It'S Your Time To Try Something New! My Dutch Braids Tutorial

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Hi beautiful people, my name is Melanie. I also go by praise and I'm a creator with a passion for everything: Hair beauty, skincare self-care, all that good stuff, and I'm super excited to get into today's video, where I teach you guys how to Dutch braid, which will leave you with the most gorgeous gorgeous Heatless waves, the next morning, it's literally my go-to hairstyle I've been doing it since high school, and it's just amazing so super excited to teach you guys. If you love this video, If you like this video, be sure to check out my socials in the description. Like comment subscribe, you already know: let's get into it. So first I like to part my hair in the middle. You could do a side part if you want I've actually done Dutch phrase with the side part and I actually really like how it came out. So if you want to do a side part, you do that, but for right now I'm gon na do my middle part, just because that's like the most common way that I do it and you do it all the way to the back. It doesn't have to be perfect, especially if you're, like just sleeping in it like I do um. I don't don't stress too much about the back part being perfect. So then I just like to section off one side of my hair. That way, it's a little bit easier for me to braid, and I also showered about maybe an hour ago. So my hair is still a little bit damp and I like to do this because I feel, like the waves hold a little better. So first you're gon na grab a section of hair at the top front of your head and then you're going to divide that section into three smaller sections like this and then you're going to begin braiding but you're going to braid the pieces under each other. Like this, that way, the braid will be a lot more visible, because I know there's a lot of confusion between the Dutch braid and a French braid. A French braid you braid over instead of under and the braid would be a little bit less visible. So then, once you've started braiding a little bit you're just going to want to start adding pieces of hair into each section as you braid, so don't even think too much about it. Literally just braid, as you normally would and add sections add pieces to the section. As you would go like so I've literally been braiding, my hair, since I was 13., so it's wild. It just takes practice if you're, just starting out, do not give up it just takes practice. The main thing that I would say is try to make it as tight as possible, like really grip your hair as much as you can, that way, it doesn't come out Loose, because the main question that I always get about Dutch phrase is how do you get It to be tight and not loose, but mine were loose when I started off braiding my hair. They were very loose and I never wore them out, because I was like no, they look awful, but then I continued practicing and then I got to a point where, if I wanted to, I could wear them outside like I was confident enough to wear them in Public I just choose not to because I just um, I just use them to wave my hair without heat, okay and then we're coming to an end here, I'm about to grab the last piece of hair and then once you have that keep braiding as tight. As you can and then just spray it all the way down normally also, I have a blemish, but isn't this the cutest blemish sticker? It'S a heart and it's like reflective. I absolutely love it. This makes blemishes cute. Okay, I'm coming towards the ends of my braid. Now I have very very long hair, but this part usually takes me the longest because I like to braid as far down as I can get because then I feel like it gives a more natural look. You know you don't want wavy hair and then the ends are just like straight it'll. Look weird, so just try to braid as far down as you can still braiding. Okay, I'm gon na stop it around here and I have these clear, hair ties which I really like um. I feel like they're super tight and secure, and if you are planning on wearing a dutch braids out, I would definitely recommend getting the clear ones because it looks like you're. Not even you know it's not very noticeable. Look. It'S like it gives a super clean. Look. So get you some little clear. Hair ties okay, so this is the first braid cute cute and now, let's just do the other side, it can get very tiring after a while, especially on the second braid it'd just be like. When does it end, but I just grabbed my last piece so now it's just time to braid, normally all the way down, it's like a hand workout. It really is it's like a finger and hands workout routine. Okay, I'm gon na stop it here. I have my other clear hair tie, so I'm just gon na tie it off like so. Okay, and here you have it, the dutch braids are done so now. You'Re, just gon na go to sleep or, if you're doing it in the morning, and you want to take them out at night - just keep them in for a few hours. I usually keep them in overnight, so I will get back to you guys in the morning. Brb, okay, my loves it is the next morning. So now I'm just gon na go ahead and take out the dutch braids. Okay, the first side is done. Look how gorgeous that looks like it just literally dutch braids overnight. Never ever ever. Fails me ever like look. How pretty I love it? Let'S do the other side now. Okay, so here is the final look I like to fluff it out a little bit, especially in the back just to get rid of that like back middle part, so I'm gon na do that and then a little in the front. But here it is the final look, absolutely in love, as always, if you're not doing dutch braids to get heatless waves, what are you doing really but yeah? That is the end of the video. I hope you guys enjoyed like comment subscribe check out my socials in the description and enjoy your new method of heatless waves. Bye,

Maggie Noodles: I do this all the time with my curly hair I just braid it when it is wet and the results are always gorgeous! Love ur results!

D4v: Thxx it was really helpful. It looks so much more simple than other tutorial ❤

Tigersio: Tysm ❤❤ this was so clear and helpful u basically saved my hair from disaster lol

kqwyyii: Thank you smm!! This tut was really helpful<3 love ur hair btw

estersondern: Okay so, with my country we call a French braid an “in-braid” and a Dutch braid a “on- braid”. Because when you do a Dutch braid the braid just lays ontop of the hair and with a French one its incorperated into the hair! So thats how i remember which one is which! ☺️

Rahaf Alassri: I will definitely try this out!

NKC DRAWING KIDS: Amazing video ever seriously it's so So Amazing hats off

👉 BUY YOUTUBE VIEWS 👉 Link in Bio: I really like how you edited this

_emussa_: the „doing alcohol” got me dead on the floor

Rtq__exe 🕊️: Pretty!!

Idk._.asho.: “If you’re not doing Dutch braids to get heatless waves, what are you doing?” Regular braids cause my hair is so goddamn thick that’s it’s super hard to French or Dutch braid my hair

whaddup: Can you tell me what kind of mousse that was? Because I need it

Raegan Jade: Are you the actual owner of showerbea

PUGi: Howww!!!

Kaitlyn: Howww

Ramzmocro: Damaged

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