How To Trim Sideburns And Neck Hair On Men'S Long Hair

  • Posted on 04 July, 2017
  • Long Hair
  • By Anonymous

If you live the flow life you can still keep the sideburns and neck trimmed with Tailor's tips

Okay, so what we're going to do today is we're going to talk about finishing for a longer man's haircut and finishing would be the sideburns and around the neckline for the longer coarser hair. Sometimes we like to call those wolfies beneath of the hairline that you want. So what we're going to do is we're going to start with the sideburns, and what I like to do is to part the hair just above the ear and anything that fits over the ear tuck behind and anything that's beneath. That is going to become your sideburn, and what this does is really leans out the shape, and it keeps you from getting that 70s. Your muff look when everything is like Teen, Wolf attached so down here, where I think of people. A lot of people make a misstep is where they tend to make a line like you would a normal neckline, underneath, instead of creating, which i think, which i think makes sense right. You'Re trying to get rid of the coarser curly hair to make a clean look. Underneath the neckline, but the best way I think, to do it - is to take it from where the hair actually becomes the ponytail without making a line, and the best way to do. That is to really just pull the hair up and anything that doesn't make it into this. Ponytail will now be gone at the root. So what you're really creating is like a fake natural hair line? We can see everything that comes into the 20 Cal we're going to keep and everything that's outside of it we're going to get rid of at the root. This is the tailor way to finish a longer style, men's haircut.

Cassandra K: THANK YOU! straight to the point and easy enough to follow

Lorenzo Magni - Jok3r Gaming: Thank you so much, I was looking exactly for a tutorial like this one. Quick and easy

Zero_BS_Tolerance: Did this for my husband. Looks so much neater. Thank you!

Beht: Well done! This helped me a lot.

danutto: Looks great! My neck is always a mess

Jay Kim: Never trust a hair dresser to cut your hair when she says "this is what I like to do". Usually never goes the way the client wants.

رادیو ستارگان: Very helpful! Thanks

wthomas415: Excellent video, thank you!

Nick: Answered all my questions

Farajaraf: Really great tip.

Albert Gibson: Just realize that the salon guy i went to didnt even do anything to my neck hair. Looks messy as hell back there. Now i need to trim them myselft. This helped.

Club d'affaires "Cigares & Bretagne": Interesting. Thank you

ACHM photo: That looks great!!

Amber Bryant: Wish me luck! Time to try this on my husband.

Mindraker1: VERY helpful.

Aish Haruray: How to tell this to our barber

Ellie Bryant: Not much of a description tbh, but that is definitely NOT how you do your sideburns when you have long hair and a beard. Shorter as they go down? That's the opposite of how you do it.

Honest Trader: That would be £40 please.

Mordant Melody’s: The issue being when you decide not to run facial hair. So either I have sideburns that are shorter than the rest of my hair, sideburns that are the same length as my hair, or shave them off. I shaved them off lol. Now I almost have a mullet. Gonna have to see a barber for direction

AlexKx: Hmmm, I wonder how a single guy such as myself should do this since this is all I want the past I have used two mirrors but it gets tricky...and ooohhh wait until the day I slip up and cut too much too far!

Greet TheMind: I don’t have very prominent sideburns so I rely on my hair to grow down into my sideburns. Every time I go to get a hair cut the lady chops off my sideburns and cuts up around my ear, I tell her not to, and she still does this.

DAVE FRANZ: I find it amazing at all the neck hair patterns notice in your video pause at 17 seconds .LOOK AT THE UNIQUE PATTERN AND SPACING ive seen many different ones I dont believe this just happened out of nothing this makes me believe that theirs a SUPREME BEING [CREATOR , MASTER INTELLIGENCE] .If you deflect just one hair near the skin theirs a ROOT HAIR PLEXUS a twirl of dendrites [nerve endings] wrapped around of the root of EACH HAIR on the body THE PERSON WILL FEEL A SENSATION if you touch a hair and it moves in the follicle.THIS BLOW MY MIND its so complex.My cousin is a hair stylist and NOTICES NECK HAIR DESIGNS & PATTERNS JUST LIKE I DO.

Vincent Pham: Welcome back to another episode of quarantine brought me here

James: I shaved my neck hair it was looking like planet of the apes because it was long.

Ken Doughty: What kind of hair clipper is that?

Daniel Becker: What is the the name of the razor because I want to buy one

Red Dragon: That hair isn't even long

jovialjinx: The model is VERY handsome!!!

Dane Logan: I like that 70s ear muff look. why change that?! doesn't make any sense at all. I have curly thick hair and I am growing it out so it is max to the shoulders. I may go shorter with the back, not sure yet but the point is why cut anything? It looks ridiculous . It doesn't make any difference. It's just trying to take longer hair and trying to make it look modern with the stupid trimming and shaving underneath or around the ear and neckline.

Bee Mars: So every month you are risking the hairdresser messing it up. Jst leav it natty

Janne Hartikainen: Loving the teen wolf comment

Yungstar 7: Fake natural hairline lofl

Nabranes TwistyPuzzler: He doesn’t have long hair.

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