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Sausages, thank you rap to you real, quick. I want to enjoy the luxury of life room hold up. Firefly. Take me home foreign, I'm just trying to read your mind. My baby, talking about yourself destinations, dance with me feeling like you need to be my lady. My baby, thank you. Thank you. Leave me out. The comments. Leave me out of nonsense. Speaking out of contests, people need some content, [ __ ] trying to keep up [ __ ]. It'S not a contest living best concept. Heaven said God saying this is what my mom says: proof is in the progress money's, not an object busy that a [ __ ]. You know how my job yesterday yeah keep my friends online. You'Ve been in the office. Yeah keep my friends foreign. I move hey. What'S up everyone, it's Dom the tastemaker and welcome back to my Channel today. You guys I'm doing a review for cheetah beauty, hair and I'm reviewing this 360 unit. I did a 360 unit previously and I think the last time I did it. I just did, like you know, a basic ponytail, but today I wanted to get a little bit more creative and do two ponytails and I think it turned out so good. I love it and I really like how silky straight this hair is as well, but I did put just like a little bit of bump at the end. So it's not just like you know too plain Jane, but this is the vibe okay, and this is a 360 unit, so there are tracks that are sewn down the middle, so my part does not go all the way back, so I'm not even gon na show. Y'All, the back okay, so I know some of y'all gon na be like, but I want to see the back. You tried it. 360 units are better for like just straight up ponytails doing it doing. Two ponytails is just a little bit different because, like I said, the tracks start like right back here, so um I'll just show y'all be transparent, the tracks start back there. So that's why you know I don't even want to do the whole spin around thing, because the part doesn't go straight to the back, but you guys still get the vibe it's so cute. I really like how it turned out so yeah you guys. This is a 24 inch unit. This is where it's hitting me in the front. So, even though it is a 24 inch, it still hits me pretty decent in the front like the ponytails are still you know pretty long, and I just like how they came out. I wish I had like some volley, so I could put like some volleys in my ponytail. That would be so cute my BMS back there, okay, because this is not meant to be into ponytails, but I still pulled it off and it came out so cute. So here's an up close look at it. Like I said, the quality of this hair is actually really good, as you guys can see it's flat iron so beautifully, and then this is a close-up look at my edges and everything - and I did pluck this unit. So if you guys wanted to know what I did as far as customizing goes, I did pluck this unit. I did. We should not send this unit and I also plucked it as well. So that's why it's giving what it's giving okay and then I just added like two little swoops right here. You know I didn't do like all the baby hair like I didn't do like any sideburns down here, but I definitely could have but yeah. This is pretty much how it turned out as far as the density for this one, I would say this is possibly about 180 density. I don't feel like it's anything thicker than that, but if you wanted to have a thicker unit, you can definitely go up in the density and you can go for like 200 to 250 density. That would actually still look really good, but just keep in mind the thicker, the density, the more work you're gon na have to do as far as customizing goes. You'Re gon na have to pluck it a whole lot more because it's going to be so thick. So just be prepared for that. If you do go up in the density, but you know, I still think that it's a decent density, especially for me to have put it into ponytails. It'S not giving like too thin fragile ponytails. You know they look pretty good and, as y'all can see, the hair just moves so effortlessly, it's just really flowy but yeah. I just wanted to give you guys 2.7, because I've definitely done like one ponytail before, but I'm just sidecar. I just want to switch it up. A little bit do something a little bit more cute and creative, and this is a style that I came up with today and I absolutely love it. But I would say this is also a really great fit so for the girls out there that have like smaller heads and you have a hard time, rocking 360 units. I think they did such a good job with this, because it's so flat like I'm not going to turn it all the way around, but you guys can see like you guys, can definitely see like it's laid down pretty flat like I don't have like a bunch Of extra you know fabric that's loose here in the back, like it's just perfect, so I really like the fit for this one, which is so important when it comes to a 360 install, because if it's too big, it's you're not going to be able to do The hairstyle that you want to do so I like the fact that it's a very snug fit. It does have the adjustable straps in the back, which are just perfect and it has a comb at the top and then three combs in the perimeter. So you can like cook it on each side, just to make sure the whole thing lays flat, but I didn't even have to use all the Combs. I just use the one back comb in the back, but I still do have that cone back there. So yeah she's cute she's definitely giving she's cute she's giving yeah yeah. I want to just look at how she flows like she. Just what excuse me what who said something period I don't know. I think this is a great unit. So, if you're looking for a 360 unit, I think this is definitely the one if you're interested, definitely check out that description box down below for a direct link to this hair. Along with all the details, if there was something that I didn't cover in today's video and you still have a question: go ahead and drop a comment down below and I'll get to you guys as soon as I can. I want to give a big thank you to our sponsor cheetah beauty, hair for sponsoring today's video and sitting over this gorgeous unit. And of course, I have to thank all of my beautiful subscribers out there, both new and returning for showing me so much love and support, and I will see all of you beautiful people in my next one bye,

Carl Vitko: Love the ponytails and your outfit.....sooo cute!

Atricia Faulkner: What did you spray on the hair before you started straightening it?

Sammy Da Goat: First Comment Cuteee Wig Pretty Face Thumbnail Always On Point

Carl Vitko: Love the ponytails and your outfit.....sooo cute!

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