother me, but it's definitely a different look. Finally, I have finished twisting all of my hair and it feels so good. I just can't get my hands out of my hair. It feels soft and hydrated and nourished and all the above normally my hair does feel like that, but it's damp. So it's just a different feeling now, for a night time, I'm going to put this bonnet on from the main choice, and I chose this one because I didn't want to put a scarf on and create an Indian like right in the front where the roots are So I decided to use the main choice, one because it still pushes my edges back. It keeps it nice and tamed and also my hair intact. While it is in the body - and I was ready for bed now fast forward to two days later, because the next day I decided to wear my twist out, I just really enjoyed this different look. My hair still felt soft moisturized hydrated and my hair was still elongated, which I really liked. I just really like this overall looks and my twist didn't have any frizz, which is a plus for me. I can't wait till my hair gets longer, because I would definitely do my hair and Swiss stretched out again and put an elastic on. I think that this look definitely suits me well now to unravel the twists. I always work back to front and I didn't apply any more oil to my hair because I didn't feel it was necessary Wow. Looking at this definition, I'm really happy that I starred in my hair. This way it has a more airy look to it and, of course, I'm being very gentle as I'm separating the curls and that's to cause any unnecessary phrase, and I really like the way my hair felt. I could definitely feel the definition just look at this definition. My curls are popping and here's the night come. She just can't get enough of mommy after unraveling all the twists. I really love the way that my hair came out. It has a really nice airy. Look to it. I also added this oil just to my scalp and massage it on from miracle 9. This is their almond mint, honey and avocado hair growth oil. As many of you know, I want my hair to grow all the way down to waist length. I am all about healthy hair. First and massaging oils like this on your scalp definitely help with length retention and just healthy hair. Overall, I did use this pick just to help. Give me a little bit of volume, because I love definition and volume. But overall I really love the way that my hair came out. I love the definition. I love how soft my hair felt and currently, while I'm doing this voiceover today, is day 5. I believe of this twist out and my hair still looks good. I still have the definition. I have a lot of volume and I just overall enjoyed the way that this style came out. I hope you enjoyed my video because I definitely enjoyed this twist out. I really loved how the style came out and because of this I will definitely be doing more styles on stretched hair. Maybe a braid out, maybe a flexi rod out. I don't know, but I will definitely be doing more styles, while my hair is stretched. Also, let me know what your thoughts are on this twist out and if you styled your hair, while Louis stretched and if you enjoyed please like comment and make sure that you are subscribed and I'll, see you in my next video bye.

heyfranny: Ms Jeanette, you make me love being natural. I remember going through a period of not being confident in my natural hair journey and thought about going back to perming my hair because it was just easier to manage in that state. It's because of TouTubers' like you and the content you share that has helped me view my natural differently and learn to love my hair. It took a while to figure my hair out, learn what it likes n how much it likes to be manipulated. Once I started to use the right products my hair has been a breeze to manage. Thank you. I've tried styling on stretched hair n I like it also because I can show off my length. As always TFS!

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