2 Formal Classy Hairstyles | Naturally Curly Hair | Slick Bun & French Twist

Bad hair day? These two beautiful, classy and slick hairstyles will save your for any event, work function or date night! Follow my in-depth tutorial which will work amazing on curly hair or straight




I hope you enjoy!!

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Foreign hi everybody and welcome back to my Channel today I have two beautiful classy Sleek hairstyles that I'm going to take you through a super classy and beautiful for eventware or for work. If you work corporate. So if you're interested in these two beautiful hairstyles on curly hair make sure you stay tuned, I will add. Obviously this isn't a curly hairstyle, but you can do them on curly hair, which is what I'm going to be showing you today and let's hop into it. So guys, this is what we're working with my hair has literally been braided pushed back slicked back all of the above. Obviously, there's really not a lot of curl going on mention. These hairstyles involve a little bit of dry brushing and I'm going to start with the easier one which is a slickback bun, with kind of like a bella, Hadid spin to it. What we're going to do is, I would really recommend getting yourself. Oh, a comb like this. These are amazing for um parting, the hair, and this is so precise and small. So what I'm going to do is begin by parting, my hair down the center. For this look now we're going to create two parts at the front of our hair, which is going to elevate the look gon na. Take this at the corner of my eyebrow and part it upwards, and then I'm going to connect that to the middle of my scalp and that's how I'm going to create two parts on my hair: that's the top part of it! Now, let's do it from my eyebrow okay, so it kind of is like a little square. Now we're just going to do the exact same thing on the other side. Okay, so we've got our hair properly padded. Now, I'm going to focus on basically pulling this all back into a mid bun. This is the super easy part. So all I'm going to do is focus on a ponytail around here we're going to smooth and Slick everything back into a really nice tight, secure, ponytail, and this is quite easy if you've parted your hair. Well, I know I've used a few different brushes today guys, but it does make everything a little bit easier. So I detangled I've got my comb and then I've also got a teasing brush short bristles that are really soft, help to grip onto the hair and Pull and smooth back and fill in any gaps. My hair isn't very very thick, so sometimes I've got little gaps. You can see in my scalp this really helps to smooth those out, I'm going to be using a gel one of my favorites from curly Girl Movement. I love this for styling curls and for slicking them with flat Palm motions and don't forget the underneath part of your hair. This is going to be probably oh, the most frizzy. Now I'm going to pop a strong elastic on my wrist so that I'm ready to tie I like to use these flat ones and I'm going to start with the comb smooth out my hair, I'm happy with this. I don't want it too low. I want it. A little bit High ER turned out pretty good. I'M super happy with that. Okay, that part is done now. We can take out our front sections some more gel and focus that on my hair and I'm going to brush this through, but yeah definitely do this hairstyle. Only if you're prepared to have a big wash day tomorrow, because having this much gel in your hair for too long will probably make your hair a little bit itchy. So this is the part. We'Ve got I'm going to focus on creating a smooth swoop. I love how these lines contrast. It makes dark hair, look super shiny and I'm going to secure that right here with bobby pins for our next step, and you want it as flat as possible. Look how shiny that is! Get those baby hairs down! Look how Sleek that looks? Okay now you have a few options when it comes to this. This even looks really pretty if your hair is nice and out and curly, if you want to refresh it and make it curly. Obviously, today, there's no point because I'm doing another style after this, so what I'm going to do is um, I'm gon na twist it into a little cute belly, bun bun, pins, okay, so we seem to have had a little bit of loosening here. So, let's smooth that back fixing up my little girls on the side here, look number one. So obviously this is such a cute hairstyle, it's nothing new and amazing or unique, but I just thought I would give you a little updated tutorial on how to do it. It'S just a great option so put together, so Sleek so can't see, and you can definitely make this work with curly hair guys. You can make any hairstyle work with curl. So this is the next hairstyle. This is my take on a French twist. I'M going to part this over my eye, I like side Parts but not two on the side, I'm going to focus on getting both sides, I'm going to try a new texture spray to help me out with this. You can always go back in and clean this up. The most important part is going to be the actual twist. This is a bit hard to show you on camera, I'm going to try my best um foreign S at the top. I'M going to pin these in. I'M going to do here is pin under and in bend the pins to go flat against your hair. Okay, now, let's fix the top I'm just going to pin down my curlies you've done it. I think you've done it. I mean if I could just paint something careful when you're smoothing, because you want to smooth the width the scoop. This is like the first time. I'Ve done this without my cheat clip so fiddling and figuring it out together, as per usual, I'm very happy with this foreign. This is the second hairstyle so happy. Thank you guys so much for watching today's video. I hope you love both of these hairstyles. Let me know what you think in the comments below the second one is a little bit harder to achieve, I'm not going to lie, and I'm not a professional, so there's heaps of pins everywhere, but it still looks cute and it is achievable. Alright guys make sure you subscribe to stay tuned for more videos. I have my Instagram and Tick Tock below check me out for daily weekly updates. There love you guys. Thank you.

Charisse Bella Castillo: Love it! Always wanted to know how to do the French twist! Thank you! ❤

Hers': can we take a moment on how jayme looks mad cute.

VivianA.: Love it!!

Junior Chaves o Picasso de Yahushua: 6:55 Wow Love it looked beautiful

Amber Adkins: I have staples in my scalp. My hair is short and hard to just pull back. I need advice on ways to refresh my curls without water. Or without the area where the staples are from getting wet. HELP please!!!

Kayt 〽: I love it!!!!

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Kati R.: Love it but my hairline said noo

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