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Review of the Zury human hair wig Ida and Kalon Kosmetics lipstick.

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This is week number three: I've got two more to go. Please make sure to LIKE comment, share and subscribe and hit that Bell. That way. Any time I upload a new video, you will get the notifications, so just click here to subscribe and then hit that Bell and click all that way anytime. I upload you will get the notification go ahead. Do it right now? Thank you, hey guys! Welcome back to my channel is commercials here with another wig review. Now today this unit was provided by Beauty nation. Thank you so much the beauty nation for providing me this unit for review. I really appreciate it so before we get into the unit, you know what we got to do on this channel. We'Ve got to talk about the lily fee, so the lippy that I'm wearing today is from a company called colon cosmetics, and it is in this beautiful purpley, pinky color. It actually reminds me a bit of Mac heroin, so it's this beautiful color that you see here, so I will put their information in the description box below now into the details of this. This unit is actually a xeresa sister wig and it is a human hair unit, 100 % human hair unit and the name is Ida and it is in the color natural black. It'S 100 % brazilian virgin hair. So you can bleach it. You can diet you can permit, so this is the unit straight out of the box. This is it after I've cut off the lace. So there are some baby hairs here, as you can see, and this is the parting area, so the parting, the part. So there is a no area to part, but you do have the part, which is a nice length of a part, and the wig is 360 degrees. So it is that way so that you can actually wear it in an updo if you want to okay. So this is the calf construction, so this is a 360-degree lace unit. So you've got lace all around the perimeter of the wig. You'Ve got two combs on either side. You'Ve got the lace. Part you've got the comb here in the back and there are no adjustable straps now I would suggest that you use some glue that way. It would keep the tabs down if you were to wear it up but yeah. This is the way it comes, so I'm going to just finger comb it. This is a cute one. The hair is soft, there's no tangling and there is no shedding. So this is what it looks like on the left side. This is a the right side and this is the back, so this is more of a fluffed out way to wear it. I usually like a little bit of body with my wigs now, of course, there is the option to wear it with a wet look. So you just wet it with water and it would give you more of a defined look like in the stock card, so yeah. This is a very cute one, very easy, basically a plop and go. I didn't do anything to it, but cut the lace. I haven't. Even put powder in the part yet, but this is how it's looking so far, so I'm going to put some powder in the part just to make it a little more defined. Okay, so here's my powder - and I am going to put it in the part so for anyone that is new to this, you just used the powder, no regular powder that you would use that matches your complexion just to make the part a little more defined. This is what the part looks like with powder in it. Okay, so this is what it looks like after I flipped it a little bit left side right side. So for reference I am 5 foot 2 and 1/2. Yes, so this is a very cute prop and go weak, no glue, no nothing! This cap size, I would say, is medium. This is what the hairline looks like, so it could use a little plucking a lot of hair lines when they look like this. I mean some people don't mind this. Look, that's fine could be left this way, but if you want to have a more natural hair line, you can pluck it. I will make a video eventually of how to pluck it and lay the edges and lay the hair line and all that good stuff. But I record multiple videos at a time, so it would just be a whole hassle to have to glue down. Take it off and do it over and over again, so what I'm going to do now is I'm actually going to wet the hair a little bit, so we can see what it looks like with the wet look. So I will be right back so what you? Basically, need to do is just get a spray bottle, and just just so I'll be right back. Ok, and this is how it looks wet. So, as you can see, it gives it a different kind of look. If you are following me on Instagram, I do post pictures of any restyling that I might do with the links now I do plan on doing some reselling videos as well. I won't do reselling videos of every wig, but if I do ever wear the wigs out and restyle them, though I'll just post, some pictures on Instagram so make sure you're following me on instagram at chimera, jewels. I'Ll put the name right here and the information for my social media platforms is in the description I can't talk. The information for my social media platforms is in the description box below so yeah. This is what it looks like wet. So this is the left side. This is the right side, and this is the back very nice. So let me know what you think: do you prefer the wet look or do you prefer it all fluffed out and dry but yeah? So I put what simply put water in it and, if you want to so as it dries, I am not sure what it's going to look like. So I will probably post some pictures on Instagram, but what you can do to keep this wet look. Is you can use mousse and I know some people use gel, but I don't like the build up from those products, so I like to actually just keep it natural. So I think it will actually dry this way, but we will see I will post an update on Instagram. Do you like the wet look better or do you like it better when it's dry and fluffed out? Let me know in the comments below don't forget to Like comment, share and subscribe and don't forget to hit that bell that way. Anytime, I upload any video. You will get the notification it's important to share, because how else are people going to know about me and how is how else is YouTube going to suggest me to other people if people are not watching so help me out? It helps me tremendously if you share. Thank you so much for watching. I will see in the next video bye, bye with dance with dance. Wait, wait, wait, wait with dance with dance!

