I Lost My Hair | My Friend Is Jealous Of My Life

  • Posted on 04 January, 2023
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Paper cap stuck to my hair, I couldn't take it off Devo. What are you doing time to start the show take off the cap. It'S stuck nonsense. Hi guys, I'm Rachel from San Francisco, I've always dreamed of being a movie star and yeah. I know this dream is pretty basic. That'S why I kept it a secret until I turned 15., even from my best friend Tina one day, I went up to Tina and she handed me a pack of hair dye with the most excited face ever bruh. You got ta help me dye. My hair immediately where's the fire. The love of my life has just asked me out and we're finally meeting offline, you see Tina has been chronically unlucky in love. That'S why I was pretty shocked when she met a guy online. Several months ago, they've been chatting for a while Tina has naturally brown hair, but she used Instagram filters to convince her Crush that she was platinum blonde, but I've never dyed anyone's hair. Oh don't worry. Here'S a tutorial. I did everything I said to do on YouTube, but something went wrong when we wash off the die about half of Tina's hair fell out and the remaining hair had a weird yellow, bluish color Tina was crushed, I'm so sorry, I hate you Rachel. I literally hate you right now what why it's, not my fault, Tina burst into tears and canceled her date. I tried to comfort her, but she just threw me out of her house. I went for a walk and tried to get my thoughts together after a while. It started to rain and I went to the nearest coffee shop to warm up. I bought coffee, but all the tables were taken and then this handsome guy with glasses, waved at me. Hey. You can sit here. If you don't mind my company wow. Thank you. He looked at me with the most charming smile and my heart melted. It turned out that Mike was taking directing courses and we had so much in common by the way, I'm secretly dying to become an actress wow. What a coincidence he told me so many useful practical things about my acting career that I totally forgot about Tina. You know I was supposed to go to the theater with one girl, but she stood me up. I thought: how could she let go? Have such a cutie, you want to go with me sure after the play Mike introduced me to his friends, future screenwriters directors and video artists. We went to a cozy party and it literally felt like home after that night Mike, and I became good friends and spent all our spare time together. It was easy because Tina continued ignoring me, even though I tried to make it up to her multiple times. After a couple of months, Mike invited me to the same coffee shop and gave me a beautiful charm, necklace Rachel, I really like her vibe and you're a good friend. Maybe we should try to be a couple. Hmm, I'm in let's make it official baby and we kissed for the first time, which was super romantic Mike encouraged me to join the School drama club to practice my acting skills. They were staging Romeo and Juliet and looking for Fresh Faces. Guess who came to the same audition Tina her hair looked much better by the way, I'm so sorry Rach. I didn't mean to break our friendship. I just freaked out that's: okay, okay! I miss you so much. We hugged and made up want to hang out after school today sure I'll, introduce you to my brand new boyfriend. We waited for Mike in the park together, but when he arrived, his eyes widened and his face became red Tina. Is that you Mike? What'S going on she's the girl who stood me up that day when I met you so you're dating my online Crush well done Rachel Mike, and I felt pretty awkward but Tina put on a fake smile. You know what it doesn't matter. I moved on a long time ago, I'm happy for you, Mike's friends joined us and we went for a walk. All together. Tina was flirting with one of the guys and seemed pretty happy and relaxed, which was such a relief for me, although I still felt a little guilty for stealing Mike for the next few months. Everything went pretty well, I got the role of Juliet in the school play and Tina was cast as a backup actor. Also, I was invited for a shampoo commercial audition, my long blonde hair matched the requirements perfectly on the eve of my first performance as a Juliet. I invited Tina to sleep over. He rehearsed a bit watched a movie and fell asleep the next morning. I woke up to the sound of my alarm and immediately felt that something was wrong. Oh, what is that wax Tina, but Tina was gone, although she left me a note eye for an eye hair for hair. Good luck on the stage Rachel I got closer to the mirror, still hoping that it was just a nightmare, but all my hair was covered with hair removal wax from Roots to ends. How cushy I ran to the shower, but the wax stuck tight on my hair and it won't wash off, and after that, my hair looked even worse. I was late for the performance, so the director called me on FaceTime and I showed them my little problem whoa. My diva, you look like a homeless homeless. Heart can't handle Tina's acting. I hid my hair under a baseball cap and ran to school. When I began to change in the dressing room, I realized what a huge mistake I made the cap stuck to my hair. I couldn't take it off Devo. What are you doing time to start the show take off the cap? It stuck nonsense. He tried to take it off. He just made me scream in pain. Meanwhile, Tina entered the dressing room, marry a cute, Juliet wig, hey. I can play Julia instead of Rachel. Please no Rachel Go on stage as you are come on, and this is how I became the first actress