5 Steps To Double Your Hair Growth In 2023!

  • Posted on 08 January, 2023
  • Long Hair
  • By Anonymous

Start 2023 off right by taking charge of your hair! Khadija shares with you 5 steps you can take right now to DOUBLE your hair growth this year! If you have been struggling with your haircare routine or wondering why you can never get your hair to grow, this video is perfect for you.

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The best time to start something new is in the new year, so if you've been procrastinating and you have been wanting to achieve your goals, let's do that now, I'm going to show you how to double your hair growth for 2023.. So welcome to the henna Channel. My name is Khadija and I am the CEO founder of this amazing brand Hannah Sook, where I specialize in how to natural hair, color ayurvedic, healthy hair care and beautiful, henna and Jago body. Art 2023 is going to be our year, and please note I didn't say my year, I said hour a year. I got so much in store for you guys, both virtually and in person. So you don't want to miss this so step. One is about prepping, your hair, so if you haven't had a trim in a while now, is it the time to trim your hair, even if it's a light dusting, it's really important to starting your hair goals, because we want to be able to lock in those Ends with healthy ends that are not splitting, so definitely get a trim, and, let's just get up, you know, let's get a fresh slate going and getting a trim regularly helps keep those split ends at Bay, because if you keep letting them kind of you know stay There they're going to grow longer into the length of your hair, and your split ends are going to get much longer. This can lead to breakage and thin ends. We don't want that, and did you know little Side Story here that ever since I started using had an ayurvedic Hair Care personally yeah for my own use, I had not seen split ends in I can't even remember I mean I've been doing such a long time, But it really protects the ends of your hair like seriously it really really does. I don't see any of that. It really strengthens the hair and locks up those ends and mind you. I am very bad at getting haircuts because it's hard for me to find someone who can cut my hair privately because I wear hijab. So it's a that's a real issue for me. I can't just go out to the public and just you know, get my hair cut and the person I do go to you know I need to get a day where she's closed. Basically, so I can go in there privately. That'S why I love that we're opening the Columbia Maryland location because we're going to be able to offer these more private services, and even if for people who are shy, you know people just want their own privacy in space when they're getting their hair done and that's The kind of space that I want to create at the Hennessy location in Columbia Maryland now step two. You can take inventory of your hair. What does that mean starting right now? I want you to literally go and pause this video, and I want you to measure your hair length. We need a starting point and as soon as you have that written down and remember, if you need an e-journal to start planning and keeping track of all this, we have one right at Hannah. Sook, you can scoop up that. Ebook that'll help you plan out your 2023 plans and also, if you had already been using it, then you could reflect back on the 22 care care, regimens and steps and products that you've been using because keeping track of your regimen is so important because you're always Going to want to look back at what you did, maybe you remember that one time that it was really amazing and or maybe it was like. Oh, I don't want to do that one anymore, so this will help you plan 2023s, because you know something to look back on and now you have something to look forward to so now that you know what your hair loves and didn't love that will help us Have the tools to plan that 2023 and we can refresh those goals so like? What exactly now are your hair goals for 2023? What do you expect to see because you know hair does have a cycle so you're going to have to be planning? At least you know, six to eight week, regimen plans of products and treatments that you're going to be doing on a regular basis. So that way you can see you know where your hair is heading, so I really need you to start there and just write down the basic goals that what you want to achieve like. What do you want to see happen for your hair step? Three got ta. Choose that regimen, oh and I got some for you guys if you have a specific hair concern that you want to just like dive into you want to focus on then the hair regimen plans that I have laid out for you already are right there at your Fingertips and not only do they include all the products, but it concludes for free, like no additional cost. Six week digital regimen plan like it's all in one I mean it, is a great value and stay tuned, because we, you know we're doing a hair challenge this year, so very very soon. I'M gon na have that coming up for you guys so but start is there? Look at the hair. Regimen plans start getting an idea of what you want to do and you can actually comment below on what your hair goals and what that hair regular Planet. You want to do and what you hope that we should do for the hair challenge for this year for 2023, because I haven't even chosen yet I haven't decided, because I wanted to do this video and see where you guys were at, and I wanted to. You know look at all the comments that you guys gon na leave for us under this video and then I'm going to decide. You know, as a team like which direction are we going to go in this year so for the hair regimen plans that you're going to be looking over? So all you have to do is go to hennessy.com under the shop there's a bunch of subcategories there's an hair regimen guide right under featured on that subcategory, and I want you to look through that. It'S going to give you a breakdown of all the hair regimen plans that we have so we have maximum moisture, which is focusing on dry hair. We have aerobatic strength and growth, so it's a really great beginners one. Usually, we have done a lot of hair challenges with that one, because it's very easy, go-to things