Korean Style For Girlscute Hairstyle+Braid Hairstyle Tutorial

  • Posted on 12 October, 2022
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Korean Style for GirlsCute Hairstyle+Braid Hairstyle Tutorial

Hello Guys!! Welcome to Ruli Beauty. I will try my best to do videos related to the beauty, hairstyle, shopping and clothes, I hope all you guys enjoy my videos and click subscribe to my channel!!

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Popular Hairstyle Tutorial

Credit: Mannixuefiona (Instagram)


Best Hairstyle


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Foreign. Thank you. Thank you, foreign. Thank you, foreign foreign, foreign, foreign foreign. Thank you, foreign. Thank you. Thank you, foreign. Thank you, foreign

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Zarafshan Kuralbaeva: ❤

Queen Z: Girl, i am in love with you. I will follow you on Instagram if you have. Keep going. Now i am going to have cooler hairstyles By the way, I also subscribed and turned on the notification bell.

pratikshaarela: 我喜欢它你的发型,但更喜欢你和你的行为谢谢我正在等待你的下一个视频

queen elie: Can you share some hairstyles without using these rubber bands because they are damaging my hair so badly

deepanshijainwar: I am going to try this

Tracey Meli: New here i enjoyed your pretty video you have beautiful long thick hair lovely style :) thank you for sharing

Lime: i did the first one today

Jia_Li: Nice hair style ❤

Rashmin khan: Brilliant

lara lily: I watch her videos only for the music

BTS PAVED THE WAY: 3:58 wow Somi

𝒏𝒐𝒏𝒂: sweet

manuel suy:

Elisabeth Le: Hello, who is the girl please ?

Gecenin karanlığında: 7:28

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