Testing Primark / Penneys Af Hair Curler

  • Posted on 12 October, 2020
  • Long Hair
  • By Anonymous

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What'S up you guys, it's ashling and welcome back to my channel in today's video i'm going to be testing out the new pennies hair curler. I'M super excited to give this a try. I bought this myself in blanchard's town pennies, just in case you're wondering sorry. If you can see like black on my fingers, i was trying to like stick down eyelashes. It wasn't going well, but anyway, today, i'm just gon na be testing out this hair curler and see what i think of it and what you guys think of the curls. These are obviously the curls that we've achieved from it. So if you guys are interested in seeing other hair tools from this line, i'll link a video using them in the description bar below. But if you guys want to see how this bad boy works out today, then definitely keep on watching starting off with straight washed. Freshly blow-dried hair, which i use this new hair dryer to achieve, and then i straightened it with the new hair straightener. Obviously this is the first impressions. I'Ve never used it before it's the hair curler from primark, it's an exclusive to them. It'S the andrew fitzsimons he's an irish hair stylist and he released his line of hair products, so shampoos conditioners, there's texturizing sprays, there's so many different products in the line. I think i have nearly every single product that he's come out with and loved them all as well as hair brushes. He has like a flat paddle brush. There'S hair ties, there's like big scrunchies like this. I have loads of different ones and then like little ones like this, his line in pennies has probably been the best thing. That'S ever come into pennies. In my humble opinion, i'm super impressed with all the products that he's brought out and i'm dying to try the hair curler. So i've only ever used the new me hair curlers. In the latter years like when i was younger, i used to use the fabulous one. Do you remember like with the gas that used to be in it, and i had a mary, kate and ashley won? I had like another one that kind of like twists around i've had my fair share of hair, curlers, hair disasters, and when i defend the new me hair curlers, i was like converted. They were like the best thing since sliced bread. So i'm very keen to give this one a go: it is a 38 wash curling iron. It has led power on off switch a ceramic coating and 360 swivel cord, so very excited to give that a go and bonuses upon bonuses. This is 14 euro. I'M shook to my core. I bought this myself. The hair dryer was sent to me and then they sent me a second hair curler, so i went and brought back the original hair curler that i had bought and bought the hair straightener with it instead. So i was missing the hair straight and i went and purchased that so i'm really excited to give this a go. Where is my scissors? I literally had it like two seconds ago there. It is i'm gon na open this. So again, it has a pink flecks and it's a 360, which is great. So when you are curling your hair, that it will move with the curler, you know what i'm trying to say and it has an on off switch. There is an information leaflet in all of these products as well. Does it tell me how what temperature it goes up to 120 degrees celsius 60 seconds, and it's ready for operation? That'S great and my hair is pretty much poker straight from that straightener. So i feel bad that i'm going to be curling it because it just it looks really nice quite straight actually, especially with that hair straightener did a great job. So what i'm going to do is i'm going to section my hair, like i always do and i'm just going to curl the bottom first, i'm going to do sections like i said, so, i'm just going to wait for this to heat up. It'S probably already heated. It has a plastic tip on it that you can obviously hold on to, but i don't ever touch these and like i used to use any hair curler with a glove because i've burnt myself so many times. It'S just not good, so just be careful. So i'm just going to take this section of hair and i'm going to curl it, so i'm just gon na point the barrel down and just curl around the hair. Now my hair is relatively long because of obviously extensions, so i'm just hoping i can get around the whole of the curler. I haven't really seen this in action. I don't really know how it works best, but i'm just gon na go with the way that i normally would curl my hair once i can kind of feel the heat coming through my hair. I then know it's time to let go so i'll, just release it. Like that, and i'm just gon na take a little pin and i'm just going to pin that up so i'm going to use this hair spray, which is again from the underfoot simon's line and it's the stronghold hairspray and it comes in this gorgeous like pink packaging. As well god, his stuff is so amazing, i'm loving it i'm just gon na that's, probably a bit too much before i forget i did put in heat defense spray, which is the tresemme one. I don't want to take sections that are too big, because i know that the barrel is a little bit thinner than the one that i use and i will run out of barrel length. So i'm just going to keep doing this, i'm going to curl it. The exact same way the whole way around and then, when i move on to the other side of my face, i'm just going to curl away as well. So i don't think you guys need to really see that i'll probably speed up this section, because it's self-explanatory i'll do a bit on the other side. So you can see exactly what i'm talking about, but it's just the same. The whole way around it gets hot, but it's not too too hot at 120 degrees, it's enough to curl the hair and give you a severe burn. Okay, so that should do it, give it a bit of hair spray and then just going to pin it. I'M just going to do that. The whole way around this is going to be a process guys this side, i'm gon na curl away from my face. I just don't want those curls to be coming into my face. I prefer the look of them going away and then just release it and take my hairspray. That'S what i'm going to do spray a bit. Take a bobby, pin and pin that this is so tricky. It'S like a delicate balancing act. There we go so i'm just going to finish curling the rest of my hair and then i'll come back and show you how i do the front bits and we'll discuss the hair curler. It'S just the same. The whole way around as well. Okay! So i'm just on to the last section of hair, which is the suspect at the top and i've curled our pin curled all of these bits here, which they're cool enough. Now i could probably let them down so they're, pretty tight curls, my god, we'll see how they are when i actually brush them out. So we'll just do the last few bits here at the front. I really like the ease of use of this curler. It'S so easy to curl. The hair around the barrel is a great shade, it's a bit smaller than what i'm used to, but i just actually quite like that. So i'm just do this last little bit here. Curler is extremely lightweight as well. I don't know if that helps when i'm holding the curls in place, because in other ways, sometimes if a hair curler is a bit heavy like your arms get sore like holding them up and then holding the hair curler and everything it's just a nightmare. But this is just really easy to use and the hair is curling really easily around it and i'll just see what way the curls stay in shape and if they remain all day that will be the telltale sign um. I don't know what to do with my fringe. I could curl it back. Maybe i don't know i'm never really sure like. I said what to do with us, i'm just going to let that kind of drop in there. I don't want it like too curly. I'M just going to leave that like that. So what i'm going to do is i'm going to do my makeup and i'm going to leave this hair kind of like set it's cooled down, but i'm just going to leave it in place in this kind of ringlet. Curls then i'm going to brush it out when my makeup is done, because that should give it a little bit of time just to kind of set and stay where it is. I'M sorry if my eyelashes look so bizarre today, i have like the worst eyelash glue. Ever it's the dual glue and i got it in pennies and they've changed the formula. It'S just horrendous, so i've tried to stick these eyelashes down 50 times and that was like who cares about eyelashes? Then i went to take them off and i'm left with like black on my eyes. So anyway, the eyelashes probably look crap, but we're not here to talk about that. So i think i've taken out all of the pins this one here, i think yeah, i think they're all gone so i'm going to brush these curls out, i'm just going to use the comb first, my god these are so springy. I, like the shape of curls, that it's after given like i like that kind of more tighter curl. The one that i have from nume is much thicker, so it gives kind of more wavy curls, whereas this gives real bouncy tight curls, but they still - oh, my god. They look. So pretty. I really like these curls. My hair is so soft brush is just gliding through them, i'm so happy with them. So that's what this side looks like that. I brushed out. You can kind of see it's real voluminous. The curls are gorgeous and on this side, then, obviously they still need to be brushed out. I'Ve never used that hairspray before either. So i don't know what that's like. I'Ve used, the texturizing spray, which i absolutely adore. I think that gives oh there's a clip. I think that gives it really great, like volume to the hair and like a little bit of texture to the hair. It'S just a really good product, but the hairspray is great as well, because it's not crunchy, i hate crunchy hairspray. My hair just looks so nice and bouncy. I love those curls good god guys. I think we found a winner winner, chicken dinner with that hair curler, my god, i love those curls. I really really really like those curls they're, so full and voluminous, but they're real bouncy as well they're, just so pretty that 14 euro hair curler definitely giving me curls for days. I have this other spray that i got. It'S called the glam styling spray. I don't know what this does, but i'm going to spray it on. My hair anyway see what it does styling spray. Maybe it just holds things in place: it's not technically a hair spray. It'S like a shine spray or something. What'S it done to the hair yeah. It'S a shine spray, so i'll just spray that through the hair, okay guys, so that is pretty much all i can do with the hair. I can't really see anything in the viewfinder, because i'm blind and i'm sitting really really far back, so i hope they look. Nice on camera too uh. What do you guys think of the hair curler? Let me know, and if you guys do pick it up, definitely send me. Some pictures on instagram tag me send me some pictures on twitter. I would love to see what curls you got from your hair curler. I love this not to spoil the other video, but this is definitely like my favorite product from the three, the curler, the straightener and the blow dryer for 14 euro can't really go wrong anyway. Thank you so much for watching today's video. Please give it a thumbs up if you did enjoy it and let me know what other videos you would like to see coming up, and i will talk to you all of you in my next video mwah bye, guys

