Zury Kitty Rainbow Colors!!!!

Hello There to my viewers!!!!! Hope you guys are being safe during Quarantine times! So to be honest here, I hated this wig so much. It just parting space wise was wack! I see why not so many of the views focused on the construction of the wig but yet the wig colors that's available. I really love the color. To be honest it is amazing! The colors goes together so well! Too bad I hated the parting space ya'll! Ok so just because I don't like the wig construction overall doesn't mean you won't. I will leave some links below on sites you guys can go to purchase!







Elevate Styles


Hi folks, this your girl house, at the rescue - i don't know why i did it um, but thank you guys so much for viewing this vid. I just i'm saddened by the news that i've already done on this unit. I'M gon na be honest today and i'm coming at you guys, because i don't know who i could be, but your girl held to the rescue not feeling this one. I'M gon na be wrong with you. Maybe it's me, no, i'm not gon na say. Maybe it is the freaking construction of the unit um i feel like this style is not working for me properly. It is so hard to try and pull off for me. Um, i'm not feeling it, but what i will say is that the color on this unit is so pretty that i it i mean it's it's gorgeous. The color is simply gorgeous. However, this is also a tangle unit. Um. This unit, like i said all i did off camera, was cut the lace off and add concealer to my parting space. It did come with baby hairs and i'm just not feeling it. I can't even try to make up a liar joke or not like. I am just not feeling this so when i originally got the unit. It came with like that updo type thing because of the fact that the wig is like a semi moon like semi moon, half moon part forget it. Let me just show you so this is the inside of it. I hate it like i i i just i really don't like that um. So i took the ponytail off and everything like that and i'm trying to wear her and i am having a hard time. So she comes with three combs, i'm so sorry, so she comes with three combs she's gon na comb here here and here she also have a comb at your nape area, a lot above your adjustable straps. For my ladies, that love security, all right, you have four freaking combs here this thing ain't coming up and then my ladies that also may want to glue her down and stuff. You know: do you, you know it did come with baby hairs. I cut a lot of it and i cut a lot of the baby hairs off too, because i was trying to like cut the lace as close as i can, and for me i don't really care for baby hairs. So if a baby hair got a goal, it ain't nothing to cut that thing off. No, nothing! I meant ain't. No, you know cut it off. You know, um, don't don't nobody thinking, i'm running trying to cut people things off! Nothing like that, but um. So i wanted a rocker like this now i hate left parts um, but for me i felt like the only way i was gon na be okay with the unit is if she was a left part and i'm so sorry y'all. Where is my manners? This is your girl hells to the rescue i'm coming at you guys with the synthetic hair wig review. This is probably the first time in my life, where i'm giving a wig review a one. It literally only have a star in my eyes because of the color. It is probably going to only be in my collection because of the color. It'S really one of them, wigs, where, if i was like to choose, if i should leave it and i'm like no, i can't live without it. I'M going to be like um. I could go and get rid of that one. I'M sorry i'm disappointed. I had high hopes for this wig. I really did. Did i tell you guys about the shedding i'm experiencing with this unit? This baby is shedding. I mean cat balls of hair, like it is ridiculous. I'M like all of the rainbow hair, it's going to be in a ball, so this is her she's looking roughly around 22, so 24 inches, probably 22, so she's, looking like a 22 inches on me all right. Um she frizzed a lot when i took out the ponytail. So that's why these green kinda have like dent marks in it, like. I said that ponytail that they had going on was very tight. Okay, baby, i was like god lee who, what did they wrap this ponytail on a machine or something what is going on um, i'm trying to figure out a way i could style this. The only thing i could think of is going old school and put her in a side ponytail. So this is going to be my ponytail wig yup, my ponytail wig all right and that's it. That'S the only thing i'm gon na do with it. I don't feel secure to wear her any other type of way um because of the whole parting space and how he's conformed? I don't feel confident i just i don't like i don't like this wig. It only has a one for me because of the color. I love the colors. I love the colors hate the wig. So that's my review. Thank you guys so much for tuning in to my channel. Please like comment and subscribe to other vids on my channel. Like i said i don't really care for this wig. I'M very disappointed i only like the colors, so when i wear this wig it will only be for the colors. Thank you guys so much. Please stay safe and take care of not just you, but your other folks as well. Bye,

Cherlyn Foster: I love the color. Sorry it didn't work for you.

Yeashan Banks: It’s tangling so much you can’t even just use it for a photo shoot

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