Who Wants To See Us Cover More On Textured Fringes? #Barbershop #Hairstyle #Shorts

  • Posted on 30 December, 2022
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The texture Fringe - it's been a hot topic of discussion on our page recently huh, but what exactly is it? It'S essentially, a haircut with bang and people have been rocking variations of it for a very long time. It'S a classic look where you swoop it over to the side or have it straight down. It'S whatever you prefer, and so here are some key notes. If you're thinking about Rocking The Fringe, it drastically shortens the length of your face. So that's why it works best with oblong face shapes, and it wouldn't look that great if you're rounded at the jawline, but even so sometimes the haircut May fundamentally work but Tick Tock hates it. Hair grows back and if there's something you want to, try try it. While you still have hair, if you guys want to see more textured fringes on our page, make sure to let us know in the comments down below and don't forget to follow us see you on the next one.

Pixel: Im never going to forget the ginger fringe

beep !!: “try it! while you still have hair”

J O: I would appreciate a tutorial on how to texture the hair

Abhimanyu Rishivansh: Do a tutorial on miyamura's hairstyle from Horimiya (both long and short)!! please

Mike Oxlong: Can you explain the difference between temple fade and taper fade?

N8: Hairdoc: Hair grows back Old age: let me introduce myself

Furtive Pygmy: Looks dangerously close for barbers to mess up and give you an Edgar

Ahmad Sbaei: Can you do a video about how to get the pretty boy or  « tiktoker » hairstyle ??

Isaac: Ive always thought this but if this dude had a wolf cut I think he'd look a lot like G Dragon

Aimgod 15: Can u guys do tutorial on Bachira from Bluelock?

rutger wubs: Yes please I have one now but don't know how to style it

Dimensionz Vader: Ginger fringe incident

TidesOfWind: Where r y’all located?

comicJdog: ginger fringe ginger fringe

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