in history who performed Juliet in her daddy's old, baseball cap, at least as far as I know, but the audience was delighted. I even turned into a local name for a while after the play Mike came backstage and handed me flowers, congratulations. You were amazing, but why are you wearing a cap? I'M not getting the reference I literally burst into tears. Seen a ruined my hair with wax on purpose to get revenge on me and my hair audition is too much what don't worry we'll fix. It come on gosh she's such a loser Mike, took me to his house this. This is not how I imagine meeting my boyfriend's parents, but they turned out to be very nice. Mike'S father took us to his garage and brought containers with paint, thinner, gasoline and some other chemical products. We tried different recipes to remove the wax and finally, it worked, but very slowly Mike and I had to spend the whole night combing. The wax out of my hair, I had no idea that Tina was so jealous of you me either. Maybe she's still in love with you there's an easy way to check. We decided to prank Tina Mike sent her this message: hey I'm done with Rachel wan na hang out in a blink of an eye. She replied hell yeah and I wasn't shocked to be honest with you she's, not very loyal. Is she yeah, I guess she's, not. Finally, we managed to wash all of my hair and it looked pretty good, but still not as smooth as it did before Mike, and I were very tired, so we just fell asleep on the sofa in the garage in the morning. I realized that it was late for the audition I hurried to the place, but it turned out that I arrived too early. There were 10 girls with luxurious blonde hair waiting in the lobby. No one told me that I would feel so insecure and the producers said that my hair smelled like a road trip, but eventually I got the job later. That day Mike and I had an important appointment, he invited Tina on a date. Remember they agreed to meet at a coffee shop and oh, my gosh Tina, dressed up as if she wore a star on the red carpet. I was hiding in the bathroom when she took his seat next to Mike. I suddenly popped out and sat next to him too hello bestie. Would you like to explain yourself Mike? What'S going on? This was just a prank Tina. We didn't break up Tina blushed and began to make silly excuses. Oh really, I mean I'm so happy for you guys you're such a cute couple. I want to say something about my hair, Tina, bruh, I'm so sorry I was such a you. Have your perfect boyfriend, perfect grades and perfect looks well. You got the main role. I just freaked out, please Rachel, can we forget about it and just be friends again, as I was listening to her ridiculous speech, I realized that I should be the bigger person, so I forgave Tina wished her good luck and after she left, I blocked her everywhere. Well, hello world, I'm Madeline! I can make any guy fall in love with me in 10 minutes, but this time my superpower turned against me. I was drinking coffee with my girls and bragging about one more boy who is totally something over me and suddenly my bestie Karen pointed at the school's biggest womanizer Noah. I bet I can make Noah fall in love with me faster than you challenge accepted, and that's how I turn my life into a rom-com. He set a deadline for Valentine's Day, so I only had one week to make no one mine, but in fact this story started back in my middle school here I am walking down the hallway a shy unpopular girl hunched over wearing the same outfit every day. It'S no wonder that my classmates call me potato face. Meanwhile, a group of popular guys had thrown some cockroaches into my thermal mug, but I didn't know that yet so I drink it and soon begin to shout and spit everyone laughs with this one guy Peter plays the hero and stands up for me. He gives me a mint and I Fall In Love. Peter begins to text me all the time I send him selfies poems and lots of intimate facts about my life. He asked me to be his girlfriend sounded good to be true bruh. I wish someone could have warned me back then just imagine I wake up on my birthday and see a public post made by Peter with all the screenshots from a private texting, the entire School common and laughs over my naivety, we're lying to me all along. Oh, that's so sweet potato face. You didn't think I could like you for real. Did you ouch? Did I do anything to get back at that jerk? You asked nope. I just changed schools, so I had the chance to reinvent myself and now. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to three easy steps to make. Everyone fall in love with you step, one take care of your looks. I changed my diet and began to exercise every day. I also bought lots of cool outfits and changed my hairstyle. A stylist. Can help here, bye, bye, potato face Step 2 acquire girl, boss skills. I purchased online courses on how to be a better version of myself and make guys fall in love with me yeah. I know right A desperate woman, but it turned out that I had a natural talent and finally step 3 get some loyal minions. I found Karen Chelsea and Gemma on my first day at school and eventually we became a game Karen tried to compete with me for queen bee status, but it was hopeless, none of us like to study, but we still needed good grades. So I came up with the Salvation plan: hey cutie, do you have a minute yeah sure? Oh you're, my savior, the local nerd Oliver fell in love with me and started doing our homework in exchange for my promise to go on a date with him, but I always found an excuse to postpone our meeting to the next week. The same technique work with Jeff, our favorite