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Length: 14 inches

Color: NC/613

Size: M

Density: 150% density

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There'S a lot of things that I like about it. One is that for one, the hairline goes very far back, which makes it more realistic. Where you wear wigs, when the head line is a little bit shorter, it kind of looks more like a wig and when it has a longer hairline, it looks more like it's coming out of your scalp. I also do love that the lace also did match me as well. The lace was light enough for me and, like I've said before, lace is like foundation and they should always have every single shade and some companies some companies like that. So I really do appreciate what companies do carry light laces for my skin tone. The hair also can't reflect. I love pre, plucked hair, because I can't reflect myself. I don't know how to pluck hair. The quality of the hair is absolutely amazing. Once I pulled it out of the box, it was extremely soft. After dyeing it and everything that was still extremely soft. I definitely do recommend this way to anybody who either wants to go blonde or you want to color it just like we, you can do whatever color you want. You don't have to do green. You do whatever color you want says. I really do recommend this hair company to guides his hands options. He'S studying it's a very, very great quality. I don't have any types of problems with it. It does not shed it. It was a little bit frizzy at the top, but it's not something you couldn't fix. I just put a little bit of hairspray a little bit of oil and it looks good. You know what I mean if you guys are feeling this way. You guys can definitely head to my description box. I love all their information at their figures. They guys so much for watching in all of you guys so much visit us

Shakiya Shay💚🔥: Girl congrats on your pregnancy♡♡♡ I am 14 weeks and hella scared but anyways your going to be a really good mommy also the wig looks fire in the thumbnail, had mad love for u since your first video

Raveena S: can you please do a tutorial on this look!!! i love how it looks natural but still a little glam, it goes really well with the bright wig

Alexis Wilkerson: Us: baby update? Her: look at this wig

Lizeth Soto: You are so lucky you literally can use any wig color and look bomb

Yarelid Delgado: Looks so good

Dani Luna: Do more makeup videos and a pregnancy update I really like the fact you real and like nobody else’s I love seeing you grow been watching you since your first video

Ortencia: This look and wig makes you glow so much you are so beautiful

Crystal Jade: Can you do a dip dye Galaxy look that would be very cute

Cindy Rosales: Yessssss!!! you look amazing like always!!❤️❤️

Gloria Delphino: LINDAAAAA❤

Arianna Lopez: I need a makeup tutorial please! love your videos

Yesi Lopez: Love this hair on you

JgirlbyootyMUA: Girl green is my favorite color queen you should come out with your brand n color them n sell them n I would definitely buy them... love your make n the wig n color. ❤️❤️

Terri Zuniga: I love how you do your makeup ❤

Lauura Mbeautyy: Yes queen and another one ☝️

Rosibel Gallegos: Hermosa missed your videos ❤️ how have u been

Emily: Gorgeous ‍♀️

Lunargem: Is this a wig channel? I would definitely get to know more about you , baby update ? (Of course if you’re from comfortable enough to to share )

Vincent: I’ve been wanting green hair

Valerie Castro:

Dina Tax: Ooo yasssss the Queen is on a grind literally posted less than 24 hrs ago and I am living for these videos ❤️ Small YouTuber Working Towards A Dream ❤️

Janai Cordova: Hair queen

Jessica Reeves: Damn that shit looks real

Crystal Guevara: You should do a video of hows ur pregnancy goinggg wanna a updatee on yourrr baby

A Fhd: Wow very nice

Flor Angélica: Omg you look so good whit that color

Kim Vivas: Where did you buy that straightener??

UniqueFXMakeup: Green looks good on you

koffin kittie: You are STUNNING

Vanessa Aguirre: Que bellaa

Emma Lawlor: Mash’Allah Sis!!❤️❤️

Leola Govan: I love your videos and how u roll queen

Nancy Cisneros: Girl you are a stunta

Rebeca Reyes Rivera: Holaaa, preciosa más vídeos en español

Jennifer Aleixo: This color

IVETTE I SILVA: Makeup videos please!!

amy avila:

Fernanda Lopez: Love uuuuu bebé ❤️

Mayra Isabell: Omg ur so pretty ❤️

Serena Gonzalez: How's the baby? How are you? Ahhhh you look soo gooooooddddddd in everything ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

MichelleMindsz: ✨

Lilshorty187 C: Yes girl

Metro T: That puppy

alobg 20: Omg

Lyndah Álvarez:

Camilla Castillo: Is it a cps thing?

Valeria Pineda: ♥️♥️♥️♥️

Berenise -t: this prego mama looking gooood

Nayeli Vite: First comment ur so beautiful

Gonzalez Family🔥: Latina Gang

Nicky Worrell: I'm do late but I'm here ❤️

Rebecca De La Trinidad: How you been hows your ❤baby❤ doing ? Belly bump yet

Alysia B: Luv ya

Camilla Castillo: I'm not getting it your getting high anyways why stop doing it on camera? Can u explain that pls

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Mercedes Aguiniga:

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