are ready to use a mask they're like they're, just like ready to use right and another one of our regimens that we have is for fine and delicate hair strands Which is great for focusing on the care of those strands using aerobatic methods. Of course we have kind of hair dyeing. You know a complete guide to dyeing your hair with henna and indigo and all the Aftercare and everything you need in between, and we also have have the restorative hair regimen, which is really great if your hair is severely damaged, and you need that restorative care, this One'S the one for you and last but not least, we have hair strengthening, which is infusing henna in different treatments, to strengthen your hair and acts as a protein and give your hair the strength that it needs, while keeping the bounce of the moisture reduced shedding. It'S a great regimen that you guys would absolutely love and if you do not choose a specific hair regimen from those you have to at least come up with a plan of. Let'S say you start with at least three to five products that you can use every week as a treatment, a mask, a deep conditioner. You don't have that in your rotation, come up with a plan for yourself in this moment and then you can do those regularly and then that's when you're beginning to you know, plan that out and see how your hair starts feeling and the differences and you'll be Making notes on all these things as you use these products and don't forget, you got ta, get that ebook, it's a digital, hair, planner and journal. That'S going to help you keep track of all of these things. It'S really important. It'S easy to say. Oh I'll remember - and I can I can go back to it - trust me it takes about a second to forget, like what did I do six weeks ago, just write everything down so when you know what your hair loves and doesn't love now step four you're gon Na have to choose those herbs that you're going to choose your individual products like. Where are you gon na start, so, depending on your hair goals? You'Re? Definitely going to want to break down the different herbs that we have, that focus on particular areas that you want to focus on and for hair growth in particular, these are going to be your go-to herbs, like your Staples, like your must-haves, like literally, you have to Have these herbs on hand if you are on a hair, regimen Journey for that hair growth? This is what you need, amla for sure number. One herb is definitely going to be that I'm oil amla powder - you have to have those fenugreek as well promotes growth as that moisture. At the same time, that's a must-have aloe vera powder. Yes again, another herb with a lot of moisture, really hydrating and also promotes hair growth and also soothes the scalp a lot it's just so nourishing you know in that way for your scalp, you don't want to forget this one henna and if you're a concerned you're, Like oh well hang on, but I don't really want to color my hair, I'm not sure. So if you don't mind the tint of reddish tones that you'll get from henna perfect use it. Because it's going to come out gorgeous if you're like nah, then you got ta, get those hair teas. Not only do they reduce, shedding and strengthen your hair and promote hair growth and treat your scalp, I mean you can make a lot of variations of products that you can use with these hair teas, like you got the hair growth oil, you got the spreads. You got the rinse and for all hair types and all hair textures. So yes, density, low, porosity everything, those hair teas are a staple. You have to have them for sure step. Five is you're. Gon na have to protect your hair. Yes, absolutely you'll need to have the tools to protect your hair, so you have to have your hair in protective styles or use the herbs and oils that protect your hair from the Sun. You know henna, oh, it's so protective. That'S definitely an herb that you should be using and again, if you're concerned about the color, then use the hair tea, because you're going to get all the bird benefits of protecting your hair from these elements that will wreak havoc on your hair so definitely use those To protect your hair and certain oils, like camellia oil, also protect your hair from the Sun and the best serum of all the Argan serum oil. You got ta use that too. That is highly protective, especially if you like using heat and don't be shy. If you want to put a hat on put a hat on as well just to protect your hair and for my hijabies I can let myself well. This is a really good protection as well from the Sun, so you're doing good and those who wear hijab, though, as well. If you're worried about some of the rubbing, then just wear like something really delicate, underneath to protect your hair. Some people use like a satin cloth or kind of like almost like a handkerchief style, so you can wrap your hair really nice and delicately without it. Rubbing and messing with your edges and when you're sleeping use that Bonnet use that Silk pillowcase. Actually, can you believe it? I just got one for the first time, just like a few months ago, crazy I was like. I was like what was I missing. You know so we're always evolving and growing. You know so don't hesitate to use new things and on a daily basis, hydrate your ends use the hair. Tea use a light oil at the Argan serum oil, you'll lock in that more moisture at the ends of your hair and protect your hair, because it's really going to prevent those splits and damage, and we want those ends to be beautiful. And you also want to you know delicately brush your hair, so make sure you're using the right tools like a wood comb, wood brush, and there are a lot of great tools that you can use to delicately care for your hair. Just be really gentle, nothing that tugs at it pulls at it. You know snatches, it just really pay attention to your hair. You know to have the best results ever so I hope this helps remember. Let me know in the comments below what hair challenge do you want to do this year? I need your feedback, so I can get on that and we can get that hair challenge ready for you guys because it's going to be coming out really soon. So don't forget you hit that subscribe and that Bell so stay tuned for the next video. It'S coming up soon. I'Ll see you next time, foreign

