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  • Posted on 02 May, 2020
  • Long Hair
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Hello, everyone!

Today we're gonna review the large diameter hair curler tong (which is 38mm).Take a look what the result is and if this is easy to use??

Watch how Chris Appleton (Ariana Grande's hairstylist) do the signature ponytail look with THIS similar tool :

Just for my Malaysia friends, I bought this from Shopee :

Let me know in the comment down below what I should review next

Thank you for watching !

*sorry guys, I mistakenly said 31mm in this video, actually I bought the 38mm one! So this is the review for 38mm hair curler, but I still recommend getting 31mm and above if you want to achieve this look

*p.s. this review is not sponsored or paid by anyone.

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Hi everyone welcome back to my channel, so in today's video I'm going to show you guys how I do my hair with large diameter hair color, so this is actually 31 millimeter, so I actually got to know about like something like this exist, because I watched this Video from Ariana, Grande's, hairstylist and one of the style he did was you know the iconic ariana grande ponytail, and at that time he actually used a Tom. That is very big and I was like woah. What is that and and the result that it created, is so natural and so like? Oh sorry, and it's so like um, a large balance curl, you know it's amazing. It looks so natural and I usually use like a very small diameter. You know the standard one. I think it's about 18 millimeter, I'm not sure, actually so yeah. I usually use that kind of small one and it gives me that super dramatic look which I don't like I mean I usually don't go to party, but even though I could party I don't wan na, I don't want my hair to look so really. You know what I'm saying so the time I got to note this one, and so this this actually doesn't have any brand. I mean there's this Korean writing here, but I can't read Korean sorry. This is so one millimeter, so I recommend you guys to get thirty one millimeter and up for if you want like big natural curl, okay. So in today's video I'm going to show you how I use this, maybe like a side-by-side comparison, one with the color and one without it has this temperature screen and also you can adjust the temperature as well so taste it on an off button and then there's The if you want to rise up the temperature and if you want to do working on the temperature, so there is a button and then there's the screen. It shows it's 180 degree. Some precautions before you use this is that be aware that this has much larger diameter, so that means it's actually more dangerous. If you are you be like me, but if you are professional I guess I guess you're good to go okay, so that means you can't really like do a lot of things as free as when the diameter is small and also since that is a much larger Diameter, I recommend you guys to use a glove like a fabric gloves to protect your hand and the reason why I'm actually wearing a hoody. Today'S because you know sometimes you might burn this area or stuff like that, especially if you have long hair like me so yeah I mean I'm a newbie, so just for precaution, I've got my gloves on and we're just gon na start doing it. So this is heat it up. I can actually feel it from far - and I have some clips over here, so you want like a how to get your clip. I'Ve got comms as well, so first of all, you're gon na want to pump your hair, so I'm gon na do this side, Carl at this side untouched. So you guys can see the difference. So, first of all, you wanted to section your hair and usually I kind of start from the bottom from the thinnest layer possible. So you know that you get that up and then you can strip that away. Okay. So, let's just start from here grab the top and want to this and be careful not to touch your face. I'M a kind of scared. It'S gon na touch my face. What it never happened. Oh, I thought it will never happen and then you're just gon na wait for probably five seconds this thing. Actually he hit up pretty fast. So here I have to wait so long. So I guess that's five seconds and I have it so this is how the curl kind of looks like it's more to my expectation, um, it's bigger and meter. It gives like more natural kind of finish, so it's not silly so dramatic, like the smaller ones and then we're gon na one with a little clock over here. So now that you guys can see how the curl is, I'm going to just proceed to do the rest of it and we'll see how's the difference you all right, you guys, so I have done all of the hair on this side. So I have done I've. Curled, all of them - and this is the comparison - so this is without any curl, and this is with big diameter, hair curler and, as you guys can see, sorry as you guys can see that the texture and the result is so much more natural. It'S it's kind of like it's pretty similar to this side that hasn't been curled. It, except this part, is kind of like if you, if you curl with you, know that big roller and stuff like that so, which is I mean big big roller, is - will take some time to do, and it will also meet like a steamer or stuff like That so, if you want to skip that hassle of using big roller, but you still want to have the exact same result like the big roller, I truly recommend you guys to get hair curler like this, which is they have big diameter. So you want me to meet your end above and a little bit more about the product itself, so I bought it from an online seller in sharpie. Definitely not affiliated. I'M just gon na provide the link down below because once it's you buy it, and this is a versus on the flower shop in Malaysia, so yeah, I bought it from that seller and the price is about 67 ranking, if I'm not mistaken. So this is actually a very, very cheap, because if you survey on the much branded one like, for example, babyliss or stuff like that they're actually very expensive, maybe they can cost about 200 to 300, bring it or maybe higher something I forgot, but it's very expensive And I mean, if you guys wanted to have like you, wanted to pursue this kind of hairstyling more seriously, then I think you guys should go for it. Not if you have to budget. I think you guys should go for it, but if you don't have a budget this, this one is actually pretty good. It does the job and like a like, it also gives a pretty good result as well, like I love it so much so yeah whether you have a budget or not, it's like everything's gon na be fine, okay, so yeah, that's all of the review. I have for this large diameter hair curler. Thank you guys so much for watching and if you like this kind of video, maybe you should subscribe to my channel and I'll see you guys in the next video bye

Leanna: this was really informative, thank you! also, exactly the kind of curls i was looking for!

Loredana Carlaa: Hi, even though the barrel you're using looks kinda big for your hair length for me the outcome looks so pretty I'm into this kind of curls too!

Sk Vazeeha: Thank you for making this video

LIBRIAN Sana: First off .. Your beautiful :) and i was soo scared of this gigantic curler but the way you did it amazed me Thank you for this amazing video Love from Pakistan

Nga.: Where can we buy..? Which apps?

Ilyn Gracia: What brand is it???

Ilyn Gracia: I think we have the same curler

Ethel Rose Cabacungan: You made me confused. The title said its 38mm, and in your video its 31mm.

S P: It's quite big for your hair length

Kaye Banzon: Your hair is too short to use 38mm, you should have bought smaller one

Ilyn Gracia: I think its 38mm

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