Philips Kerashine Hair Straightener || How I Straighten My Short Hair In 10 Min || Worth It.?

  • Posted on 22 March, 2018
  • Short Hair
  • By Anonymous

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Hi guys

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Today’s video us going to be me straightening my hair at home using Philips kerashine hair straightener.

Hope you will enjy the video


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Hey guys welcome back to yet another video on my channel, so I will be showing you how I straighten my hair at home in maximum 10 minutes. I know my hair is not long of voluminous, but short hair also takes almost same amount of time to straight the hair. As you have already seen, I will be using the Phillips Cara shine straightener. It does have a lock system and thus making it very travel friendly. However, the heat there is no heat control in it, which is just only one drawback of this right now to protect my hair from heat, I am using the Toni & Guy heat protection mist. It'S really good unprotect to your hair from heat up to 230 degree Celsius. Also, I have bought this straightener. In my whole, video, which I will link down below. If someone is interested to see, I have divided my hair in three sections. One section is the top part which has the shortest hair, then the middle, and for the last part I will divide it again into two sections. I will start using the tool from the roots till the end. As my hair, a more curly in the end, I will make sure to go through that part two to three times more after completing the one section I will go to. I will go to the second one and then start hiring. It again make sure that to iron the air, you need to keep it away from your head and also drag it down to give it a more sleek look. I will then lose my middle section and do the same steps as I have already done in the end section. It'S so simple to use the straightener and it gives such a natural look without making your hair looks tricky at all. After both the sections will be done, I will go to the top section and when I will be straightening my hair, I will make sure that I straighten my hair away from my head and take it backwards so that it can be settled that make sure to Comb your hair thoroughly, so that there will be no knots in your hair, especially if you have long hair so right now, I am just doing the upper part. I am taking two sections again and dividing it further to make sure your hair does not look flat at the top, take a section and straighten it backwards. It will add instant volume to your hair and your hair will stay. Put that way all day long - and I am just combing it through to make sure that there are no knots and give some bounce back to the hair. This is my hair all straightened out and it does look very natural without over-the-top and now I will be using some serum on the ends of my hair and also at the top to manage to tame any flyaways, so just combing it through the hair. That'S it. This is just the short routine that I follow to straighten out my hair and it takes maximum 10 minutes, not more than that. So I hope you like this short video. Please do like share and subscribe bye.

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