Barista. Every time we went to the coffee shop, I flirted with him and he treated me and my girls to free coffee, but neither Oliver nor Jeff could meet all my needs. That'S why I switched my focus to Austin The Golden Boy from a super rich family. He had a lot of girls around him, so I had to figure out how to become Unforgettable. Without looking thirsty, I learned that Austin had huge father issues. They literally hated each other. That'S why one day Austin ran into me in the parking lot by accident. I was crying, but my outfit was gorgeous hey what's wrong. Oh this is my dad he's so annoying. I don't want to go home. Yeah fathers are the worst. You want to go to the mall nailed, it Austin enjoyed spending his father's money on me and I didn't mind, try to make us official multiple times, but I showered him with ridiculous excuses for why we should wait and then one day we went to a school Talent show all the girls were looking at the singer with loving eyes. Ryan was talented, handsome and popular. Of course, I needed him in my collection, and that was pretty easy. How do you can we finally go on a real date, but my dad is a Savage he'll. Never leave you alone if he finds out okay you're worth waiting for worth. Waiting for was one of many songs that he dedicated to me and eventually a record label bought one of them, so I'm not a complete monster and now, let's get back to the best, I was telling Karen Chelsea and Gemma all the juicy details about Ryan. That'S when Karen offered a new Target Noah remember I started with that. I got down to business right away and found out everything about him. Noah was a famous blogger Who Loved risky Sports and his younger siblings. On the second day of the bet, I accidentally showed up at the playground where Noah was hanging out with his sisters. I began to yell and ran straight to his little sister like a drama queen. Oh, my goodness, I pretended to take a spider off the girl and slapping it, but in fact it was a dried spider from my father's collection, whoa Maddie wow. How can I thank you, keep a better eye on your sister. This spider is venomous. I was playing the hard to get card, so I turned around and began to walk away, hey, wait! You want to hang out I'm busy, maybe next time, of course, Noah posted this fabulous story online and tagged me. I didn't know how Karen was doing, but I was feeling pretty confident, no one and I chatted instantly for the next three days, but he didn't ask me out again: I began to feel nervous when I saw his stories. I realized what he was up to. He was giving a skateboarding lesson to Karen. I had to do something so I texted Noah SOS need your help. Please come over in 20 minutes, Noah was at my place. What happened? Your followers are stalking me after you tagged me. I think someone hacked my account. It was a complete lie, but Noah checked all my devices like a prince, charming my parents weren't at home, so I invited Noah to stay for dinner and watch a movie. He agreed but insisted that he would cook my heart just melted when I saw Noah peeling, potatoes and standing by the stove. I liked this genuine guy much more than his media image and yeah. I felt kind of guilty for playing with his mind but anyways. Just imagine he leaned over to kiss me butterflies were flying all over. My stomach was suddenly the doorbell rang. Guess who was there sorry guys, but I lost my key and my parents are out of town. Can I stay at your place? Maddie yay sleepover. Of course she was lying, but I let her stay Noah left very quickly after Karen's arrival, but he texted me precisely what I needed any plans for Valentine's Day yay. I won the BET Karen accepted her loss game over. I was looking forward to my date with Noah, although I was scared of that warm and cozy feeling in my chest. What, if he's the one? There was only one way to find out, but closer to Valentine's Day, all the annoying guys who were still crushing over me went into overdrive. Everyone was hoping to spend this day with me, so I sent a text to everyone. Sorry, honey, I'm sick I'll, be at home today, but in reality, Noah took me to the most romantic party. Ever we were dancing and Noah was about to kiss me, but suddenly all my Fanboys popped out of nowhere and surrounded us. Oliver Austin it Ryan and even Jeff from the coffee shop. My parents were Silly enough to tell them where to find me Maddie, it's your intervention day. What yeah you can't treat people like this. It turned out that each of these guys decided to surprise me. They came to my house with Flowers and Gifts to poor, sick Maddie, but they all ended up meeting each other and realized how little they meant to me. But the saddest thing Noah didn't protect me. While they stood there blaming me, he just streamed it all online. I was publicly embarrassed again after that I was literally canceled. Everyone at school avoided me as if I were infectious Karen hid from Noah that she was involved in the BET and they started dating. As for me, I felt completely alone, and this time the girl, boss channels couldn't heal my broken heart. That'S why I went to the school psychologist and now I'm slowly learning to treat people more genuinely, because, let's be honest, that was all my fault. What do you think hello world? I'M Anna? It was my first day of middle school when the teacher asked me to say a few words about myself in front of the class, but the local mean girl began to roast me because of my accent. Right away. Is that even English, what planet are you from girl? You see my parents and I had