How I Apply Doo Gro For Max Growth 9 Month Big Chop W/ Pics| Doo Gro+Wild Growth +Hair Fertilizer

  • Posted on 04 January, 2023
  • Long Hair
  • By Anonymous


Time Stamps:

0:00 Corny Intro (special thank you to The Hair Tales)

0:41 Hair Growth Pics Week 1 - 8.5 Months

1:44 How I MAKE the Doo Gro mix (full vid on my channel)

2:23 How I APPLY the Doo Gro mix

4:04 Quick 9 Month Update


4:53 Putting Perm Rods In (almost broke my neck sleeping with these rods in)

5:19 Perm Rod Take Down

6:08 Quick Edge Closeup

7:07 What to expect in 2023

What I’ll be doing now until my one year-aversary

1. Head massages EVERY DAY (20 min)

2. Moisturize with Doo Gro mix every OTHER day

3. Wash and deep condition hair every 2-3 weeks

4. Protective Styles (glue-less wigs, v-part wigs, knotless braids)

5. Micro-needle edges every 2-3 weeks to grow edges

That’s all,

Once I hit a year, I plan on going to the dermatologist and consider dermal injections

I also plan on traveling to meet with a certified trichologist

I’m keeping it simple, only experimenting with aloe vera and clay masks behind the scenes


I never expected to be on the internet (or on tv) showing you my bald edges but here I am. I know a lot of people are going through what I’m going through as well and I’m happy we have a safe space for us all to unite and give advice to one another.

Email me: [email protected]

I made a TikTok: tamithecreator

I pray for all my subscribers

Sub count: 15,999

Videos Mentioned:

Shaving my head bald-

How I mix Doo gro:

4 month update:

8 month update:

Products/Items in the video:

SilverBird Blow Dryer: (the price has gone up, I purchased for $30 years ago still my favorite hair dryer)

Soft Bonnet Air Dryer attachment:

Root Comb Applicator Bottle:

180 ct Perm Rod Set

Pink Scalp Massager Comb

The “doux” Mouse or Target

Rat Tail Comb

Alligator Clips

Electric Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush (needs a battery to operate)

Applicator Bottle:

*let me know if I forgot anything

Doo Gro Mix:

✅Doo Gro Hair Vitalizer Mix, 4 ounces


Sally Beauty Supply:

✅Sulfur 8, 4 ounces amazon:

cheaper link:

