I Gave My Bestfriend A Complete Makeover Installing A Wig For The First Time

Hey guys welcome back to my Channel or hey if you are new today’s video is a fun little video for you guys! In today’s video i have my Bestfriend a complete makeover! We gave her some inches ( yea we installed a wig for the first time ) and did her make up so she can have the ultimate baddie transformation! i wish we could of done an outfit but we didn’t have enough time since we filmed this late at night but that’s okay! This video was honestly so much fun to film! We learned a lot as well as spent quality time together which we don’t get to do slot :( i just want to thank sogoodhair for making this video possible and allowing my bestie to get a affordable but amazing wig! (: she has been rocking it for a few days now and she loves it. I hope you guys enjoy this video if you did don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe if you haven’t! i love you guys and ima keep trying to put this video out for you guys as consistently as possible i want to take advantage that I’m in summer break because i now when school starts it’ll be a whole other story. I appreciate all the love and support coming from you guys from the bottom of my heart. I can’t believe we are so close to 60k that totally blows my mind away and i-...i just can’t believe it ♥️ goal- 55.7k Subscribers ♥️

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What you do it [ __ ], imma, [, __ ] - if I give it to the hey y'all, come back to me to shower here annuities, but it's going to be a low chance formation. Video with my best friend there. You know her name is Jayden. You guys family know about her. I have meant to her in a few videos. We entered a few questions. As you can see, we thought our first way yeah and we did candidate so far I'll show y'all the clips of the videos. How do you start? Is our first time so we just need to pluck it a little bit but overall came out nice. We also did her makeup a little bit. You know distance poor hand to our baddest [ __ ]. I mean she was already a bad [ __ ] before it, but now she's like there's a bad [, __ ] slide because most of the process keep on watching, don't forget to Like comment and subscribe and showed you to some love. I'M gon na plug in Iceland X underscore Jade got nice. I love you guys and keep on watching so the first days we don't post on here when Jana, because I mean she got hair but it'll put some inches. So this company sent some care. It'S all good here and when they contacted me up like shave, I put it on my best friend, because this [ __ ] got scam. So this lady give me up on Instagram and she's, like do you want to promote? For me, like my hair, is though so I'm like yeah, she said pictures are wigs and I did was so cute. She was like. You only got ta pay for shipping. It was different prices for shipping, so I did like three to five days shipping and it was $ 9. So I said big round of money right. She was like it's gon na be her Monday night, so I'm waiting all day Monday night yeah. I take something like my: we can't go and she's seen it so so after she's seen it, I press the home page. I was like I got ta get my best friend way to make it up for her, so the log transformation video, so I'm gon na insert a picture of the hair we got. But basically this is my range sounds like Jay. This won't be the doctor baby. Oh, I don't watch youtube videos and so hopefully my sissy's don't breed Jennifer's. Gary cooks, like we said Jay is here, so you go, bring her hair and then we're gon na put this wig on. We don't really like the curl that you thought was Australia Day and we'll make it cute stone. And I don't know this is my twin Jennifer, she's gon na be the one breeding Jada's hair and I'm sure you got you guys know her because y'all of her, but neither is gon na, be answering that question. So you guys so you can use it. You support this. Where does not answer like and then does speed up the process cause they don't take forever. So we just not start with like the generic questions. You guys asked or do we need. We may every time her hair, just so the wigs only fast, but last long, these girls anyways we met in school freshman year. So we like that literally every class together right, but we only noticed that this one class, which was biology because we sat literally right next to each other right and so I'm like I keep seeing her like so one day. I'M just like. Let me see your ID compare us and we have like all the same questions and stuff so who's like. Oh, we could just start going on class and stuff good day that was fake as [ __ ], because she knows she liked me, but she was talk to you know. So that's another question first impression. First time I see her it's different from the first time with me, so the first time I see her, we was taking a placement test yeah. She got done with her test before me right and she was him her test alone, the lady Talisa. So I'm just taking the quick yeah yeah I like on these cute clothes, my first impression limite that wasn't told class. I see you that day. I thought she was talking so nice. She looks so innocent bro, like she wasn't baby's right. There'S a blue as a little girl she's in my shoes. That'S not how you feel no chance does Emily having a bigger path, don't change anything I feel like. No, it just changed the way we talk and stuff since she'd be so busy. You know working for y'all, China. You know videos and stuff together when she working it and I'll text her like she can't take back, but I don't be like block me every single time ignore her by accident, but to help you to each other. So you ignore another question: was how does JLo feel about my parents being