Tutorial/Review Cordless Automatic Hair Curler On Long Hair (2022) + Disadvantage Of Dyson Airwrap

  • Posted on 10 June, 2022
  • Long Hair
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Aloha Everyone!

Join me on this hair adventure as I try to use and teach you how to use the Amazon Cordless Automatic Hair Curler on long hair. There is also one main disadvantage of the Dyson Airwrap that made me go on the hunt for this curler. You will also see some tips and tricks + issues with this curler. Finally you will get an honest review from me.

I couldn't find the exact link from Amazon, but if you search on Amazon for "cordless automatic hair curler" you'll see a bunch! I got mines for about $37 but there was a 10% off promotion going on so it was like $35 with tax.

Thank you for watching :)

Aloha welcome back to yummy hawaii. Thank you so much for joining me today. I just wanted to say i'm sorry gomez that i haven't been posting in a while, but today i'm back to do a quick review of this cordless automatic curler that i found off of amazon. I bought it myself for 35, so i'll be giving you my true review. What triggered me to get this cordless automatic curler was because i found out that the dyson air wrap, if you buy it in north america, and if you do plan to travel out of country to a place with a different electrical outage, it won't be compatible. Even if you bring like a converter or something i heard, some people got their machines fried so just to be safe. I decided to buy this cordless automatic curler because it is portable and you simply just have to use a simple phone charger to charge it, and usually our phone chargers are quite universal. So let's go ahead and get started. Okay, so just to unbox it together. You will see that it comes, of course, with the curler itself. It'S quite kind of big. It reminds me of like maybe like a cup. If you guys have you know like a stainless steel cup, that's what it looks like. It comes with a little bag that you can keep it a dust bag over there and then inside here, underneath it you're supposed to get a charger, but i think amazon just didn't, provide me with the charger. So it's totally fine, i'm just going to use my universal phone charger to utilize it there and, as you can see, it comes with two clips of comb and then instructions. Okay. So for me, i already washed my hair last night and then this morning i sprayed on some heat protectant spray. What i'm going to do first, even though i have really thin hair, i'm just going to go ahead and just clip it up, so that i can do the bottom section first and then i can focus on the top section afterwards, okay - and i did want to Let you know so this machine when i first got it uh the other day, it's important to just charge it to the full capacity before you utilize it and then once you turn it on by holding on to this button right here with the onside, you will Then be able to choose the settings, so i left it at 150 degrees celsius, which is about 300 degrees fahrenheit. I change the time down to eight seconds, because i don't want my hair to be in for too long because it might damage it. I guess and then because i'm going to start on the right hand, side first, i'm going to leave it at r. I know it's a little hard to see um but uh there. It is okay and, of course, read the instruction manual. If you do get this, but let me go ahead and just try - i'm just gon na grab a very small section. First, okay, this this kind of looks like two centimeters right: okay, well, we'll try it out and see what happens? Okay, okay! So here it is, and if you see me looking over here, it's because i have my mirror over there, but okay, i'm gon na go ahead and click on this big start button and it's it's! It'S okay, cool! It'S like eating, my hair, okay and it's beeping. It'S beeping, okay. I think it once it's done beeping i can let it go okay and then voila it curls. Okay, i may have used a larger section. Maybe it doesn't look too good um. So let's try another section, a smaller section of hair and then i'm going to try again, okay and i'm just going to put it right there. Let it pull it. Do it's magic, it's beeping! So when it's beating i'm going to let go of the start! Button of course, uh-huh. Okay, it's done! Oh yeah, this one's a lot better. Okay, so, as you guys notice the smaller the strand the much better, it goes. Look how cute it is and then for me, i like to just like hold it into my palm. A little bit, this is what i do with my dyson air wrap too. While the heat is still there, it just kind of helps the curls stay a little bit longer. I think okay and then i'm just going to release it and then put it in the back. Okay. This looks about two centimeters, i'm a little, i'm a little scarred now, because i'm scared, i don't know what two centimeters is like. Okay, it's eating my hair, okay and then i'm letting go the start button because it's beeping and it's done beeping, so i'm gon na. Let it go oh yeah, not too bad. Oh, it's really hot, even at 150 degrees celsius. I think it's because i'm so used to using my dyson air wrap and even though i've used the hottest heat setting on there, it doesn't feel like this crazy, hot but okay and then i'm gon na. Let it go so yeah, that's it so far, and then i'm just gon na go ahead and let down top section of my hair in the back there and then we're gon na continue on with our adventure of two centimeters. It'S a definitely a guessing game. With this one, okay and so i'll, go ahead and just start okay and then i'm letting go. One beat two v, three, four: five, oh okay, it's just five. Okay, oh not bad! Okay, cool cute! I don't know how high i can go. It'S just because my hair is so long. I don't want to risk it because i don't know how long this barrel is right. So let me just try a little bit more uh a little bit more up here. Let'S see if we can handle this entire strand. Oh, oh, shoot! I'M