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Hey Loves, today's video is all about my hair and how I keep it straight overnight and also for long periods of time. I know I don't have the time to wash and flat iron my hair everyday so I found this method to be the best especially because I learnt it growing up and it has worked the best for me.

Comment below if you use this method too and if it works just as well. Thanks for all the love and support on my videos, keep them coming, it motivates me to keep creating content.

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Hey guys welcome back to my channel if you're new to my channel, hey, I'm super nice later from the blog and YouTube channel confessions, and today's with you I'm going to show you a trick. If you haven't subscribed to my channel just go ahead and click that subscribe button and also click the Lebel down below, which will give a notification when I upload new videos so for this video, I'm gon na share with you a trick on how I keep my Hair sleek, and straight for at least a week, now grow up in a person of colors hope this trick. We all used whether it was a mother, a grandmother or whatever it was just passed on from generation to generation. If you're watching this, then you know exactly what I'm gon na be date. If you don't know what I'm doing feed just stay tuned with you, okay, so when I was looking at what the actual terminology it is, will this work people call it the red? So back when I was at home, we used to call it swirling. So swirling is just like wrapping your head around you here to maintain the to do the sleek and straight. So I do this midlet straight off to have blood on my hair just to set it if I have any flyaways or if I just want to tame it, because sometimes when I blow dried and a little bit puffy from my roots, so this method actually helps Settle the dog and make it more sleep to sit better and easier to Stalin. You know just tends to the flyways and the baby isn't part of my. So what you're going to be using to this video is just use patio stockings or I personally like the cap just because there's holes in it some of this room fulling in there here to breathe. So I use this method a lot at night when I'm about to sleep, so my hair doesn't get frizzy at night, especially in the summer months, when I'm sweating at night. I don't want my hair to be frizzy in my baby hairs, and so with this. It actually helps maintain and position you here in a way where it doesn't freeze up and also remain sleek and straight without locking in any moisture in your pee, where your hair will swit. So with this wig cap. As you can see, it's like a fishnet stocking wig cap which allows air to breathe. So this is what I've been using. I also used to use a pantyhose now I know every woman who has covered that they are not using its later'd. Oh, maybe you just not use it. You can also take those fancy tie a little knot up there in the end where the legs meet and use that as well. So I'm gon na demonstrate how you actually wrap it. I'Ve seen so many methods with people Pinet. Personally, it doesn't work for me. I just found a way way. It works for me, so I'm finna show you exactly so. What you're gon na do is when you wrap in new your soil, you're gon na pass it the way you want it to sit. So if you aim casually or normally sits from the left side down, then path. Your hair in that way, because when you sew on it or wrap you here, that's the way you want to hear to flow. So when you take it out here will naturally just sit that way. So mine here normally goes from the left. This way so either have a middle path. Oh, I have a sidewalk so for this video here is a nice iPod. So what you're gon na do is i'm using a tangle teezer. If you don't have one of these, you can use a cup so cold purpose. Good purpose for popping me so, as you can see, my hair is in a pot. I don't make it straight Potter like a messy pot, so it doesn't look too like strictness. Look straight ahead put together and what you're gon na do is you're gon na. Take your tackle, tease or your cup and just brush out the here, so there's no knots or anything and it's nice and sleek. So as you can see, it looks crazy. So what you're gon na do is you're gon na brush it down and tuck it up. Behind your ear behind ya and brush it, so your hair's gon na go to one side like this. Okay, as you can see, it's to one side, then you've tucked it, then what you're gon na do is what I do is I take my tangle teezer and I just make a pause, and then I grab this here that I've made the pot and then I Turn it over to that side as well turn it and, as you can see, it turns perfectly and it's it's it. So this is gon na help the flyaways here in the front, especially if you don't believe just that morning or just an evening and it's just gon na tame it and then so you brush it and then the crown over here right here, you're gon na brush. It down like so so the front part is gon na go straight across the back over. Here is gon na go down, and then from there on that's enough with the brush depending on how Locker here is. My hair is quite short, so this method works. For me, if your hair is longer, you wouldn't have to maneuver it, but just sew until it suits you, then what you're gon na do is you're gon na take your cap, so this is the mitt you're gon na place it on top of your head, like So like this okay and then less here at the back, we're gon na start twisting it will not twist it but like wrapping it from the bottom and around. So, as you can see, this is the back section: you're gon na wrap it, and then this piece this left over here, you're just going to keep wrapping it and turning it so can go in and that's that so you just keep turning it until you comfortable Until you feel that it is tight - or it's put right on here - and I just turn it once or twice - and it just goes perfectly and it just snug in my head and that's all I do to keep my hair straight for a week. It'S a quick and easy method and it lost so if you want to go in shower - and you don't to put your hair in a bun because I know sometimes a bun can leave a line new here or you know I do in elastic. This method works perfectly put this on for a shower cap on jump into the shower. If you're sleeping at night, you don't you here to get missed. Put this on sleep! Wake up in the morning you're! Here it's looking fresh, I'm gon na show you how my hair looks straight. After doing this so say I've slipped ours just jumped in the shower. I'M going to do my makeup. Get ready just about to leave, got my hartford on take this off and then your hair just looks perfect, so you just remove it like. So, as you can see you, he will flop down, and I normally just flip my hair forward brush my fingers like so and then I start to play with my hair for where I want to start it. But as you can see, it's nice and sleek and just yeah it just flattens it a little bit. So if you want more sleeker, if you want somebody in you here, you can begin to tease the roots, but I personally like how this looks. I also do this if my hair has a bit of a wave, so what I'll do is I will if my wave starts here, I will section this part off and just make a little bun section. This part off make a little bath. Just put a few elastics and then put that knit over it and we'll just help also maintain the flower weights, make it straight and then prevent it from freezing in whatever activities you doing that evening, if you're gon na shower, if you're gon na sleep, but you Know this is the overall method of how I keep my hair straight. I get a lot of questions on how my hair looks sleek and looks nice every single day. Do I blow trying on my hair every single day? No, I don't. I just don't at the time, but this means it just works perfectly. I wash and blow-dry my hair once a week and this actually works. My hair doesn't get that gooey, be my roots, maybe get a little bit oily, but not to a point. We I have to wash it the second day, so I hope you enjoy this video. Thank you so much. If this word, will you give it a thumbs up and also comment down below? If you also doing this - and you also call it swirling - because I know people of color like myself - we love doing this - try you can also use a satin bonnet for, if you don't want you to break at night, but yeah personally, I like this method. I hope you enjoy that love you guys so much stay blessed. Oh say hello. There'S a pumpkin yeah the little pumpkins in London sandals! What'S this, what's this, what's this hello? Okay, guys! I love you guys so much. They place an Aussie

Musical Seoul 뮤지컬 서울: Never thought about using a wig cap. Looks like it will stay much better. Happy to have found your channel~ I think I remember you telling me you had one, but I couldn't remember the name ~

ladynefertitibk: Great video. Never thought to use that kind of cap the wrap.

The Blog Social: I do this but my fiance absolutely hates it!

Eva Thompson: So I am trying this tonight.... hoping it works...thanks for the lesson.. cute little one there

utube: Use a silk or satin pillowcase.

nimky nasir: Your hair are quite obedient.

Toni kapp: You so pretty❤️

Charlotte W: You look like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

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