BriTanya' Lee: How did I miss this beautiful curly hair? this is gorgeous and you look gorgeous in it! I love when you wear purple, pink and red lippies! Love the messy fluffed out look this looks like vacation hair! Ok wet look is cute too but the fluffed is bomb

Nikki Laniece: This is really cute, I like it fluffed out and wet. Very natural and great for everyday!

Bad Aunt BB: This would be an everyday for me !!!! Looks very natural like my hair. And It wont scare the white coworkers lol

Keona Michelle: She is really pretty. I like that you can do all those things to her. Fire. Love the length. Love the soft flow of the curls. Never got a 360 lace wig. Can’t wait. ❤️. Thanks so much for sharing.

KassBeauty: I love how your shirt and Kalon lipstick are very similar. Ida looks like the perfect everyday unit.

Love Yourself: Love the purpley lippie love the texture and density of this wig. It's Beautiful

La'Joia Creary: Im loving the lippie as alwaysI’m loving the wet look even better !!

MsEbonyVee: Very pretty Sis! I really liked when you fluffed it out. Super cute Lippie too! ❤️

Teena Taylor: This looks effortlessly pretty I like the wet look. Beautiful lippie

Laa The Slaya: I like this wig. It is very versatile. You can also wear it straight because it is human hair!

Angel Sky and the Crazy 5: Girl you are soo gorgeous you can literally rock any color and style and SLAY!!!!

When Shit Gets Rhea: Always wanted to try out wigs but was always afraid that it would look fake on my head. This looks good and it’s hasn’t even been laid yet

Tiffkneebaby Tv: I love how it looks fluffed out. Wonder what she looks like after washing and wet. Thanks for sharing!

Styles By HONEY: Yesss, so pretty def a get up and go wig i like the curls fluffed out

August Nicole: lovin this natural look

Petalisbless DIY: Looks lovely my dear...I love the wet look

Uniquely Vickie: I like it fluffy and also wet! Love the lippie color and your top.

YoItsJordanSky: I love the fluffed out look.

Magikalblackness: Perfect length and style to dress up or down

JazzyDiva44: It's pretty and I love the wet look

Bella Janae Beauty: I love the wet look for sure sis

Silky Saks: Im here sis. I prefer the wet look. This is a good every day unit, Wig dance

Angel Sky and the Crazy 5: I like the dry puffy look

Fee-Bee Romero: Very pretty after your finger combed it. Looks very soft

Petal's Corner: I love that lip colour... looks very nice my dear

Amberjaysworld: This one is super cute!

Beautiebymark: You know I can't wear these 360 units. #dinohead... The hair is really pretty. I loooooove hair like this. It looks so natural. It can pass for your hair. I like it dry. Looks fuller.

Beneath the black veil: Stopping by to show love and support. It's a very natural look. Looks nice on you. Get some rest love. I see your energy level low. Sorry, you know I'm an empath. Lots of love and light sent in your direction. Xoxo Jess

Bob Gierke: Would you recommend this wig for someone who has a bigger head? I love it.

August Nicole: hey mrs kimara you look good in any lip color

Mr_P_Era: I think this my first time seeing you with shoulder length hair i love it definitely wear more shoulder length wig more often enjoy your Friday

YoItsJordanSky: Are you doing daily uploads for three weeks? I feel like I missed something. This is a cute day to day wig.

Magikalblackness: #notificationgang She is a cutie hun❤❤❤

The One: You look beautiful!! Xoxo

Carla Rembert: This unit is all that!

DeeDee: It's cute on you ❤️

Stilllookingood58: Don't be so excited lol. I think it looks nice and bedhead.

August Nicole: that wig looks like your hair!!!

August Nicole: it looks better wet

Love Yourself: Cute

Kie RaShon: I left my first comment then fell alseep lol. Im back to watch again!!

Kimberly Kyles: Cute BLOOPPPPPP

Courageous Kay: What wig? That hair is growing from your scalp. It looks more natural when it’s wet.

Miss Khrissy: 1ssssst

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