sorry! I didn't wait. I didn't wait to hear it. I feel like i'm doing it wrong. Okay, wait! Let'S try it again! Okay, i'm sorry! Um! I didn't wait to hear it beep and then i just stop okay. There. It is okay there. It is oh okay, so i guess you can do it pretty high up there if you, like, the you know, look up there. It'S so cool like i feel like. I don't have to think about anything when i'm doing this. I really do have a hard time with a regular wand. Curler. That'S why i invested in a dyson air wrap. So i don't have to think too much, but this one is actually pretty straightforward and it's pretty easy. You don't have to really do anything. Just got ta know how to press start, find two centimeters of hair and listen to beeps, okay, and so it's done so i finish one side, as you can see, kinda kind of cute-ish might have been doing it wrong, maybe but uh a curl for the purpose Of uh this, let's just go ahead and just curl a little bit: i'm not gon na leave it as long. I think i just want it to be too curly. Okay and three okay, i'm just gon na do that there you go okay, it's kind of cute! Okay, so now i'm going to have to be changing the direction, so i'm going to go ahead and click on this button here skip over the degree, because i, like the degree now it's on this r, i'm going to change it to l, so we're gon na Be on the left-hand side, so we're good to go, and i'm noticing up here. It'S not really that hot at all, really great, but down here pretty hot, so you got ta, be careful and i'm gon. Na be honest, i don't know if anybody else is like me. I tend to not do a great job of curling. My left side. It'S always been the case um. So hopefully this one doesn't get messed up too badly. I don't know what to do with my fingers. Okay, but let me go ahead and try. Oh okay, it's not even eating it because i don't know how to feed it. Well, okay, but let me maybe i feel like i need to hold it a bit better and there we go okay: okay, there we go kind of sorta, it looks more like a wave, but it'll do. I feel like, of course, with practice a lot more faster. I think the most time consuming thing is figuring out. What two centimeter is. Oh see, that's scary! Oh my god. It just stopped. Okay, i don't know, what's happening, okay, wait! I don't know what happened. Okay hold on. Let'S try it again. Okay, there it was. I don't know what happened there. Wonky. Oh that's slack! Okay, so that was a little scary. I think my hair kind of got stuck in there. So the key is you don't pull it out? What you do is you just click the start button and you hold it down and then i guess it's like a release mechanism. So uh just be careful. Don'T i know natural reaction is probably just to rip out your hair. Maybe but uh just click on the start button and you should be good to go okay, so i'm just gon na just double check my hair, because i think i should have curled everything now. Pretty cute yeah, but the only thing i have is it: i maybe i've used it wrong. It looks kind of mumble jumbly a little bit, but hey it's fine. I guess and maybe because it's been a while since i really need a lot of heat on my hair, it just looks a little bit dry but overall, i think it looks really adorable um, i'm just going to go ahead and try to kind of comb through It just carefully, i guess, just to loosen up the curls a bit, maybe um yeah and there it is, and just as a tip once you're done using it. You can just go ahead and hold this, for. I believe two seconds and it'll automatically turn off. If you forget to turn it off about 10 minutes later, it automatically shuts off what a smart machine. What do you guys think? Do you guys like it? I think it's very convenient um if you're ever in a rush or something and you need to curl your hair. You can definitely bring this along. I think earlier, even though i used it. I was like about what 14 minutes total none of the battery went down. Overall, i actually would give this pretty high readings. Maybe what like four give me faces out of five, i'm giving about a four, because everything is really great. The only thing that i don't like about it is, i feel like it, doesn't make my hair look. As you know, nice, as if i needed a dyson air wrap but hey for a 35 tool that is portable and you can bring it to different countries and it doesn't need, like a specific, you know special charge or anything like that. This is actually really really good, and i think if you you know, have about 35 or so, and you want to try it out. I would definitely highly recommend it. The other good thing about it is. I feel that, because it's really lightweight it doesn't hurt your hand when you're utilizing it so that's definitely a plus there and it's pretty small i feel like. If you had to pack this it's going to be very convenient. You don't need to bring the entire box, of course, if you do want to protect it, maybe you should, and overall pretty easy to use. I didn't you know have to you know, watch a lot of youtube tutorials or anything like that. I remember i had a big learning curve when it came to dyson, airwrap, okay and then, of course, this is what it would look like overall and if you want to you know part your hair differently, you definitely can maybe get more volume out of that way. I think it's pretty pretty cute yeah and i don't know how long it's gon na last. Obviously i feel like i may have messed up curling it too, so i feel like the curls aren't really as curly as they could be. But hopefully this has given you a great idea if you did check it out. Let me know what your you know. Experiences are like below. If not thank you so much for your time, and i hope you have a fantastic rest of your day. Take care.

Melanie Jane Procter: I wish they this when I was younger and had very very long hair. I might of keeped it long instead of cutting it and getting it permed. ❤XX

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