Let'S Talk!!! Losing A Loved One Ft. Bobbi Boss Pro Color "Gabby" Mlf632

Hey Bae’s, Welcome back to my channel.... Today I will be reviewing and installing the “Gabby” from Bobbi Boss Pro Color Collection!!! This video is in honor of all those that we have lost including my good friend Yum Yum

Please leave the name of a loved one who has passed in the comments section. Thank You!!! If you haven’t subscribe to my channel yet please take the time to do so now and thank you so much for watching!!!

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Products Used

Renutrients Slick Stick


Gold N Hot Styling Comb


Simply Stylin’ Light Silk Spray


Beautiful Hustler Lace Adhesive


Got2B Freeze Spray


Beauty Scissors


Ebin Lace Tint


Sebastian Shaper Hold Spray



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Musician: @iksonmusic

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Baby, welcome to my blue world, introduce you as my new girl, baby welcome to my blue world blue nail crap bop, you, a blue girl, crab love is a blue world, i'm really liking how you move girl, hey, hey, y'all, how ya'll doing so today we're going To be doing another wig install today's wig is brought to you by bobby boss. I have her in the pro color series in the style gabby mlf632 and i have her in the color td21b slash blue now. Gabby has a six inch deep part and she comes with a medi. Fresh cat. Gabby also comes in a couple of different uh colors that range they're, so pretty so so pretty so let me show you guys gabby um, this color, you guys is absolutely amazing. Let me back up a little bit, so you can get a fuel view, so it's like a blue and a black. Let'S take this off and see and she has like a nice little body wave now cap instruction, we have um a comb on the side. Two combs on the side, one comb in the back and adjustable straps all right, so using my even lace, paint i'm going to uh tint the lace and then we can get her get her put on. I use the medium brown one okay good to go after. I use my even lace. Tint i like to um just do a light spritz of this on the inside and then i'll blow dry it so that it stays that way face dry after you tend to lace. You want to make sure that you dry. It really really good because you don't want to get the um the lace tint on your forehead, so we're gon na try her on and see how she fits and then we'll get into um yeah. So i don't like to put my head down. I like to do like this feel around and bring it back. I hate flipping the wig upside down, okay, so that way, let's see what they're looking like, so that parting is really deep all right. So this is how she's looking now, of course, i'm gon na customize her to my liking to make sure you know she don't looking like a dummy over there, so i'm gon na use my um beautiful hustler lace adhesive in the maximum strength one. I love this adhesive. I'M not gon na keep her on for that long. So i'm probably only gon na do like two layers all right, so we have two layers on here: i'm going to lay her down and go from there in the meantime, while she's being tied down, let's um, let's just talk i'll tell you guys a little bit About what's been going on yesterday was a good friend of mine's funeral and he was an ex-boyfriend, but he was uh more of a friend. You know we did it probably about 10 years ago and probably for like a year two years. No, it was more like two years, but after you know, we broke up or whatever we stayed in contact. Um, everybody's babe, honestly he's such a ladies man. It'S so ridiculous, but you know he was a great person and um he passed on september, 1st and honestly. This death for me was very, very hard extremely hard and i usually i'm really good with death like i'm, not that emotional and stuff like that, but him passing was the hardest thing for me, since the passing of my nephew was like over 20 years ago, like It was really really really hard for me and honestly, like you know how like sometimes like, even like ex-boyfriends, you know like they'll, try to talk to you and, like i said we were cool, we didn't have any issues or whatever, but i don't like uh hanging With ex-boyfriends like like, we could be friends and cool, but like actually like going on my way to hang out with you and stuff like that. I'D be like no, especially because he was a ladies man, and you know he was always with different girls and all that stuff. So i'm like i don't i don't even want to you know get back into that because i mean i always loved him. I do. I have his name tatted up here too. I got it done like 10 years ago, like i always loved this guy, but i just i i couldn't do it. You know so about four days before he passed away. He had like sent me a message and he was like oh nay, uh. I got my own crib or whatever you should come stay with me and i'm like no, you know you got too many girls. I ain't got time for that or whatever, and you know i was being kind of kind of nasty a little bit, so you know he laughed it off or whatever it was like you crazy, and you know he was you know that was it. That was the end of the conversation and then five days later or four days later, he passed away so that that was a lot to do with why that situation was really hard for me, because i felt like i was so nasty. I was so nasty to someone who was. He may not have been good to me in a relationship, but he was a good person, you know and he was a friend and you know i did love him and i knew that he loved me. You know he always made sure he shouted me out and called me and stuff like that, and i never called him, and i never did any of that for him. You know, but because he was such a good soul. You know he he always did that like he reached out and always checked on the one he loved the people that he loved. You know. So you know today was the day that um he was buried. Yesterday was his funeral and they buried him today. So i was in a like a really down mood, a really sad move, and you know i'm still, of course, grieving. I'M still grieving with the situation, but i feel a sense of relief. You know that we were able to, you, know, send a bone and and not send him home because of violence. You know my my good friend did pass away um in his sleep yeah, so i just wanted to like talk about that. You know, because i know like a lot of us has lost somebody. You know, and a lot of