just immigrated to the USA from Moldova. I was super shy and my English was far from perfect. Only one person stood up for me leave her alone. Betty. Your French is much worse and this is how I met my future bestie Erica. We stayed friends throughout middle and high school and we were both fond of painting, but my parents didn't take my talent seriously, so I had to borrow art supplies from Erica or just use materials. I had on hand. My parents insisted that I go to law school, so I took a gap year and our initial plan was that I would work as an assistant at a law. Firm and prepare for college stop getting a master's degree and a fancy job with a six digit salary and eventually dying from boredom, I guess, but instead of the law firm, I got a job as a babysitter and I spent all my money on art classes that I attended in secret, together with Erica. Of course, we had a wonderful teacher who helped many students apply to the art school of my dreams. I plan to tell my parents something like hey guys: the law school didn't accept me blah blah blah. That'S too bad, but this Art School wants to give me a grant, but so far they didn't have a clue. That'S why I had to hide all my paintings in Erica's garage one day I arrived at the art studio as usual and noticed a new face. It was Leo the Golden Boy from my school. My heart skipped a beat. I had a crush on him when I was little, but he was too cool to notice me. What are you doing here? I'M only here because my parents told me I had to be well obviously because he didn't make any effort, although he had some natural talent, but anyway that day. Our teacher amazed us with another surprise. One of the fanciest galleries in the city had announced a contest. Winners were to get an exhibition, space and monetary prizes. Anna, you should definitely send in your work. Can I apply too well yeah anyone can try. We followed his advice and applied, but I didn't hope for anything. It had been a couple of weeks. I kept on babysitting and saving money and then one day the boy I was looking after broke his parents piano and blamed it on me. They threatened to call the police if I didn't pay for the broken piano. Of course I paid because I didn't want to involve my parents, so I ended up with no job and no savings. It was very sad because I couldn't afford the art studio anymore. I went there before class to say goodbye and pick up my instruments. The class was empty and I couldn't help it burst into tears and suddenly I heard his voice Anna. Why are you crying what happened? I have to leave because I'm too poor to pay for these classes. Hmm. What? If I told you I needed a private tutor. He handed me a napkin. What our Rich bully had a heart. Yeah right, don't tell me you want to be an artist nope. I just want my trust fund back. Oh I see you see Leo had made some questionable choices in the past, so now he needed to win back his parents, trust to regain access to the family money. So it was a win-win deal for us. We shook hands and began to meet for private lessons at the studio three times a week and honestly, it felt like babysitting because Leo pulled silly pranks all the time, but I didn't complain at the end of the day he paid much more than my previous employer And he was still my crush, but that was my big secret. After a while, I received an email from the art contest. I made it to the finals and I was getting a prize of twenty thousand dollars, plus money from the sale of my work. That'S what I call main character Vibes. I was over the moon and called Erica right away, but unfortunately she didn't win anything so that day was kind of Bittersweet for us. Meanwhile, my classes with Leo carried on one day Leo offered to draw my portrait and gosh. We had such intense eye contact, it's ready, can I see it, but there was no portrait. He just wrote pure beauty, it was so cute and romantic. I don't know what came over me, but I kissed him. He hugged me tight and stroke. My hair, very gently. I'Ve always dreamed of hooking up with the teacher shut up. Sorry, I'm super nervous because I really like you Leo, walked me home that night and we agreed to go on a real date the next week, but first I had to deal with exhibition planning. The next morning I went to pick up my work from Erica's garage. I had to deliver them to the gallery, but they were gone. What the heck Erica Erica gaslighted me like a psycho, she claimed she didn't. Remember me leaving any paintings in her garage. I was shocked. Bruh. I don't have time for pranks. I need my paintings. Sorry. I can't help ya. I think you should leave see a doctor Erica. I decided to go home and think because I literally didn't know what to do, but when I got there, I faced another unpleasant surprise: Erica called my parents and Spilled the tea on me. They knew everything about my secret life. Dad showed me a picture of me. Kissing Leo caught in 4k seems like Erica, had been spying on us that night. So sorry, I lied to you guys. You are so grounded go to your room. My first art exhibition was taking place in just two days, but my zero empathy parents refused to listen. Not only did they ground me, but they also took away my phone and my Wi-Fi. I spent the rest of the night in my room like a prisoner. Thankfully, Leo began to worry and came to my house, but my parents drove him away, snuck around the house and knocked on my window. I explained the situation briefly and he asked me to run away with him. I quickly packed my bag and climbed out the window Leo brought me to his Mansion. He let me stay in the