Ty Talking Bout He Need Braids Boy Just Wear Ya Bonnet You Wear It To The Club..(Read Description)

  • Posted on 07 January, 2023
  • Long Hair
  • By Anonymous

Ty talking bout he need braids boy just wear ya bonnet you wear it to the club, mall, on ya little show might as well wear it on vacation

I look good what's up friend. Thank you. You just want to Bow up yeah, but thank you. The generic logo huh, so you put your nails low right now, yeah I'll be about the other doctor. Thank you jelly. While we used to give us this way, dude it's my birthday, [ __, ], all right simply before, because you know yeah, oh yeah, too, yeah girl, real, quick girl. What'S up girl, what's she open it up in the car? This is yeah um, yeah, we're leaving in the afternoon damn um, Diego foreign. I think I did it early foreign foreign foreign, but if you do have no change with uh Target stuff Mike I'm tired, because I'm not confused, but they must forgot. I was part, though it don't take that long on my level, five baby um um, so you give me two more minutes. Okay, I'm gon na see what I'm gon na do about my hair girl. If I'm gon na spend this money or if I could find somebody real, quick girl but girl, let me find out cause time is money and money? Okay, okay, so hold on sister all right! I love you, hey Shamar. What you doing! What color are you getting? Oh all right: okay, yeah, yeah, yep. I said what nail salon are you at uh shut, the [ __ ] up in the comments? Sorry don't be acting, nobody thinks get the [ __ ] off, I'm laying down girl. Wait girl, wait these people, foreign foreign I'll? Probably come to Atlanta today, yes, but I'm probably going to cook today, so I'm gon na, let you know for sure: okay, I'm gon na get off this [ __ ] [, __ ], you not cute the [ __ ], the [ __ ]! You mean you! The one starting with me, the [, __ ], all right hunger enough. She took my hair cute but face a funny look a little funny. Looking. He got me [ __ ] up, oh God, but thanks to the people that say, I'm pretty y'all other hoes just hate me and [ __ ] other oh she's, hating to my own ugly, obituary, she's, a baby yeah. Let him know somebody ugly for real over there, so you took it out uh. Let me get some rice now what was said who ugly yeah my last year for a little ball right now, but yeah? Well, you know you do that. No, I said my I said my lashes are a little ball right now, because they're coming off. Thank you on this line. Y'All hating, an [ __ ], could kiss my ass could really kiss it like for real for real. What'S up there, he is so funny. Yeah somebody, let me take this picture same thing about me. She said she's gon na. Let me know today y'all as hell yeah. Thank you come on grab it. Okay, um Bobby uh. I love you from DC. Oh, that was so thank you, love it, but she was coming down with my hair cut off. Thank you, foreign on there, y'all be wan na know everything y'all know what happened. I'M sorry, but I'm just like. If it is that, I will get right back out this lab, it won't even come in for the rest of the day. That is I'm not even here until I'm, not even here, to get out foreign. Thank you. I really like the way to play with. I could be trying to keep my cool and my peas and you know what I'm saying: it's just like people wake up every morning and then they come out here and they just start running about out of the balloon. [ __ ]. I don't care, but it's still gon na go good without you and it's still gon na be good without you, but don't come for me about yourself. I'Ll just be real, but I'm gon na have fun tomorrow in my face. Thank you down all right, I'll make sure you hit it or not. Do they start talking about their brain? Somebody is just like no, it's not messed up. I just had to put an oil on it, but I can't put all of that. I'M sorry y'all! Thank you, y'all. Look. You see my hair look like this girl a bit already and I just got the haircut. What did they'll say what I did? I say that in it like, I can't even turned the way I wanted to turn like. If I wanted to turn right, then I couldn't even do that because thank you. Thank you very much. Oh um out here um, I haven't seen you ever since we were filming girl. What channel you've been in you've been doing that for something you just you're ready for yourself with my friend I'm looking for oh thing: oh yeah! What are they doing? What are they doing? Oh yeah, it's the TV show they just looking for talent right here. That'S what um? Okay, they looking for um three of you um yesterday, Milan was like he gon na change it Saturday, and I'm like why you? Why would you do that? Like people already have prepared to come on Tuesday on January, this hot boy show Network too y'all been like you said you ready. You went viral again, [ __ ]. I said this part is off the train, but you you keep staying out there. I'M like why. I don't understand it's just the way how people was taking it right and I don't want her to take it. Like you don't say I would try to throw shade. Oh this [ __ ], like I got a ball to pick with you. She came right online here we go

gerald welch: Tyta gonna get braids and look like ah female version of Rick James

camilla mcghee: Getting his nails and hair done and can’t help Tommy with his bills just a big a.. user.

Ace Boogie: One thing Ty gon' do is ask Shamar how much money he spending.

Bree’s Page: He can barley talk half way listens CANT read nor write I hate to see him at 30 ‍♀️

gerald welch: Homeless...and getting his nails done.... That's why Ms Olivia only give him 100 ah month..... Shamar is useless

Karen Welch: He just got his hair did it's through already

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