Venae the Artist: I think offering privacy in a salon is a great idea! Lots of women would love that safe space to work with their stylist.

Melvina G Davis: I was a die hard Camille Rose user and now I'm adding your products into my regimen. I'm using Henna to cover my grays and it's fabulous but I not really feeling the copper grays although my friends says it pretty, so I'm going to add the indigo to darken. The Casia and Neem hair wash is amazing and I follow with the sweet honey nurisher. I have 4c high porosity hair so it takes a few applications to appreciate the results but I can say that I have less shedding, my strands appear stronger and I've retained length. I have all of the products you've mentioned and I'm going to nail down a solid regimen and give you an update in 3 months. Thank you Khadija

HolisticLiving: Great video! I am working on my 2023 hair regimen so that I can get ready for the hair challenge. Yes, I'm excited about this. Thanks!

Curly Ayurveda: Happy New Year! My hair goals are healthy ends, growth (really focusing on my edges) and moisture. Looking forward to the upcoming challenge .

Venae the Artist: My hair goals are to go back to my weekly mask routine. They really keep my scalp and follicles so healthy. I also plan to use fenugreek with every hair mask.

Alana Powdrell: Thank you for the tips. My 4c hair can be a challenge and I’m looking forward to using your products ♥️

Tajah Alcindor: Hey Tysm for this! I would like to focus on growing my edges as my hair is thin at the front on the sides but I'm not sure if that comes under the category of growth and strengthening or not.‍♀️ I have been natural my whole life. My hair is mainly 4c, low porosity n I wear it in protective styles like braids, twists or sometimes have my afro out.

Melissa Umbenhour: I would definitely like to participate in a challenge to make the hairline surrounding my face to become fuller. My hairline is thinning with age.

Ginger Girl Games: How often should you trim your hair with Henna in it? I'm trying to get long hair and I've heard to trim the hair once a month to prevent split ends but shouldn't henna pretty much protect you from most split ends?

Pam Lats: I dye my hair with your henna hair products. How do I incorporate the time when I need to dye my hair into these hair regimens? Also, can I continously do these regimens back to back? Or should I wait a while before starting another six week regimen?

Alison Miller: Can you get some hair models or share videos of those whom you work on at your salon? People with different hair types would be so helpful to be able watch.

Cynthia Bullock: Less shedding fill in edges add moisture

Vida McLeary: Hair growth is my challenge! I hope I see more with your tips

ucy: Happy New Year, Khadija!! Sny advice on how to prep hair before a trim? Also, the frequency of applying heat to hair?

Phyllis Deloach: Hello this is my first time seeing your video. I love the things that I learned about Ayurvedic hair care. I want to enter the challenge. I want hair growth and retention. Please help.

My 1st Love: My hair goal for this year is grow out my heat damaged rapidly

Deborah M: Love your products. I have a condition that like a seborrheic dermatitis due to the use of chemical relaxers in my youth. I was allergic and I would develop this seborrheic dermatitis in spots that made my hair fall out. My dermatologist insisted I go chemical free, including hair dye. I've been chemical free for over 20 years now, but I still have a dry, scaly, itchy place at the base of my scalp, remnants from relaxers according to my dermatologist. I've tried prescription shampoo (which dried my hair terribly as I have mixed afro-textured hair), and steroid gels. They would only work for a short while. Are there any ayurvedic treatment remedies I can use to alleviate this problem and repair my scalp?

Simonne Hall: I was driving though Columbia the other day and saw the store!!! Can’t wait for you guys to open!!!

My 1st Love: Just ordered my planner and my bundle can’t wait to get them

Ramona Yates: I want to retain my length, and grow it past my knees. Is it possible to use henna powder strictly for hair growth purposes without necessarily being worried about the color?

Milissa Richards: I'm up for any challenge. I also really need to do one on one with you I have so much stuff I need to start using them . I'm also definitely going to get that e journal.

Dana Fisher: How about something that helps those of us dealing with hormonal issues because of menopause we need to be checked on ❤. OK I need to be checked on LOL. I am having temple issues where my hair is breaking off only in my temples and it’s thinning. Using Amla right now that is helping , taking my vitamins and all this is helping. But to have a regiment that is there to boost or off set the internal issues we don’t always have control over.

Zuzana: I can not decide what goal i want for 2023. I would want it all but I suppose I will do the moisture.

Claudia Campbell: Here for it

Karen Buhagiar: Can you address trying to strengthen and prevent fall out while on breast cancer meds?

Nyotakikora1: I am here for it, cannot wait to come ny the new store

FatBabyCheeks: Preventing split ends.

jenny: Where can you buy this product

Celizzy: I have sisterlock with grey that I need to color. I can’t use oils and moisturizer. Suggestion please waiting for The Raj henna

Ebony Byrd: Dry hair challenge pretty please

Von Parker: ❤

Le lecteur Intellectuel: Bonjour Bonne année! Est ce que je peux utiliser le lissage protéine avec du henné ? Merci beaucoup !

Carro M: Do you ship worldwide?

umrilifenChrist: Is it disrespectful to ask to see how everything you’re telling us is working for you? I can see you’re wearing a religious garment. But unlike some of the other favorite Ayurvedic YouTubers, we can’t see how what you’re saying is working for you. Again, I’m hoping this isn’t disrespectful to say this, but in all honesty it makes me hesitant to fully trust in what you’re selling. I did purchase some of your products off the strength of Curly Proverbz and her video demonstrations. But idk. It’s something I think about when watching your channel & listening to what you’re selling us.

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