guest house for as long as I needed. Thank you so much Leo. I have no idea what to do with Erica no worries. I'Ve got an idea the next day Leo and I went to Erica and offered her money for my paintings come on Erica, Nema price. Hmm, let me think she wrote the sum on a piece of paper. Two hundred thousand dollars. Can you believe that? Okay, but first I want to see what I'm buying Erica took us to the basement. I saw my paintings just sitting there. Thank goodness you didn't do anything to them. Suddenly, three masked men broke into the basement, grabbed the paintings and ran away. Of course, Erica didn't expect that she looked shook. Oops looks like everyone wants Anna's art. I guess the deal is off goodbye Erica. The robbers were fake. We asked the Bodyguards of Leo's father to dress up and help us, and these guys really understood the assignment Leo helped me bring the paintings to the gallery just in time. I continued to live with him and it felt amazing. To be honest, I had enough time and freedom to prepare and send my application to the art school Leo, decided to follow in my footsteps and apply to the art history track. We decided to buy a new phone for me and I texted my parents and invited them to my exhibition and surprisingly, they showed up what a Twist Mom Dad. I'M sorry that I left, but I'm the only person who has to live my life day by day. So let me decide for myself, please we know honey and we're sorry too. My folks liked my paintings when they saw that other people appreciated them. One art dealer offered ten thousand dollars for one of my works when my dad heard that he choked gosh can I become an artist too from that day on my relationship with my parents became more mature as for Erica uh. She really freaks me out, so I'm just trying to stay away from her. This little kid playing with sticks and stones in the backyard is me, my name is Roy dinner is ready, I'm coming yeah. My name is Roy and this is the story about my life. My mother raised me alone and, as you can see, we weren't very rich old house, plain food. I'D even say we were very far from being rich, but I knew that mom was trying her best for us. So I never complained. Money wasn't as important to me as my mom's love. Although not everyone agreed with me, there were two guys at school who never gave me a break. They were always teasing me mom told me to just ignore them. She said that they would regret it when we grow up. It didn't really comfort me, but I didn't want to get into a fight and upset her, so I just put up with it one day. I saw him coming towards me and mentally prepared for anything, but then hey YouTube. Stop bothering him already Vincent Anderson, the most popular boy in school. His dad was the mayor of our city. That day he stood up for me and protected me from these guys. They haven't bothered me since I was grateful to him but voila, Vincent you're, so brave. I was so kind and handsome too thank you couldn't help but be jealous. He made these guys stop about lifting a finger. Everything was so easy for him. Also. He was surrounded by attention and even though he was kind to me, I felt a huge gap between us when I was 10. My mom got sick. She hit her condition for a long time because she didn't want to get fired until it was too late. The treatment was too expensive and of course we didn't have that kind of money shortly before she died. She told me I didn't want to do this, but now we have no choice. Take this letter and bring it to this address. I didn't know what was in that letter what I promised to do as she asked when mom passed away. I went to the address and arrived at a huge luxurious mansion. What the heck was this the right address. I'Ve never seen such wealth in my life, but I promised my mom that I delivered a letter, so I tried to talk to the guards, but it didn't want to listen to me. It saw my poor clothes and were about to kick me out when wait. Vincent Vincent Anderson, hi, Roy Wright, what are you doing here? I I I I you you you let it Brew guys. This is my friend come in dude when I went into the house. I couldn't stop admiring the luxury of this place, all this expensive stuff and everything was so clean. Suddenly I felt so ashamed of my old rags, but Vincent didn't seem to care. I explained everything to him and he just smiled and called his father. I was in the living room when he came down. Oh my God, David Anderson, the mayor of our city. I was terrified and couldn't even talk, so I just awkwardly handed him the letter. Instead, Mr Anderson, read it carefully and then suddenly burst into sobs and hugged me, I'm sorry, my little boy, his little boy. What I didn't understand anything, but Mr Anderson told me what had happened. It turns out that he and my mom once loved each other, but then they broke up. Mom didn't tell him. She was pregnant with me and just laughed. He never heard from her again. The mayor later got married, although now he and Vincent's mother were divorced. He didn't even know about me when I heard him out. Mine was shocked this whole time. My mom was hiding my father from me, even though he was the mayor. How could she do that to me? I don't understand. Why didn't she come to you when she was sick? You would have helped her. She could have survived. She was always very proud before she died. She probably came to her senses and decided to give you a good life. Welcome Home son, what's up step, bro home step, bro what everything happened so quickly. I didn't even have time to process all this news. Mr Anderson bought her. I mean said