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Hey guys welcome back to my channel we're going to go ahead and go straight into the video today. We'Re going to be doing a frontal ponytail with a beauty supply store frontal. Now this is how the packaging looks boom right. Here, it's going to come up somewhere. Uh-Huh so then yeah um, i did go ahead and customize it a little bit more. I did try to bleach it, but it did not work here. I'M just lining the frontal up. First, before i put the bleach under just to see how it's going to fit me, i did add some makeup to blend it, a little bit better being that it wasn't able to bleach yeah. I was pissed, so i'm going to use some ghost bond and i believe i did about three layers. I put it down. I let it dry and i'm just going to continue doing that process so on and so forth. Okay, so now i'm going to go ahead and put the frontal on i'm gon na try to line it up as best as possible. I know it's still a little bit white, but don't worry about that. It still worked out. I'M gon na take the back of the comb and just press it down, and i'm gon na do that on both sides and then afterwards, i'm just going to go ahead and tie the elastic band around to hold it on and then blow or dry it with The blow dryer for at least about five minutes and then i'll just go to the next step and now that we're all blow-dried we're gon na go ahead and take this off and i'm gon na go ahead and then cut off the side tabs and then most Likely go in and cut the lace off afterwards, all right, so my camera freaking died. While i was cutting the lace, but then this y'all see what i'm doing, i'm just gon na put the elastic band back on after i took out the baby hairs that i want to do, and now i'm going to go ahead and start using the product. We'Re going to go with the wax stick first and then hit it with the hot comb and then go back and forth. I did this a few times. It may look like. I only did it once, but i did this a few times just to get it as slick as possible, and then i'm just gon na go ahead and try to get it back into the ponytail that i originally had. I'M gon na spray, some even spray and probably blow dry it and smooth it out with a hard brush just so it can stay in place and stay firm all right now that we got that all slicked up and real smooth yeah. I see that all right now. This is where i knew i effed up a little bit right. Well, i ain't really ever because you already know it came out by you period so after i braided my ponytail tell me why i noticed i didn't have any wraps. I noticed i did not have any wraps like any of the black strips the white strips. I did not have none of that, so i did what any artist will do. Yeah i use a stocking cap and it came out perfect, like you couldn't see it. It blended nice, like oh, i was like listen, you got to do what you got to do and it got to get done. Okay, it got to get done so i'ma just go ahead and take some old hair that i found and just glue that in i literally use not even a full track, maybe half of a track, because i didn't want a full ponytail. I wanted something real real natural. I i wanted it to look like mine, okay, and i think i definitely achieved that with this style and with this look so i'm gon na keep wrapping that around i'm gon na, add glue, wrap, add glue, wrap, add glue, wrap and keep continuing that until i Get to the bottom, to where i'll um take a piece of hair and then i'll just start to wrap that so i can close it up all right. After a million years, i'm finished wrapping the hair. So now i'm going to take a piece from the back. I'M going to spray with some even spray you can use got to be if you like, i was lazy, so i didn't straighten it. I just used my hot comb to run it through a real quick and i'm just going to go ahead and wrap it. So i spray and wrap spray and wrap and you could use a blow dryer at the end to kind of cool it down. But i went ahead and just used my hot comb as i was going through, because i really didn't. I really didn't feel the need for blow dryer. You got to use what what's there like, i didn't feel like plugging my boots right in, and that was that, and it turned out perfectly like look at that boom. Can'T tell me nothing. Oh, do y'all see that, like oh wait, that's it, and this is a frontal from the beauty supply store. People like come on. You got ta make. Do you don't have to spend hundreds of hundreds of dollars like look at this and i didn't even bleach it? Okay, i did not bleach it, i was not able to bleach it. I tried and it was not successful. It did not take bleach to that lace, okay, but i may do so. I'M just going to go ahead and cut um cut the baby hairs to the way i want. I want to do a little bit dramatic, but not too too dramatic, but yeah i went there like i want y'all know it's not mine's anyways. Well, some people don't know, but for the people that do know my business okay, so i'm gon na go ahead and keep swooping soup and swooping. I was alternating between moose and the got to be spray and the evening spray to make sure i got the baby hairs to my liking. Okay, you guys. This is the final look. I really hope you guys enjoyed this video, don't forget to like comment and subscribe and stay tuned for more videos from your girl. Thank you.

Kiana Stevens: Love how this turned out! you got me wanting to try a frontal ponytail now.

PrayedUp: Soo crazy…I bought the same frontal days ago and bleached it girl why the hair fell off that hair not human…but as far as the style you did that❤

atsimonet: The sticking cap method was smart. No more black strips

A.I.: Did you sew the Frontal down?

Braeden Sydnie: PЯӨMӨƧM

N A: What was the cost of the frontal?

Azhia TV: What’s the name of the frontal babe

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