us are going through things going through things that we still have to push through and continue our lives and sometimes it's hard. But what i can honestly say is if life gets hard. Please talk to somebody talk to somebody because you trying to do stuff by yourself. If you do if it applies, you know it doesn't work like that. You know it's not going to be easy and it's not going to work. You need to talk to somebody who you feel you can trust, someone who loves you and if you don't, maybe a group, you know because it's very important to have people around you that love you and that you love, because we're not promised to mom. We could literally be here today and be gone tomorrow and the last things we could have said to the person we love could be something that we will regret for the rest of our lives. So my good words to you, people are cherish. Your loved ones speak to them daily. Let them know that you love them and be prepared mentally and all natural reality. We are only here until so mentally. It'S good to be prepared. You know yeah! Thank you guys. Thank you for listening. You know because i know this is my first time actually speaking about anything other than what i've been doing, and i felt like i needed to talk about it because you know it's still on my heart. It'S on my brain and i'm you know dealt with it today so and i have a video shoot later that i'm getting ready for. So that's why you know i'm going to be doing all of this, but you know i needed to get that off my chest. Let me just show you guys, you know we love you yum yum, all right, so we're gon na uh cut this lace now and prepare for the baby hairs well or if we need to add more glue. We will do that too. So i like to use my handy dandy scissors, my little ones they're, like beauty, scissors and i don't cutting a straight line. I literally like cut up and go like dead. You know, because i don't know that's what i like to do. Okay, so we're gon na add a little bit more room right. There tear this good and found him bending so have any of you guys lost anyone recently, or i mean it doesn't have to be recently. Anyone that you uh really loved that you would like to um say their name in their. In my comment section you can just say their name um, you don't have to say anything just write their name. You know and that'll be our way of um a moment of silence. You know just to remember the ones that we loved the ones that we love, because real love never dies, and you know this. The body is just a vessel, so if you guys can do that for me that would be lovely okay, so we're gon na add some glue right here right there because, like i said i don't know if i said it in this video or one of my Other videos, but you want to always make sure that you put as little and not as light, because you can always go back and add glue, but it's harder to remove it once it dries and i'll just put a little bit on my rat tail. Just a little bit because, like i said before, this thing is really loose this this one and i'm only doing two layers. So i do two layers. Okay, we're gon na add a little bit all right, so we're gon na do little baby, hair sections and then we'll be back. Oh yes, all right, so i'm gon na be using my sebastian shaper to do my second part of my melts, oh foreign, all right! So we're gon na remove this um. I'M doing a makeup. Look right now, so look out for that video i'm most likely going to be posting them at the same time. Okay, we are looking good right there guys now. I did not put anything in the part. Yet - and i don't have any makeup i have because i just did my brows, so i have makeup right here, but i don't have any makeup like right here yet so i'm thinking that part looks really good. I mean i can and it's so far back. I can definitely um add some. I don't use concealer. I use my foundation shade, but she doesn't look like she needs it that much because i use the lace tint and that line is i mean that part is looking really really snatched like and, like i said i didn't put anything in it so we'll see once I'M done with the whole look all right, you guys, so we are nearing the end of the video. This is gabby by bobby boss, pro color series um. I hope you guys did enjoy the doing this tutorial with me. Overall, i do like her. I love the color. I love this style as far as shedding the shedding was minimal, but she did have a couple snags here and there i do apologize because i know you guys see. My lips are moving like i'm talking, but i had music playing in the background and it wasn't that loud but um. You could still hear it and i didn't want to um have any copyright issues with this, but i do love her. She is very beautiful. I did not put any concealer or foundation in that part, as i mentioned before and as mentioned earlier, please do comment, your loved one's name in the comment section if they have passed away. I do appreciate you guys for watching this video. Thank you so much. If you haven't already subscribed, please subscribe and like it if you love it, thank you so much

k scho: Aww.. Im sorry girl.. May he rest easy.. Im new to your channel and Love it because you so real!! Great video too!! Love the hair..Actually the whole look!! Thank you ❤

Beautiful Sunrise: I really enjoyed you’re video and I just wanted to let you know. That he is never gone but always with you in spirit. And please don’t beat yourself up. Wishing you can go back and re-due things because guess what?? He already knows just how much you love him, unconditional love never fades. I’m hoping for peace, strength and that each passing day gets a little better for you. Keep striving and being the beautiful women you are! Just know this is only temporary and you will meet again.

It’s Kayki Babe: Rest In Peace to your love one ❤️

T. James: Actually came across your video while sitting at work tonight, I went out & purchased a wig earlier same color & company but different style “Tonia”. My love passed away 2 days ago while I was at work && that blue is his favorite color. Plus he ♿️♿️♿️ . I feel like God sent me this video for comfort cause Lord know I need it. You slayed your hair && Sorry for your lost && God Bless.

Maya Jae: This is cute

It’s Kayki Babe: Love it!!!

Serena Trillions: Olivia

MsAngie J: Samora

chen alf: zg71v vun.fyi

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