Perfect Spring Hair Loose Deep Wave Short Cut Wig Ft. Celie Hair

  • Posted on 05 April, 2022
  • Short Hair
  • By Anonymous

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Hair info: 13x4 Loose Deep Wave Short Cut Wig 14 Inches

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Luxury, so how does she love me luxury? It'S the luxury. For me, i see red you. Luxury is luxury. Um i'll, see you luxury, you

Princess Amaya: Please get this again I loveeee the short curly bob on you !! Def giving

Catherine Jackson: This hair is everything you look so pretty you been on a roll with the back to back videos # Nastyyy Navyyy up in here love you Salome

Adison Brown: I like your hair I love how you have been on the roll with the back to back videos love you

Angelina Shaw: looking good as usual ❤

Tiffany Hudnell: I love the hair Salome you always keep your hair on point I love that

Jessica Jayyy: soooo beautiful love the hair

Ama.23: so pretty

Kiki Oblitey: ooo girl u look good w short hair

kelsey: i know it finna look fye .

Justyce LeeAnn: I love you and this channel !!!!!

Sanjay Reid: I love the hair

karri matt: This is finna eat #NastyNavy

Douglass Fitch: I’m Telling warrens mom you don’t have your rings on

Envy_Nique: Her nails so dirty, she know she wrong

Douglass Fitch: Salome have you spoken to Maya yet? Has Kierra?

Life queens town Britt TV': Hi girls

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