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Affordable 180% Density 4X4 Lace Closure Wig Mslynn Straight Human Hair Wig For Women

4x4 lace closure wig, 22 inch straight hair, 180% density, Brazilian hair

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Hello, you guys it's me again, amy with black swan back again with another wig review, slash tutorial, and this time we are using the company miss lynn. Here they sent me this wig with a couple of goodies inside the box and yeah like the lashes, the adjustable strap that can be installed into the hair and then a information card on hair care and company information and stuff. So this wig is a 4x4 and it's a straight texture, um lace wig, so it has adjustable straps and in the combs on the front back and on the sides. So to do this, look i am going to divide the hair in the front. I'M just taking um, i really can't say how much i'm just i'm just taking a piece of the front part and i'm just going on the part. That'S um included in the lace the front part of the lace of the wig child, my brain, so i'm taking that i'm just gon na go ahead and separate that and uh make sure i'm stopping at the end of the lace. So um you know it. It'S a it's just the part that i chose and then also it's just gon na look better aesthetically. If you know i just go with the separation of the lace, so i'm just taking some regular bleach. This bleach is the l'oreal, quick, blue extra strength, high performance powder bleach and then i use 40 developer and i made sure that i pinned down some foil and i mean it's such a small section. It was super easy to do like super easy, i'm not even wearing gloves. You should wear gloves. I didn't, but you should so. I went ahead and did that you see i'm using the the t-pin to secure the foil, because i'm just really not that crafty when it comes to the technique of dying hair. I just basically slap on bleach, as you can see, so i'm just taking that. I'M brushing it through the front part and - and i am taking it all the way to the root of the lace, because i do like the the super distinct streak um. But it's it's not going to be as blonde as the other wig that i promoted. Not. That long ago, you go back in my playlist you'll, see what i'm talking about, but i had another jet black wig and it had like a skunk streak in it. So that's what inspired me to do another wig, but i that wig i feel like and not enough hair was dyed blonde. So that's why i decided to try it out with this one. So yeah it's pretty easy, i'm just taking the hair and making sure that i am generously placing bleach all over that front part. I want to make sure that it's evenly distributed all the way from root to tip very, very easy to do. It honestly was like the quickest wig change i could do and then, like i said, i make sure that the bleach is saturated all the way through this hair, even on the on the root of it, where the lace is so after that i'm going to make Sure that i close this up, i'm going to tuck it in in foil, i'm putting it to bed it's taking a nap and wrapping the foil around, because you know i need to bleach the processes here as fast as possible, so leaving the bleach on too long. Will damage the hair okay so after 40 minutes about 40 50 minutes uh? This is how the hair looks like i was gon na. Take it off sooner but um. I feel like this is good enough. So i'm gon na take some two bottles of 20 developer and this box color that i got from willa, willa, color charm and i'm gon na be using that. So i just did that. I just did it. I just bought it that way, so i wouldn't have to measure anything because you know you're supposed to do um double the amount of toner versus the color, so i didn't have to measure anything. I just went and put the color in there and then both of the bottles of toner, and then it was measured out perfectly make sure you mix it up really good and um just do the same process. You did with the bleach just going ahead and going from root to tip saturating the hair, and i promise you you have more than enough product. If you bought the exact same amount of product, i did you're gon na have a whole bunch left over, which is okay, because you were to have too much than not enough so yeah, i'm just taking that and going through all of the hair. And then i'm gon na, let that sit for about 15 minutes. Okay. So this is the final look at the hair and i feel like it turned out so freaking cute and the really cute thing about this wig is that i can literally like pop it on and pop it right off, because you know it's not full laces. You know it's just like a peekaboo lace or whatever so yeah. I just went ahead and wanted the wand. Is that a word? I use my wand to curl the wig and um. I did put my my uh hot comb to like train the part, but yeah like that was like super easy and then, on top of it, it's like an adjustable coloring thing. It'S super easy coloring thing you saw. I didn't even like use gloves because, like the space was so small, i just literally took the brush and went and slapped it on the wig and um, so it was fast. It was quick. It was inexpensive um because, like the small bottles were like two bucks, a piece and then the hair dye, the the toner was like what seven or eight bucks. So it was inexpensive and it's a cute. It'S a cute. Little way to like adjusting you kind of like restyle, your wig, so if you have a black wig that'll be like a cute way to like freshen it up. If you want to like change the style on there, then on top of it, you don't have to use the same willa toner that i use you can use something lighter or, however, you want to do it or just colored a whole different color like you can Lift it and then like dye, it blue or purple, or pink or whatever so yeah, it's just real real cute, real, simple, okay. So my final thoughts on the hair is that um, if you wanted people that don't like super duper thick wigs, this is a really good one, because um, it's not thin, but it's not thick. That makes any sense. It'S a light. Wig, it's a very lightweight, wig and um. You know what i'm to say the hair, it's fine. So this is all the hair to the front and because i know some of y'all y'all, don't like y'all stuff, like super duper thick. So this is a good one. If this is probably, this is like a really good hat, wig too, because, like you'll, lay down really good um, it won't bulk up a whole lot and um this cap. It is just it's adjustable, i'm not sure if it's big head friendly, though because um, it's fitting on me kind of like so when you go to the website, make sure that you are buying your size or whatever, like just don't get whatever like pay attention to. The to the capsize on the wigs, because i noticed this one - it did fit my head kind of like perfectly and, like i said before my other videos, i do have a small head so be aware of that when you are, if you are going to order This wig yeah, the only thing that i did make a mistake about when i colored it is that i forgot to protect the lace when i was adding the toner and that's one thing you need to do. You need to spray the lace with like gloss to be hairspray or some some type of hairspray that has like um like a super heart like it like a really hard core holding spray like protect your lace, spray it on the lace. First then go ahead and do the coloring or when you get really close to the wig you'll, see the tiny knots, because my knots were gone. They were invisible and then i didn't protect the lace, but you really can't see it. So i'm not like upset about messing up on that because, like it's still, it's still cute girl, so yeah. I love it. I'M so happy that this wig turned out really nicely. Maybe you can try um try this at home. This is like a forgiving real easy type of uh die job. You can do on your wig. So if i were you, i wouldn't be afraid of doing it, because it's a small area and then on top of it, if it didn't work, if it doesn't work out, you can just dye it back. The area is so small you're not even going to see the difference. Okay, so like don't be afraid of doing something like this, it's fun, it's fun, it's cute, so yeah, that's going to be it for this video. I hope this video helped you on some way shape or form on spicing up your wig or your next week purchase. Thank you guys for watching and i'll see on the next one. Bye

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