DramaticMac: So sorry for my absence here on YouTube I’ve missed you all so much. I haven’t been well for a little bit and my full time job is taking main priority. I’ll be uploading as much as I can this month. Thank you all for understanding love you to bits xxxx

Heather G: These hair tools are so pretty too! I love the pink, much nicer than the basic chrome and black handles

Merlin's Mama: So lovely to see you, you have been missed! Hope you're feeling better now. That curler looks really good and I was impressed by the curls it gave you, so bouncy and gorgeous!

Sammy Lou: Nice to see you back your hair looks gorgeous xx

tracey thomas: Loving the hair. So nice to see you back x

Kimberly Moore: I wish I could brush mine out like that. If I did even with hairspray my curls would fall out

Helena Horley-Wood: Yayyyy ur back. Miss u so much please dont leave it this long again hope all ok xx

Alison De Wet: Hi, I was so excited when I saw a video up. Missed you. I hope you feeling better. Lots of Love from Brisbane Australia. xx

Laura Flaherty: Hey Irish ☘️ it’s awesome to see you ❣️ Missed you.....Love Always From Chicago

Jessica Brooks: Missed your face!! Hope you are feeling better sending love

Kathleen Gonzales: Pink is SO your color. Darn it, I thought it was my color but is clearly yours. Glad you are back.

Johanna Gallagher: We missed you. Lovely video as always x

Julie Handley: Lovely video glad you’re back xx

GMAC 5: Good to see you back

Mar W: Welcome back, you were missed. Hope you are feeling better


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