Perfect Beach Curls At Home! Super Natural & Melted Lace Frontal Install Ft.Alipearl Hair

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Hair Info: 24inch body wave 13*4 hd lace frontal wig, 180%density

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Foreign vibes, okay, like get into the Superstar, look hun. I was so here for this unit, I'm so excited. I was able to show you guys these results today, using a unit that I received from Ali pearls elements, and I'm going in with my Tresemme Silk Element. Is from Sally's Beauty Supply Store, it just gives that lust to your hair and also is a heat protectant and the Tresemme 10 Max hold. I'M going to be using that. So I can get a really flat lay with my lace, and this is going to keep your wig intact. So I just went ahead and started pressing the hair out because this unit is so freaking bomb. I want you to see how amazing the quality was in multiple Styles. This is a body wave unit from them. So I wanted to show you guys how beautiful, how nice this hair turned out in both States, and I did want to do a little bit of layers in this hair too. So I didn't know if I wanted to go too heavy on the layers in the hair. I did already like customize like a look previously with this unit and that video had got lost, so I ended up having to reinstall it, and I was so happy that I did because I felt like you could really really see how amazing the quality was in This video, so when I said I didn't know, if I wanted to do layers or not, I wanted to go with this Fringe. Bang, like this curtain, bang kind of look. So that's what I really did right here and I just started cutting into the hair, because I didn't want to take away that much density by doing any heavy layers throughout the whole entire head. So I'm going to start the curling process. I ended up re-curling the hair after I um curled it already. So that's why it kind of does look like it has some curls in it. I just wanted to hold the barrel on the hair a little bit longer this time, but I'm doing curls away from the face and because this is a super long unit, I needed to do that because it was going to fall on me if I didn't so. I'M just going to do this over and over this is my T3i curling iron. You already know this has been my favorite gym to use. When I am doing my curls and I wanted to do this in the regular. You know speed, so you can see how I'm wrapping the hair around the barrel and I'm also leaving the bottom pieces out. So the pieces can still give straight and I just started speeding it up, because this is a pretty repetitive step, but I Am Curling. The hair away from my face just so you guys can see and I'm going higher, so I can have a longer or a like a tighter curl, if that makes sense, hair quality from Ali Pearl is amazing. You guys, like I haven't, worked with alipro in a very long time and I was really happy to see how their quality is still really amazing, and it's just. I really have a zero cons. I'M not even gon na lie to you, oh foreign, as much as I'm obsessed with the hair quality. I am obsessed with the lace, like I'm, not just saying that you can see it for yourself. This melted so well with the elastic band in the Tresemme like it just came together. It was really given that what lace look - and I really love the part - I love how um just natural everything turned out you guys in this video, so I was really really happy that the results turned out this fire. While I was installing this on camera with you guys - because this is my second time installing this - and I really felt like the original install - it did not give like the hair as much justice as this style is giving it generation birthday guys. I ended up dyeing the hair jet black at the top. You really can't tell because how I put this hair in the bucket. I really didn't want to mess up the knots or the lace because of how nice this lace came, but I still wanted this hair to be jet black get into the final look really really amazing quality like I can't say it enough, because I just really want You all to know like the quality is very much so there honey, like I said it just gives Superstar gives body it gives all that it needs to give, and I was really really here with four of the results I did add some hairspray. So it can stay all day all night, and I really did that. I'M not even gon na lie to you. I was really happy with the results I did cut into the hair a little bit more because I realized one side was longer than the other um, but overall, like Ali Pearl, definitely came through. Take advantage of the deals like I said before I will link all you need to know about this unit in the description box below. I believe this was 30 inches, I'm not even gon na go live and for their longest lengths to still give high quality. You can't beat that, like the lace, amazing, hair quality, amazing luster is there just everything: is there honey get into it? I love you guys so much and thank you guys so much for watching, and I will see you all in my next one bye. You guys

Hair Junoda: Hey Tatyana, superb hair!! You always have every wig beautifully slayed!!! Looking forward to collaborating with you!

Ali Pearl Hair: You Look gorgeous! Thank you so much for trying Alipearl Hair!

Whitney R.: Pretty shine pretty bounce

Néj: I love this look its so giving grown and sexy, you never disappoint the girls with the hair videos queen!!!

Dee Luther: First Comment Queen Pretty thumbNail Tho U DiD a Wonderful Job You Looking Hella Gorgeous MakeUp Always Look Good Have a Marvelous night as well Enjoy the rest of your Good Week Happy Fabulous Weekend Ahead Stay Bless N Be Safe Always

J Jenny: omGsuper LUXURY!!! i shell get it for my Bday hair❤❤❤

Lashawn Jones:

Ms. Shabria Gxo: Yass ma’am

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