that it would be better for everyone if we changed the story a little, so he told the press that he had adopted me that I was an orphan from the streets. I wasn't sure why he did that, but he and Vincent were so kind to me that I was willing to do anything to stay here and it was definitely worth it. My new life was amazing, new pc and a phone traveling great food. I was blinded by all this luxury. Of course, all these changes were very sudden and scary, but I was fine because Vincent was always there to support me. Speaking of Vincent, it turned out to be a very cool guy. We quickly became friends when the school found out that I was now his brother. Everyone immediately stopped laughing at me. Everyone became so respectful and regretted their actions, and if someone dared to hurt me Vincent always had my back, but I was still a quiet Kid. Vincent has always been the coolest and most popular guy in school, always the best grades, winning all the competitions and so on, in other words a golden child. I was a little jealous, of course, but I was still happy as long as Vincent treated me like a real brother. Everything was awesome. Many years have passed, I turned 18 and was thinking about going to college. One day I was surfing the internet trying to find some info about my college, and then I stumbled upon a friend about my family. I usually tried not to get involved in all this. I'Ve always wanted to live a quiet life. I didn't want some random strangers to be discussing me online, but at that moment, for some reason, I decided to click on this red and that little decision changed my life forever. What this is nonsense David is just using Roy to earn himself some Saint points. I feel sorry for Roy. Nobody cares about him, it's terrible to live in the shadow of your brother. I don't think he was actually adopted. I bet he's the son of David's mistress. Remember how he to cover that story. He didn't want it to ruin his reputation. What are they talking about? These people? Don'T know anything about my family. How dare they discuss someone's private life, like that, I turn off the computer and try to forget about it. However, as the days passed, my anger didn't subside. One of the comments stuck in my memory didn't want to ruin his reputation. What were they talking about? I couldn't stop thinking about it and I finally decided to go to my father and ask him so I went to his office. Dad are you here, but he wasn't there. I wanted to leave, but I couldn't resist and decide to rummage through his stuff. I quickly ran through old documents, photos articles until I found it what letters from my mother letters that hadn't even been opened. I read them all my eyes filled with tears, the same words repeated over and over again. Please don't kick us out. This is your son. How can you do this? I'M sorry, and so many more so it's true my father, my mom died because of him. Vincent hmm, really: what's up, did you did you see this? Where did you find this? Who who cares? How Could my father hide them from me all right, man, calm down, let's not make a big deal out of this okay. What do you mean? Let'S not make a big deal Ben said: no, the letters were thrown into the fire before I could blink. I rushed to it, but it was already too late. I turned around in shock and froze when I saw Vincent's gaze. I'D, never seen him like this. It looked like a different person. You always like to poke your nose into other people's business. Don'T you? What can't you just be happy that we didn't leave you a dirty little rat to die in the streets? You won't prove anything so shut up and keep living. Your little invisible life get out. He kicked me out of his room. I couldn't believe it. This wasn't the Vincent I'd known all my life, so all these articles were right. My father and brother, both just used me to earn a good reputation for themselves and that's why David Addison tried to hide the fact that I was his real son. All these years, I spent hating my mom thinking that she refused to live here simply out of Pride. What an idiot I was. How could I believe that I was so overwhelmed the people I trusted people I loved for so many years, turned out to be lying monsters. What am I supposed to do now? How can I keep living here? Yeah, that's right! I can't stay here. I have to leave. I want to forget everything that happened. I planned my runaway very carefully and made sure that they wouldn't be able to track me and finally, that day came I packed my stuff took some money and ran away from home. I didn't care about the Anderson's reputation. I moved to another city with the money I had, I rented a small apartment and I was even lucky enough to find a job as a waiter. That'S how my new Journey began. I started Living a quiet, calm life like I'd always wanted to in a new city under a new name from scratch. A few years later, my father died, but I didn't come to his funeral. I wanted to forget about the past, like it was a nightmare here. I was finally happy. I even managed to rise from waiter to manager. Everything was fine until one day I checked out the news from my hometown. One of the candidates is Young, Vincent Anderson. Despite his age, he is already gaining votes. He also opens his own charity Network. The purpose of this charity campaign is to help people this. This is Vincent. Is he running for mayor and doing charity work? Oh there's! No way, he genuinely cares about all these people. No, it's none of my business. I shouldn't even care, but you won't prove anything so shut up and keep living your