strict? They don't my data, so she knows her mom low. So you know I feel, like you do understand the highest returns. You kept asking me to go places. Oh, I do know at the time that thing is so good, but after a little bit she catch, though, and she didn't like me nowheres. So at this point in time we stopped answering questions [ __ ], because we just need Jennifer to focus and really trying to make the braids tight and just you know, do it as quickly as possible, just because we need to make four to five braids. Just little buddy don't be fast, [, __ ] I mean and Jennifer don't really know how to braid like black people hair. So we just needed her to like braid as tight as possible. So that's what we call do it like a little kind of absolute gem for bringing us here. As you can see, we had to restart the whole top just because they weren't perfect, and he knew I was gon na make that [ __ ] lumpy s book, because it would kind of thick, so Jennifer just made sure to redo the top like better cuz. The sides were: okay, like don't worry the best, but it's way better than top. So that's why you can see Jennifer be starting it over and she's, using gel to like when you grip, the hair yeah. Emily asked me and my messages when I stick this on. We can stuff she was like, what's that here, to get because they asked you a size cap. I wanted. I was like, oh no like no, no, no, no cut like a loop like put a little home. Do you get annoyed with each other? I mean pretty sure our best, oh boy, no, you trying to tell me you did before I actually went there, [ __ ] what you doing use the other way. The part you just cut. We got ta put the glue okay. Anyway, we cut the ears and stuff, oh you got ya so now just go. I guess do what I think I need to put it so we accidentally lose in a wrong spot, but it's cold. Okay. So it's not a tutorial. Let me tell you: I'd be seeing everybody on YouTube. Put some foundation yeah, my hair came out so [ __ ] up today, and I haven't done my brows and tell me why different one tell me we're not gon na. Do our eyebrows Jenna you're, just oh yeah how's, your two gon na tell me this [ __ ], look good bro! Look at all that makeup on her forehead bro on your head. So the way keep pickin naturally had like a line in the middle. A middle part is what I meant, but we didn't really like that. So we wanted to see if you can make it a side, part kind of look, and we just want to show so right. Now I'm just taking out the extra glue that I got on her forehead because that she was so stringy. It just got a high forehead, and luckily I did that because then I could realize that the concealer was over the forehead. So I fixed it right now. I'M just trying to pull the baby hairs down. I like the little short hair, so I can turn them into baby hairs. Honestly, I did not know what the [ __ ] I was doing. I think I grabbed too much hair. Oh now I'm starting to actually cut the baby hairs and, let me just say again: I don't know what the [ __ ]. I'M doing. I shouldn't really watch the tutorial because I really think I cut the pieces either too short, I like to take away pieces that I just struggled to like laid them down when it came to it, but you're gon na start to see I'm really struggling to, like Actually make the suits and stuff I'm learning to do baby hairs on myself, so I can't around somebody else was difficult, but then they I didn't, come out that bad, but I like it done better. It already look way better straight into his waist laughter and it's just better radiated but, like I say, i'ma catch y'all later, because I want to enjoy my time with my bestie cuz. I haven't seen her since my birthday, like last year and my birthday's next month. So I decided to start recording when we were almost done like we were at the top of her head and let me just say I read good ages because I wish she doesn't want to seem too action process and start. But I was almost a how satisfying it was just rented this hair. It was so soft and like smooth to the point where we did struggle to like actually get a pinch straight. It was just very satisfying me and my sister were fighting over, who gets to like stranded it just because it was bad, sighs mine, it's another 300 years of transition, though by a nice, okay yeah, I just feel like you - should have gotten a straight yeah. They have plenty of straight hair, wigs and ourselves, but absolutely those two guess, I'm kind of here, because I like to be spontaneous money by looking at the right toys friend Bonnie got some brows or whatever. So this is some really good. Hair y'all can see. We straightening, it's really soft. I think y'all should shop with y'all know. How are you so? This is a really good. We want Carly here. We don't know how to plug so yeah. The part can to not like how we wanted to talk like we did. A good job over installing these wow very first, and I hope you liked this video, don't forget to Like comment subscribe and I will catch you in my next video

LifeAsEmily J: Hey beautiful people! I’m really excited to post this video just because it’s one of my favorites i gave my bestie a complete makeover and just turned her into a total BAD BIHHHHH In the beginning of the video jada and i answered your most asked questions after that it’s when the fun begins we tried installing a wig for the very first time and y’all gonna have to watch to see how the whole process went! i really Hope you guys enjoy this video and enjoy this type of content because i really enjoyed making this video! I love you guys and if you guys enjoyed this video don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe and i will catch you in my next video!

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