Huge Inventory Haul For My Hair Business, Custom Bonnets, & More! Hair Business Entrepreneur!

  • Posted on 10 August, 2020
  • Long Hair
  • By Anonymous

This video is about expanding your hair business past just bundles, closures, frontals, and wigs! Here are the different ways I use my logo and colors to get my brand out there. Learn about Marketing & Branding in 2020!

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This video also answers. What Does QB Stand For???



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Got my buttocks got my phone, it's QB bytes, a a QB by a hey, got my bunny bunny, hey, hey guys! Welcome to my channel. I have so many new things to show you so don't forget to subscribe and like this video and stay tuned, hey guys! Welcome back to my channel so today I am gon na show you guys all the new business things and materials that I got for my wig business, I'm so excited to show you guys. Some of these things will be added onto wigs, and some of these things will be sold separately from my wigs and stuff, but I am so so freaking excited to show you guys everything new that I got so I ordered a lot of custom materials and things Like that, for my wigs from wig brushes to bonnets to wig bands, elastic bands and all of these things even eyelash stuff, so let me get into the first thing. So the first thing I ordered were wig so my week combs and brushes that I got. Let me show y'all, I have one that's custom. Of course it has QB on it. So this is the wig brush. There'S the QB right there, and then that's the brush side and the comb side over here. So I'm super pumped to have these wig brushes. For my business, I use them a lot, a lot, a lot and a lot of clients use them as well just to get the edges right and stuff like that when they wear their wigs like who, who don't, who don't use. So I had this one and then I have another edge brush now this one I wasn't too too sure about, but I really liked it on their website and I both ordered this one as well. It is a comb and brush wig brush as well, but it has a rat tail comb. On the end, I thought this was hot. Let me tell you how many times I'd be scratching my head with my rat tail comb, and now I got one. That'S a brush and a rattail comb together. I am like super super super pumped to have this. It'S not custom. I don't have my logo on it, but I was trying to figure out where I should put it, because everything is so small and thin. So I'm debating - maybe I won't put my logo on this one, but I really think this is cute, and so I really thought those were really cool. I ordered those I'm actually going to be adding to my website. I order in bulk weight caps so the way caps I used for making my wigs I'm going to put them on my website as well. So far I have small, medium and large. I will be getting extra large as well, and I will be ordering a lot more because I know a lot of people make wigs now and they need their wig caps ASAP and I will have different kinds of wig caps as well. These ones are the ones with the adjustable straps. You guys know honestly I've used so many different types of legs. I need to make a video on that two different types of way cap, so this one has the ventilation in the back and it has the adjustable straps on there for you for you to hook it on as well. So this one is what size is this one, this size is actually a medium, so I'll have all the sizes on the website for people to purchase if they need to make they're always or even try to just make their own way on their sewing machines. So that's something else: that's gon na be on the website, small, medium and large. So another thing that I ordered what else? Oh I'm going to be selling these on the website as well. I ordered a ton, a ton, a ton of ways taps so two way. Caps come in each each one, and I have these three colors I haven't decided if I'm gon na get any more colors. These are the most basic colors that you could possibly get if you're ordering wig caps. So I have a beige chopped. I mean a beige, a chocolate and a I figure out what this color is light brown. Maybe I don't know I got a look, but I have these three colors, I'm gon na be adding the wig caps on to the website as well. If anybody needs to purchase a specific one for their, you know skin tone or whatever they're gon na be on the website as well. So, oh I didn't. Even I don't know if I showed you guys this in my last video, but I did order these and I've been using them, so it's already open, but I did order my custom elastic band to go one, the back of my wig, I figure. I order. I mean I purchased so many different types of elastic bands, just to figure out which one I like best for my clients and I was like I'm spending so much money on elastic bands because everybody wants one I might as well get ones that are mine. Custom elastic bands with the my name on it and I want to say I got 200 feet. Oh I just kicked the camera y'all. I want to say I got 200 feet. So there's two rolls in here: here's one roll of elastic man and I have a whole new one in here and I've been using this like crazy. This was an amazing amazing investment for my wigs, so that is that one and something else that I've been waiting for today. I finally got it in the mail. It is, I kind of my husband actually opened it. I didn't want to open it off my oh, my god package of headbands bonnet and what else is in here. Oh my wig bags, my wig back took my wings to go in so I'm gon na open this. I haven't seen anything in it yet so um, I'm super excited to see what's in here, alright, so the first thing, oh, my god, the type of the face. So the first thing, Oh Lord, I'm dropping everything else is my wig bands with QB on it. I'M so happy for them to finally finally be here, so let me grab this is the stack of them. Let me grab one, so this is what they look. This is what they look like it just has QB going across. So when you guys are wrapping down your hair at night, all y'all got to do is wrap it up like that, tie it and then you get to go y'all look. This is all lay down lace like no other, I'm so excited. To finally have my wig bands in and available, so I will have these four available for purchase. I just have to package them all up and that's a whole nother a whole another mission packaging. Everything up to be for sale on my website, so QB wig bands will officially be for sale. Hopefully today, hopefully I could post it whenever y'all watching this video. It will already be on the website, so go check it out. Another thing that I got they did give me bags, I'm assuming to put my wig bands in they gave me little bags like this. I don't think I don't know, I don't know if I'm gon na use them. If anything, I might use them, and I'm just gon na