little invisible life. No, I can't leave it like this. Knowing his true nature, I can't let this man become mayor and ruin even more lives. I'M sorry Mom, but you were wrong. You can't just tolerate the pain you can't just sit there and hope that a person will change in the future. You have to stand up for yourself. A few days later. I went back to my hometown for the first time. In many years I saw our no their mansion again. Fortunately, the security system still remembered my fingerprints, I snuck into the Mansion, as I thought. After father's death Vincent took over his office, all his important documents should be here. Fortunately, he didn't change the password to the safe either. Let'S see Roy Vincent Roy, oh brother, I'm so glad to see you. Where have you disappeared to father and I stop it, you don't have to pretend I know exactly who you are. I won't let you become mayor. Oh, I see that look again. It gave me the creeps. It was like he was taking off his mask and what is your plan mask? My reputation is perfect. What do you think some pathetic beggar like you will be able to destroy what I've been building for years? Your charity, I'm sure you're deceiving people. So what you'll never prove that for those people, I'm a hero, a savior and you? No one security get him out of here. The guards blew me out of the house. That was once mine and Vincent thought he had won, but he didn't know that in reality the victory was mine. Yes, there it is, I managed to find a hidden evidence. I found invoices showing that Vincent spent money from charity on cars and other stuff. He could have said I stole his stuff, but this is still my home. Isn'T it besides? I only took some papers. Moreover, I recorded our conversation. I prepared all this in case Vincent and I met. I wanted to dance with joy. It really worked, and now his career is over. The next morning, Vincent was exposed in the news. The recording of his speech went viral along with my exclusive interview and evidence of his lies. People were Furious and Vincent was arrested for fraud. No, you can't do this to me my reputation. Let go of me. No, a man who had been playing the role of a good boy for so many years actually turned out to be a scumbag who would have thought, but I was glad that I finally defended myself for the first time in my life, I knew I'd done the Right thing, I went back home and continued to live my happy little life, oh and also you're, not our friend anymore, after that they left I'm so dumb. I shouldn't have trusted her and I just stood there with tears in my eyes, hi my name is Annette and this is a story about how I became a mean girl and didn't realize my mistakes until it was too late. But let's start from the beginning: my parents never cared about me, I mean they did, but as a child, I spent more time surrounded by dad's business partners than with my parents themselves. Yeah we were a rich family mom. Can I go to the zoo with you of course, of course he would say something like that and what did you say yeah, that's my girl. Oh man, Dad can we go to the zoo, not now Annette, I'm busy you go with Marianna yeah. The only person who cared about me was Marianna, my nanny. She didn't just do her job, but she genuinely loved me. She became like a second mother to me. However, there was someone who Marianna loved even more her daughter Monica one day she brought her daughter to work because there was no one to leave her with Marianna hoped that we would become friends, but there was one thing she didn't take into account, neither Monica nor I wanted to share our mom, stop it on the first day Monica and I got into a fight and I got injured and of course it wasn't us who got scolded but Mariana. When I found out that my parents wanted to fire her, I begged them in tears not to do it and after several Tantrums, Mariano was brought back. Monica found out that her mom didn't lose her job. Thanks to me - and I guess that changed her opinion about me - I'm sorry for fighting with you yeah me too. That was the beginning of a lifelong friendship Monica and I became thick as thieves. We always supported and protected each other, but unfortunately she was the only friend I had. My parents didn't want to send me to school. They hired me private tutors. Instead, it was terrible. I'D always dreamed of playing with other kids and going to school, but I couldn't so. I only had Monica and even though I was the rich one I was jealous of her. She always told me different stories from school all the drama and Adventures. It sounded fascinating and this simple life was so far away from me, but one day my dream finally came true. My parents wouldn't listen to me, no matter how much I begged, but, as I got older, they couldn't fight my rebellious spirit, anymore and now, after 10 years they finally sent me to the school Monica was attending. It was the best the most exciting day of my life when Monica and I entered the school. I felt like my heart was about to jump out of my chest wow. This is incredible. I'Ve never seen anyone so excited about going to school. I'M I'm nervous. Don'T worry about it, let's go I'll, give you a tour. This is a school cafeteria, it doesn't look too bad, but the food Monica kept talking, but I couldn't hear her anymore. My eyes were fixed on the guy sitting at one of the tables those eyes and that smile she looked perfect. Um hello, are you listening to me? Oh I see. Let me guess you fell for Leon. His name is Leon seriously. I didn't expect you to be that predictable. Oh no, I'm gon na be late. I