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  • Posted on 04 September, 2009
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This is the reusable hair wrap start from the top like this grab a pencil with the pair clasp it in place throughout the once wrap it twice once you've got it in two times. You can wrap it all the way down to the bottom. Just like so, you can pull on that. You can talk on that. That'S not going to fall out and sleep with it in you can swim with it in you can do a variety of styles, starting from the back here. I'Ll just show you a couple pieces put together grab a piece from the back just to anchor it in again a pencil width around twist it once twice: favorite color school color, ball teams, team spirit, cheerleading, 36, different colors start at the top wrap all the way Down like so that's going to stay in place all day, the little girls aren't going to lose these at school they're not going to lose them on the bus they're not going to drop them on the playground they're going to come home with these in their hair. You unwrap it the opposite way and that's how you get it out and instead of the ones you get on the beach you pay $ 50 to cut out of your hair. These go right back in your jewelry box, start by taking a pencil with avere wrap. It a few times start at the top rap once twice once you get it in twice, you're good, follow it all the way down like a corkscrew just like so, and to get it out you just unravel it the opposite way. This is so easy. You could do it yourself. Not only can you use them as decoration, but you can also use them. Take the hair out of the face those little girls that have the bangs growing, get the hair in the eyes start at the top. Just like this, a pencil with the pair fine hair, short hair, long hair, curly hair, it doesn't matter as long as you can gather a pencil with the hair, pull it back out of the face just like, so you can also do another style. Take the two pieces from the front wrap it around the back gather your pencil width of hair grab a piece from the back to anchor it all in give it a couple twists. Take our long. One here wrap it around two times and once you've got it in twice you're good to go all the way down to the bottom. This is going to hold her hair in place all day. It'S not going to slip out and swim with this in. You can sleep with this in just like, so, okay, so more fun things we can do. We have 36 colors and what I've done right here is put two colors side-by-side and doing that. I can match ball teams, school, colors and favorite outfits I'll, show you how I do that. Take a pencil thickness of hair just like normal wrap. Your first hair wrap in I've got a red outfit and I have a black outfit, but it's game day and our team colors are red and black. Take the black one and just very easily wrap it right into the design, and I can put up to three colors in one design like that to match your school colors and ball teams any favorite outfit. Another style you can do is take two pieces of hair off the day for the neck, the girls with the longer hair just to pull it out of their face, something really pretty just go to the movies. You can do this playing sports. You can do this to wear to prom very simple just like so you can go down as far as the hair will go as long as you can grab two pieces of hair pencil width thick you're good to go start at the top grab once wrap twice. All the way down like a corkscrew she's like so that's just going to hang in her hair. Just like that another style you can do to get the hair out of the face. You can pigtails take a piece from the side wrap it around once. However, many times you like, as long as you can get a pencil width of hair together, just like so twist once take your hair wrap start at the top wrap once twice all the way down. Just like so, and there you go just one more style. You can do with the reusable hair wraps. What you're looking at here is a form of polymer clay. All of our product is handcrafted by clay artists right here in the United States, the polymer clay. You look at that and we've done a Brett design, but I've done this so we can match almost any color. We'Ve got 36 colors to choose from right here. I'M going to show you how flexible how durable that is comes back into shape. I can stretch it out, it's very, very difficult to break now. We'Ve got 36 different colors, so pick a color and have fun

heather a: so cool!!

Jane Britain: the Opry Mills in Nashville sell them

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