✅Virgin Hair Fertilizer, 125 grams



✅Jamaican Black Castor oil 8 ounces

✅Wild Growth Oil, 4 ounces



Hey y'all, you know it's been nine months since I shaved my head balls hold up. Is that me on the hair tails on Hulu season, one episode two at the 18 Minute Market and you got ta scroll a little bit because I'm at the 18 minute 30. Second Mark too, and the hairstyles hit me up and they're. Like can we feature a clip of you on our show and I was like absolutely not, but then I realized all of YouTube already seen my bald edges. So I'm, like you, know what might as well today, I'm going to show you guys my nine month update and also my do girl mixture, I'm just going to show you guys how I've been using it because since day, one that's the main product that I've been Using to grow my hair, these first couple Clips have never been seen before I shaved my hair in March. The video didn't go live until April 27th, because I was so embarrassed. I felt so ugly, like I expected to look like Nia Long or someone, and I'm like who is this young man like? Why did I look like this? Once I hit the two month Mark, there was no stopping me. I started trying to style my hair trying to get cute or whatever for the first time. I finally did not regret my decision. The four month Mark was an absolute game changer for me, because I could finally grip my hair in braid it. So after my hair was braided, I was able to apply the do grow products directly to my scalp and massage it in and that's when I started to see serious serious growth foreign. This is the most recent update on my channel. It'S at eight and a half months, look at all that growth and I'm gon na give you a sneak peek of what I'm looking like today at nine months. These five products are what have absolutely saved me in my natural hair Journey. So far, I've experimented with other products here and there, but for the most part, I've been using this at least five days a week since I shaved my head off the video on how I make this mixture is already on my channel, but for the most part, All I use is castor. Oil Virgin, Hair Fertilizer Sulfur, 8 do grow and wild growth. I take all five of them and I mix them into a bowl once you got it all in the bowl mix it up real good. You do not need any heat, so don't put in the microwave or on the stove top mix it up at room temperature put in applicator bottles and you're good to go. These two bottles, or this whole mixture usually lasts me about six months. Now that we know how to make it, let's go ahead and review how to put it on how to apply it to make sure your hair grows. It was trial and error for me in the beginning, when I did not have that much hair. I just had the product in a bowl, and I would put it on my hand, mix it up real good and then just apply it all over. My hair and massage it into my scalp real good. If your hair is short, I recommend doing this. If you can invest in an applicator bottle, it is definitely a life changer. When my hair was short, the product just sat on my hair anyways, but I still like the applicator bottle for just an easier application process. Okay, so hear me out whether you're using this do Grill mixture or the most pure oil in the world. If you do not massage your scalp, you are wasting your time. Imagine putting lotion on your arm and you don't rub it and you just let it sit there and carry on about your day, so it doesn't absorb into your skin. You don't get those nutrients. You still gon na be ashy, so don't waste your time like if you're going to put these products in your hair, make sure you are massaging it in real good, at least five to ten minutes every night, my growth accelerated when I was able to finally do Cornrows because I was able to put the product on my scalp rather than on my hair, I also put my hair in braids and whether my hair was in cornrows or in braids. I still got my fingers and I went in there real good and I massaged that product in as of right now I use this product every other day and I wash my hair every two weeks just because I don't want too much buildup foreign. So this is my hair today I did not expect to do a nine month update, especially because I just did one last month, but I had to do it because I wanted to try to style my hair, because I was just shocked at how much the growth Has been, it's only been nine, it hasn't even reached a year yet so I'm just flabbergasted, Plus we reached a milestone in our journey. Tell me how I could put my hair into a ponytail ignore my face. I was hyped up, but I love sharing these little Milestones with you guys because y'all don't even realize I've been relaxed since I was 10 years old. This is my first time being natural and I'm literally winging it and to reach these milestones 10 year old me. Would be so proud, so I did wash my hair, and this is what I used to do. My perm rod set I've done a perm rod set before so. I know like I wasn't worried about partying or anything. I just want to get these perm rods. In my hair, can I can I pick a bun with you guys because y'all bully me every time I put out a wig video, but this took me an hour and a half to do them. Wigs come on and off in 30 seconds, like I, I love being natural, but I don't know if I could ever be full-time natural, I'm not even gon na hold you. This is the next morning sleeping with perm. Rods is not for the week I'll, just leave it at that. Oh you know that do grow is never more than two feet away from me. So I put some on my fingers and I used it to separate the curls. I forgot to put a part in so I put a part in real, quick and then I used two wig Combs to separate the part just to make it a little bit more pronounced after I separated the curls a little bit more. I grabbed my pick and I just picked at it real, quick just to give it a little bit more oomph. Let'S get these edges together. First of all, edges look at them coming in if you're new to this channel. The main reason why I cut my hair off was because my edges weren't growing, and I lost them. They got ripped out 10 years ago, but anyways you wouldn't even be able to tell so. It looks like that micro needling is working. I'M gon na do a complete, separate video on what I've been doing to my edges. Micro needling Derma Rollin, but it looks like we're getting a little progress, foreign. Here'S the final look: this is nine months into my journey, I'm so proud of the progress so far, and I could not have done this without you guys because I, like I said I went into this blind. I barely knew what I was doing. So. Thank you guys for all of your advice for the year 2023. I do not plan on experimenting much. I just want to leave my hair alone and let it grow. I have three months to go until my one year anniversary of my big shop. So this is what I'm gon na be doing in the meantime number one head massages every single day, I bought this electric massager from Amazon. Thank you, Mr Neil. She recommended it to me so I'm going to be massaging my hair every single day. My goal is to do 20 minutes a day. Number two is to use: do grow every other day, I'm trying not to miss any days. If I don't use it every other day, then at least five times a week, three I'm going to wash and deep condition. My hair every two to three weeks, depending on the build up that I have and I'm always going to deep condition, especially knowing that I have low porosity hair now. So I can gain that moisture. Last but not least, I'm going to continue to take care of my edges, I'm going to continue to micro needle I plan on going to the dermatologist once my anniversary hits so stay tuned. For that. Thank you all for watching. You guys are amazing. As always I'll see you in the next video, it's Tammy the Creator y'all. Thank you.

KweenOf DaSouf: Congratulations on all your growth and being featured in the Hair Tales. You got the juice Tami . I can feel your spirit ❤ I love the mixture myself. The smell goes away real quick . I ordered my products in bulk so I could make them for my family .

