How To Make A Reversible Ankara Hair Bonnet

  • Posted on 16 May, 2021
  • Long Hair
  • By Anonymous

And welcome to my youtube channel. This is obvious culture today i'll be taking you on how to make this reversible air bonnet, akara and bonnet. Please, if you are new to this channel, don't forget to subscribe and don't forget to give this video a thumbs up, keep watching it's a reversible and character net. You can wear both the back and the front. It'S very beautiful, keep watching what we need for this. Ankara ebony tutorial is our ankara fabric. Then our adobe face satin, our scissors matching thread, your safety pin and your elastic. So let's get started. Okay, i said i'll be taking you on at what makes our airborne it i'll be. Taking you on how to make our bonnet but i'll be cutting it in this pattern paper first, before transferring it to my what fabric. This is our pattern paper. You can see. We fold it into two like this. Just the way we cut our peplum and what we fold it again, that is into four you can see. I said open fold it into two then fold it again. Okay, so then you take your tape. Okay, you mark at what, from this point, you mark at 14, okay mark at 14, just mark it round. From this point, you take 14 take 14, just mark it around till you get to the end. Okay. 14. I said you mark what 14 okay, so you connect. You connect them together. Just like this, you can see, i said from here: it takes 14 round and you cut out. Okay, you cut out it's very easy, so we are going to use this to cut our water fabric for the air bonnet just fold it again and transfer this to your to your fabric. I'Ll. Do that and show you so after cutting out, i told you your pattern paper just place it on top of your fabric, and you cut exactly like that. So this is it so we open up now and show you what what needs to do when you open it up. You have something like this. You can see so we place them together. Now you hold them with your pin and you show round this. Is it this is the back okay, you can see, i have sewn it around so this is it and i left this watch space, so i can use it to turn it out. You can see so this is it just so round and leave this space about 3 inch, so i can use it to turn it out, so i will turn it out now to the front and show you what needs to do. I have turned it out. You can see this is the front. This is the back. Please we iron it very well iron. The two sides together should look straight. You will iron it very well. I left this face open this way my elastic will pass through. Please give it a good press. Just iron this sides round very well: okay, then, after doing that i'll show you what needs to do so, what we'll be doing next now we are going to take what 1.5 take 1.5. Okay just mark it round! 1.5. 1.5. So you do it round! Okay, just mark 1.5 round, and you will sew you will so along that line. Okay, just cover everything i'll. Do that and show you, okay, you can see our sony round the 1.5 inch that we marked earlier just so round round cover everywhere. Don'T leave any space. Just cover everywhere, okay, then, after doing that, we'll fix our elastic in now. Okay, just so it round cover everywhere, don't leave any space open. Just this one: okay, you you're 1.5 you're just so round. You can see it it's so round! Okay! So after that, please don't forget to give it a good press. Okay, then you take your elastic. I told you before the length should be what 20 okay, the white elastic the lens should be 20. Then you fix your 60p okay. Then this place will let's open just what put in your elastic okay, i'm facing my elastic. Then you bring them together like this, and you also just to secure them. Okay, okay, so this is it so the elastic is is inside now this is the front. This is the back. You can see you can wear both of them. It'S a reversible. What a cara air bonnet. So we are going to cover up this place. Okay, just bring them together, okay, bring them together. Please make sure you don't sew the elastic and you want so neatly, okay, so this is it it's very easy. Our air bonnet is ready, the back, okay and also what the front. So this is it thanks for watching, don't forget to subscribe to my channel and don't forget to give this video a thumbs up.

Deborah Ledi: Thank you ma. Well explained❤

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