have to run you remember where your class is right. Yeah thanks Leon. I was nervous and didn't want to attract too much attention to myself. I even sat at the desk. That was all the way at the back, but unfortunately my expensive clothes spoke for themselves: hey you're, new right. What um uh yeah cool handbag? Gucci? Girls? No talking! Let'S chat during lunch! Okay, I don't know what came over me. Probably the joy of meeting someone other than Monica the feeling of being accepted anyway. That day I met Katie and Julie. They were also from Rich families. That'S probably why they accepted me in their little club and I'm gon na be honest. Being a part of the elite felt amazing soon I started spending most of my time with them. Julie was the clear leader and Katie, and I were her rather obedient minions. Usually we just listened to her chatter about herself right now. You might be saying to yourself that sounds awful. I agree, but I was so glad to have new friends. I didn't care about anything else. After becoming their friend, I began to get more and more popular. More and more people wanted to meet me and talk to me and to me who was starving for attention. It was like a dream come true. As for Monica, I spent less and less time with her. I missed her calls pretended that I accidentally ignored her DMS and always had excuses not to hang out with her yeah. It was terrible, but I was too focused on myself to care everything changed one day at the mall uh Leon's, throwing a party Leon. He and Julie recently broke up what Leon and Julie. I know it's a bad thing to say, but what did he even see in her wait a minute since they know each other and are no longer together? Then I could get to Leon through Julie sounds kind of malicious, but I can't miss this chance. A party sounds great: maybe we should go come to think of it. Annette hasn't been to any party yet right. So why don't we go show Leon that you don't care about him anymore? Hmm, fine! Let'S go tonight! So we went to his party. I was over the moon, I put on my best outfit styled, my hair. In other words, I made sure that I looked better than ever when we finally got there. I immediately started looking for Leon and then I saw him this perfect guy with a beautiful smile laughing with his friends. It was perfect. I plucked up courage and was about to talk to him. When suddenly, were you going to talk to Leon? What Katie you startled me? No, what are you talking about? Come on be honest with me: uh, fine, just don't tell Julie, okay! I won't. I promise. So do you like him, yeah? Well, they broke up right, so it's okay! Isn'T it, of course, Julie. Doesn'T care about him anymore person? Don'T worry, come on, go to him, I beamed with joy and hugged Katie tightly after that I ran up to Leon. Finally, we met in person. I tried my best to leave a good first impression, but for some reason he was very cold toward me. I tried to get him to talk, but he looked very annoyed. Every time I opened my mouth, so I decided to leave him alone. I felt terrible and very embarrassed after my failed attempt. I went out to get some fresh air when suddenly Annette. What are you doing here? Oh no Monica Annette Annette. I need your help with huh who's. This um, I'm a nuts friend no way Annette. Don'T tell me you're friends with that you're that girl from Mexico right and your mom is your nanny or something the girls laughed and Monica just looked at me shocked. I panicked and didn't know what to do. My heart started pounding furiously fear gripped me. The fear that I lose my new friends, my popularity and Leon, so I did a terrible thing. No, she I just know her because her mom worked for my family, Annette. The girls burst out laughing Monica, looked at me not with rage but with disappointment. My heart sink with shame. She just got on her bike and drove away. I didn't even try to stop her. The next morning. I woke up in an awful mood. I wanted to text Monica and ask her to meet somewhere, but what? What is all this? My DMs were full of texts I didn't send. I also checked my stories and saw that there were things that I definitely wouldn't post gossip insults, compromising things. No, I would never do anything like that. Obviously, someone hacked my account to frame me. I quickly got dressed and ran to school to find out the truth, but things were even worse at school. I felt a lot of angry looks directed at me. Some people passing by me said all sorts of hurtful things to me. I tried to explain to some of them that it wasn't me, but they just wouldn't listen, and then I saw Leon Leon. I he just looked at me with an icy look and left my heart clinched in my chest. I didn't know what to do so. I ran to look for Julie and Katie guys. Finally, I found you. This is awful. Someone framed me and sent out terrible messages and gossip about everyone. Why are you laughing? Oh, come on, I thought you were smarter than that. This is your payment for trying to steal my ex I froze in horror how'd she find out. My gaze fell on Katie, but she's a Shrugged, oh no, I'm so dumb. I shouldn't have trusted her. Don'T you dare cross my path ever again? Oh and also you're, not our friend anymore, after that they left and I just stood there with tears in my eyes I had no idea what to do. I felt betrayed and broken the people who I thought were my friends turned out to be traitors. No I'm the traitor here. It was me who treated my only real friend for popularity and some random guy. I deserved everything that happened to me.

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