Tennille Bowens: Girl your hair is growing so well!! I'm impressed with your commitment to your hair growth journey. It's looking so good. I can definitely see a difference with your edges. They're coming in very good!!! You looked so pretty with your hair and make-up done. Just glowing girl!!! And yes, we gone fight if you put in knotless braids right now! Give it a little more time for your follicles to strengthen before you add any extra weight anywhere near your hairline. If you do, the amount you'd have to leave out to be safe would be so much, you'd look like you forget to do the row of braids around your hairline and what's the point of that? You'd look like Angelica's doll Cynthia for real!

WLHMC ALLNATURAL: I honestly believe that consistency pays off, massages helps a lot! Your growth is encouraging to all of us.

Kenyan Queen: I love it!! You’re definitely encouraging me! My edges looked the same way. I’m on my 5 month journey. I massage my scalp almost everyday. I have a natural DIY oil I use, and hot oil treatments twice a month. I started using the derma roller last month and I’m starting to see the difference. I can’t wait to see how my hair looks in a few months. My goal is beautiful, big, pretty Afro! Keep showing your journey Sista

Godsfavor: Omggg gurl! Your hair!!!!! It’s beautiful and lush. You are doing a great job with this! I believe since you’ve put in so much work you’ll be more aware and cautious on how you treat it now. Thank you for sharing what is working for you. You are truly inspirational.

Angel Johnson: These are amazing results. Since watching your videos it’s inspired me to be diligent about my hair care journey. I’m not sure if I’d shave my head but I’ll big chop once I feel the time is right.

IAMMARIAH: I just recently recorded my big chop and I’m definitely going to be following you, your videos are definitely motivating me!!

Bad gyal: It looks so good and healthy!!! I shaved mine 1 week ago after being natural for years & having major shedding & damage. Wishing you continued growth!!!

Vanessa Frimpong: Showing love from London ❤️❤️ I am so excited to be seeing this update from you I’ve been following your journey since your big chop and you have really inspired me to do the big chop too. I’m currently in braids but will be doing the big chop in a couple of weeks and will document my journey like you have. I’m so glad you’re committed because it shows it can be done. I have a similar bald spot at the front of my head and have had such a bad relationship with my hair for years!!! The change is needed!! One quick question - are you using and hair supplements/vitamins to help with hair growth or are you just focusing on your mixture and establishing a solid hair routine? Thanks so much for being the motivation that I needed!!!❤️

Majestically Maiah Morton: You're doing great! I haven't tried doo grow, but love to use wild growth oil with other oils. I have been meaning to record a video on how I mix oils and massage my scalp. I'm determined to get back to waist length this year and to document it on my YouTube channel.

Ashley Celestin: Omgosh!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!! I’m so genuinely happy for you and your growth!!!!

Kristle Jackson: Congratulations on all the growth! Your hair is beautiful and getting so thick! I too have been using my scalp massager and I have seen great hair growth results from using it as well. Awesome video!!

Not Nyj: your hair looks so good and you look so happy & beautiful ! Keep it up and thank you for documenting your journey :)

BeeYewTeeFool Stoodz: Iam also on my first time natural hair journey. I had a big chop of my relaxed hair six months ago and watching your videos really motivated me..

dailywithyo: Work it! Your hair looks amazing keep coming with the great videos.

LynnLynn: Yay yay yay!! I knew it would work out for you. Your grade looks so healthy and beautiful. Happy healthy hair!!! You deserve it!!!

Major Hairella: Because of you I started micro needling and I hope my edges grow back

Datchme Blessed: I am so proud of u boo. Ur hair has grown and I love to see that edge growth continue doing what u do… it working beautiful ❤ ❤❤

Tanisa D: Yay! Your edges are looking good great work!


andreka tillman: You go girl love to see it

MuvaJazz: Looks wonderful!!! I just cut my hair all off starting over and I find YouTube channel the most helpful

Kita’s Journee: Congratulations on your hair growth your dong amazing ❤️

Rachel R: Congrats!! Your hair is thriving

aries robin: Great progress so far

J K: Looking good, these curls are super cute!

Cammy N: Now this is a true hair growth journey!

Nellopi22: Your giving me so much inspiration ✨️

Praise Jah Uzoamaka: Am happy for you in your growth. Is encouraging yo. Like I said in your previous vid, am with you in this journey. Let's go 2023

Cynthia Scott: Your hair looks beautiful healthy.

Kika M: Wow I pray your her keeps growing sis

Esther Anthony: Beautiful!

