Grwm / Tutorial : Spring & Summer Hairstyle Black Barbie Fairy Rainbow Hair Colourcheap Aliexpress

Hair from dream beauty

12 inches closure , three 14inches bundles


Hair dye used pink, purple and denim

Details of makeup

Foundation MAC NC45 and Nc50

LA GIRL concealer Fawn and espresso

Aliexpresslipstick -

Aliexpress eyeshadow palette-


HAIR - Canerow braids

Sleek -contour powder

Lashes #WSP -

Eyebrow pencil sleek

SACHA Buttercup setting powder

Makeup Brushes -

SONG played

Ramz- family Tree

Thus, my family tree: that's my family tree, no bad vibes, just good energy. If you know about them, then you know about these souls. That'S my family tree! So what are we gon na call this? How are we gon na call a unicorn? Oh he's just gon na call, it Barbie, I think, because we could we should call in Bobby unicorn yeah. Oh, we could call it fairy fairy dust fairy dust. Yes, God fairy dust mm-hmm! Let me let me just stop acting. I just don't do y'all's Beach, y'all's Beach. I don't do that, but yeah. You know we're gon na call it fairy dust Bobby fairy dust sprinkle, some Bobby fairy dust honey. This is my fairy dust here. You know we go from black here, it's a very dazzling. It'S a fake hi guys welcome back to my channel if you're watching this video. That means you would like to see how I achieve this hair. Look whatever you want to call it so before you go straight into the video, don't forget to subscribe to my channel and also share and give it a thumbs up and also comment. If you learned something as well and if you have only our type of hair color that you want me to try, let me know - and just like you know, talk to me so we can talk. Let'S communicate, you know so yeah, let's get right into the video. You can see this ham. That means you want to achieve this. Look if you're clicking this video. It means you want to achieve this. Look and I'm just gon na first give you like details on the hair, and then you would see a demo or tutorial. You would like to call it tutorial of how I got this hair well, how I got the color to look like this okay, so, with this hair, I brought one closure and three bundles and they were blonde. I'Ve never tried this offender before in my life as she wanted a 360 or a frontal in this hair. I feel like I look way better well, just like you know what just in case, if the hair is rubbish, I don't want to spend too much on the hair. So, let's just get a closure and let's just get a short bundle and just see how this goes so anyways. I brought from the fender, which I'm probably gon na put it on this screen, because I don't remember that name. Apologies for that, and so I just bought from them, so they also shipped here like lychee the next day. So that was quite quick and I got it within three days by just left it chilling. So when I did get it, I opened the packaging and the only thing that was kind of confused about about the packaging. Is they didn't put the name of the company vendor on it so which was quiet, I wouldn't say you're annoying, but if it was just, you know - and I put it on a snap - I'm pretty sure I told people all this about what the hair, no one's Gon na believe me because I think you're like, why is the name of the vendor like people, probably for that? I just took off the tag of the vendor, but they just didn't put anything there she's it should be put, but that gropes on me - and that was literally it so anyways now so I touched the the closure and the other two bundles and they were great. So I gave those one six out of ten. This is the hair three brothers and a closure I'm going to dye the lace with a door cinnamon. I think that's what the color is cord are probably right under the description box below, but you just leave the lace of 20 minutes. So while you're weighing, I would say you get your bundles and brush it out and then after brushing it out, you wet your bundles. That'S what the dye that I'm working with best instructions, so you make sure the bundles are wet. And then I comb the bundles again and that's when I start to apply the pink, what kind of looks purple on a stream but is pink and then once I've applied the pink I'm happy with that, then I apply the blue and the purple at the areas Where I would like the highlights, although ombre effect chubby I'm kind of speed going for it, but you should kind of like get what I'm saying now back to the review of the hair yeah. So I did that so I was really excited after when I saw that the closure was good and the other Bundys was good, except for that one. But after when I actually dyed it and washed it and conditioning everything was fine. Everything was fine, so I was kind of happy with the texture, so I would say that I gave it a 7 overall in total. I was really happy with the hair, as you can see, is really soft. It actually is, and I would say the hair doesn't shred as much. To be honest, I think the only time that is shred was when I basically did an era, because I didn't have white condition or at home. So I just thought you know what, because I was kind of lazy, so I was just like you know what let me um after when I died the head with the dive straight with the color that came with it was too dot. If you notice in the video you would see like this is quite a bit more like ah, and I kind of put some places as like are dark, you know a bit of a mixture. So if you see the original you'll, probably see it, it's quite dark kind of bright, which I didn't mean like probably see it, you'll, probably notice that it look darker there. The color was really visible, so I had to dull it down. So why just what you know, let me reach this size like a bleaching it and then, when I bleached it it um it looked a bit black, ah better, and then I bleached it and it actually went back blond or white or whatever. So I actually brought conditioned them and I had to put it into the pink dye, the purple one, the diamond blue, and just to make it a bit. Actually I didn't put on the denim, but it was just the purple anything just to make it a bit. Lighter like babyish pink, so yes I did that and then I added it to the hair. So you can see like how I dyed it was more like I made the top pink whoa baby pinkish blondish, like Dave lon, so baby pink. Then it has streaks of highlights of purple around and then the bottom is denim blue. So that was because I was just trying to got an ombre effect. A different kind of look like. I probably would the preferred a if the hair was really long, but you know right - and I was just trying out if the hair is actually good. I'M gon na put the hardy tails about the hair in the description box below I'm gon na put also the products that I used on the hair as well, and thank you so much for watching my video and I really hope that you learned something in this. Video and seriously subscribe, okay, sir scribe to my channel, follow me on Instagram. Follow me on snapchat at joy, a1, se, which I'll probably put it around the screen so um. So if you like, if you like my makeup, looks and stuff, if you want me to do more makeup videos, oh yeah, I hope you really like this hair. That'S my family tree! That'S my family tree, but fives, just good energy. If you know about them, then you know Bobby souls. That'S my family tree. Thus my family tree from me,

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