cut this part off at the top, because I just think I'm not gon na do with my brand. I just wanted to be plain clear plastic, so I am probably gon na use these for my wig bins, we'll see they were free, so I might as well own all right. So, let's see what else is in here and let me get these scissors yeah. I guess it's open. It felt like it took forever from our wig caps to come. Y'All know it's quarantine, time and stuff like that, so everything is taking longer than expected, but you know what honestly, with the whole situation going on, I still got it in a timely manner. Okay, so here boy here are some more bags that they sent me these bags they're just clear: they look like the smaller ones, but they're clear and they have a taped edge and I just have to just fold it over and tape it shut. So I can put my bonnets in here or if somebody buys a bundle package or something they gave me some plastic bags for that. Alright, let's see all right, so I got my I'm so happy you guys. I got my wig bag for my weeks to go inside of oh, my gosh. I am like so pumped to finally finally finally have my wig bag. So when y'all go to my website and order, your wigs, you will be receiving a wig inside of my wonderful week, bag, everybody that orders a wig will have the option to add on a head, wrap and bonnet combos. I have these one of these. What are these? These little sorry yeah John figure figure stuff out over here. I have these. Oh, these are a little hangtag uh. What are these Lord Jesus? These are little hangtag strings that I can hang stuff with. I don't know what I'm gon na use them for yet, but thank you I'm glad y'all sent them anyway. I'Ll. Take you I'll. Take you all right so now my bonnet I've been waiting. Y'All, don't understand. I'Ve been waiting on this stuff to come because I'm trying to give y'all the whole Queen experience. Okay, everything is Queen advertised queen bee. I am queen Brittney queen bee advertised. Everything is clean, so my bonnets are finally here: QB QB, I'm so excited and it has the gold on the inside, which is exactly exactly what I wanted. Have it waited for so long to get this stuff. Y'All don't understand. So these are my QB Bonnie's. I'M gon throw it on boom boom. I'M gon na go ahead and wear this for the rest of the video mmm. They got my Bonnie think, I'm all about it, clean it yeah, I'm so like I'm obviously really happy, though okay, so I don't even know what this packet is, but I'm gon na open it anyway. I think these are more. I want to phase more bun it. Oh yeah, it's more bonnets in this package and about one more box. Oh, you know what they fit me. I know what this box is. This box. They sent me some free, hang tags. I already have hang tags in my hair in my wig free. You know. I I don't, I don't try, no no free, so this is what they are they're really cute. They'Re generic II put my logo on them and everything for me. So I'm really pumped to see what they look like. Let'S see, damn if I can get it out. Oh, that's cute little QB hangtags. It has the length the type, the texture and the price. I think that's really cute. Actually I'm not going to use these I'm glad they sent me them for free cuz. I show me some free it's on saying on the back. It has care instructions which I did ask for cuz. He asked me if I wanted to put anything on the back and I just said care instructions. That'S fine. The care instructions are basic, wash your hair with moisturizing shampoo, deep conditioned evenly throughout the hair air dry. The hair, when possible, please air dry, your hair, okay, take the extra time and air dry it. It'S gon na be a big difference: braid wavy, hair or use flexi rods before bed. Oh, my god! I actually added that. I added that in there I'm. You know. I mean people break, don't break the hair up or put any rods or whatever in a curly hair before they go to bed. And then they wondering why I've been sleeping on my hair for the past two weeks and is he detangling? Look it's curly, hair, yo, natural hair, don't come out lookin Bom Bom when you wake up in the morning just because you just want to sleep on it. Let me know, let me not get into it. Okay, yeah um comb through the hair in the morning and in the evening. That'S so key! I don't know how many clients come into my salon that look like dang comb, their hair in two weeks. What you've been doing? Calm, your hair, when you wake up and please comb your hair before you go to sleep anyways, so hangtags, i don't be using these I'm going ahead and use them and I'm probably gon na order. Some more since I'm clearly gon na be ordering my bonnets and wig bags and head wraps from them anyway. So that's another thing that I thought my body, my hair ass, are what I'm most excited about. I'Ve been waiting for those for way too long. So, oh and I know I show jobbies already, I know I showed y'all my boxes. I am so I'm gon na order, bigger boxes, I'm actually probably gon na order them today. I'M a word ASAP so y'all know I got my wig boxes. I love them, love them. They are amazing, I'm so I'm so ready, I'm so ready. So I want to say this is the last item that I received that I didn't quite order in the right color, but I'm gon na use them anyway I'll change the color at a later date, but I ordered some large lash boxes. You can tell they not the right color already CNS. This is the gold I kind of wanted, but I got like a rose gold color, so I'll have to figure out that whole situation, but I am going to be doing hopefully sooner than later, I'm gon na be doing a lash giveaway and I'm going to put Ten different pairs of lashes in these boxes and I will be doing a lash giveaway, so I don't know if I'm gon na use just pick two winners. I might just pick two winners of the photo giveaway and they will win this entire box full of each. I guess they can pick their lashes if they want, but there will be ten different lashes in this box for that giveaway, so y'all, better stay tuned, y'all, better, subscribe, y'all, better hit that Bell, so y'all can get these notifications for all of my videos coming up. I do have, I want to say two giveaways, two giveaways to do already and look the contest. Ain'T even started yet y'all y'all got ta stay tuned, subscribe and hit the bell. I thank you guys so much for watching this video. I want to say that everything everything new that I wanted to show you guys that is coming to QB wig collections and my brand. I just love now that I know branding. I love it all. I love everything about it. So stay tuned for more videos like this one. Please like this video. If you guys want to see more of them and don't forget to subscribe to my channel - and I will see you guys in the next one - bye

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