Tami The Creator: Serious Question: Will you guys fight me if I put in knotless braids? (i'll do them myself so I don't end up edgeless again)

Queen Nuri: I’m 4 months now since shaving my hair and my edges are slowly growing. I’m excited for you but I can’t wait until my hair get to this point .

Tersena Bass: Congratulations Tammi!!!! I'm on 4th month mark now and I have been using the mixture and it's a process but it's growing so well!! Are you still using the olive oil and aloe vera I think you say it was for pre shampoo I believe, I can't remember?


Sucide Zoe: I’m so proud of you

Krystle: Hello! Quick question. Before you put the doo grow oil, do you put moister in your hair? If so what do you use? I put my hair into 6-8 sections then wet my hair with water or aloe vera juice or fenugreek water everyday and put on a leave-in conditioner and then I add an oil to my scalp and hair and comb out each section and put it in a twist (the LCO method). Did not see you do that so I just wanted to know what you do.

Me Myself and I: You gave me hope bc I just did the big chop in November of 2022 been 2 months I see progress but my edges are still stubborn I’m usin this stuff by Bask and Lather hopefully it helps them come in I know i have to give it time but geesh unwanted shaved hair grows back faster than ever if you know what I mean‍♀️. But congratulations on your natural journey keep up the good work and just pray I get mines together soon

Roloves1234: New Subbie here. Looks so good and healthy

154angel154: Catch that HAIR Health Sis!!!

Pamella Brown- Graham: wow congrats girl happy for you keep it. I the hair fertilizer but it leave my scalp irritated so that was a waist of my time gonna just gonna see what works for me.

Levi The Baddest: Your hair looks really good

Nwokoye Sarah: Your hair is growing..keep it up

Your Mom: I love being natural as WELL. But I don’t wear my hair out. Crochets and wigs.

AJ H.: The perm rod curls!!

Rhonda Harris: I love you. How you are so honest

Mirabel Ogechi: Wow your edges are back beautiful

Justine White: Congrats, it’s looking good

Chiamaka Nwaubani: This inspires me. Your hair looks amazing Can I try the virgin fertilizer alone? Have you tried it .

The Daily Jae Shorts: Look at those edges…you have some now…lol. Your hair is growing beautifully. Will the do grow mixture work for hair that is thin due to shedding?

dawn roberts: Wow .. thank you for sharing!!!!

Yusra: Can i use this products on soft curly hair ? I don’t know what type i have but is it okay also i have dry hair is it good to use it cuse i cutted my hair down they are so short and thin

Sheila Graham: Thank you so much for the pictures of you hair journey.i like it nice.

AwesomeAJ: Amazing

ANN KENYA LIFE STYLE 🤞: Wow your hair is grown

Tanaya Packaging: Please check your email for collaboration ❤️

Glennelle Woodside: Yes. You've come too far sis. Try a feed in braid style, that way less tension on your edges.

Jonta' Monique: Tam Tam can we get a video on the micro needling I wanna try

ModelingTabi: my hair fell out using the wild growth oil. do u have any advice??

Nokukhanya Nguqu: Please do a video on how you use the derma roller

Ms Ms: Happy New Year. I'll watch this with my cup of tea and cake and then I've got something to tell you...


Esther Morgan: Let’s all give the credit to God Most High because if he says your hair is not growing again that will be it. So he makes all these happen.

Kevin Day: It's working you know what you're doing

Tami The Creator: Time Stamps: 0:00 Corny Intro (special thank you to The Hair Tales) 0:41 Hair Growth Pics Week 1 - 8.5 Months 1:44 How I MAKE the Doo Gro mix (full vid on my channel) 2:23 How I APPLY the Doo Gro mix 4:04 Quick 9 Month Update 4:25 MY HAIR CAN GO IN A PONYTAIL!!!! 4:53 Putting Perm Rods In (almost broke my neck sleeping with these rods in) 5:19 Perm Rod Take Down 6:08 Quick Edge Closeup 7:07 What to expect in 2023

Always a Flex: At 7:05 when the comment *Get somebody else* to do it came across the screen I hollered bc I immediately got the reference

Tamera threat: Yyeesssss get it!!!

Kimmy B: Good video I just sub

Lauren Barbie: Girl

heyfemaledogs: this channel saved me man. and you a seem to be a tyler fan two Ws

ms. marion: cute ..elegant

SHELETTE JOHNSON: ??. Where did you get the product from.

فاطمة آدم محمد: I love you

Jonta' Monique: might as well,and not a young man...

Valerie Jarrett: Do u sell it

October Flower: Are you on the Black girl train?

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