New Summer Style! Jaded/Bubble Goddess Braids Beginner Friendly Tutorial

Hey loves I did my own jaded bubble goddess braid for the first time! I share with you what I learned and give you tips to make your first time easier.


3 out of 8 packs of this 30inch hair from amazon:

1/2 of 1 bundle out of 3 22inch deep wave synthetic hair from amazon:


Just for me grip glaze:

Gummy gel:

Edge brush:

Full list here:


Time: 5-7 Hours if beginner prolly 1-2 days

Braids in my head: 54

00:00 Intro

00:11 Parting

01:22 Installing

05:39 Wavy Baby Edges

07:07 Jaded braids without goddess hair

07:45 Hair Jewelry

08:33 Curling Ends

09:19 Jaded Braids without goddess hair

10:41 Adding Goddess Hair (Crochet Style)

11:18 Final Results


Check here for this outfit and more two piece outfit options:

If you have any other questions let me know! I hope this was helpful for my fellow beginners! Please give this video a thumbs up if it was. Thanks for watching.

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Hey guys welcome back to my channel a welcome if you're new, my name is Noah Viva and today we're going to get into this jaded goddess braids. So, first we're going to part our hair, and I do have two other videos that go more into detail on how to use this three-way mirror and how to like, really part your hair um as someone who's like a beginner like easy ways to do it. So if you want to check those videos out, they are on my channel um I'll either have them in the description or up at the top in the cards. But I'm gon na go ahead and part out. My hair, using my three-way, mirror, which I got from Amazon and I'll, have it linked down below, but I ended up using Jam because that's all I had at the time - and I did not like that - it was pretty much like grease. So I ended up having to go back and do my hair all over again as far as like the roots and stuff, but anywho, I'm gon na go ahead and stagger my parts so for the first row I did like four and then the row above that Which I'm showing you now I stagger it, so the part is in the middle of the braid below it. So I like to pre-part my entire head before I start you know putting in like twist braids or anything like that. So this is how it looks - and I didn't really like my part but hey it's it's gon na - have to do I'm trying not to be a perfectionist anymore these days, because it's stressful but yeah, let's go and get into installing the hair. So I'm using this pre-stretched 30 inch hair from Amazon. I think it was like seven or eight packs for like 17. Of course, I have all of this linked Down Below in the description, but I am someone who does not know how to like feed in braids and stuff, like that, so I like to crochet it in um. So this is like an easy method for people who kind of struggle with like inserting braids and stuff. So basically, what I do is take my crochet hook. I slide it underneath the middle of my braid and then I go ahead and insert the um braiding hair on it. Close the hook slide it through and then go ahead and take the hook away, go ahead and put your um one side of the hair in between the Loop and then you're gon na go ahead and pull it. And then I'm going to go ahead and use the just for me. Grip glaze - and this is what's going to help like Smooth out my hair so that it blends with the braid seamlessly foreign the left side of the braid. And I parted just a little bit to take a little bit of hair to blend with the middle braid, and then I do the same exact thing on the right side of the hair, so take a little bit and give it to the middle braid. So this will go ahead and create three, even sections so that I can go ahead and start braiding. So then, once I braid down a little bit, I go ahead and take a rubber band, and then I go ahead and just tie it around um. You can just do this as many times as you feel like you need, because if you want to do bigger, braids or smaller braids, um it'll, you know that'll determine how many times you tie your rubber band but yeah once you do that you're going to go Ahead and move down, maybe like an inch or two and then add another rubber band, so this is what's going to create the bubble. Braid look so um! I was actually inspired by Bubble braids when I started doing this style and then I posted it. A video on Tick Tock and found out that the style is actually called jaded braids and make sure you like pull it out as well, so that it makes like a really cute full bubble. Then go ahead and slide down another inch or two and then add another pepper band, and for this you guys you can get creative. If you want to do one bubble, two bubbles, three: five, how many ever you want to do! This is where you can have fun and get creative, but always make sure you pull your bubbles again. So they are nice and full and cute, and then once you're done with that, you're gon na go ahead and break down a little bit more and then go ahead and add another set of bubbles so grab your rubber band. Do the same exact thing you just did: tie your rubber band on there and then slide down about an inch or two add another rubber band. Thank you. So this is how the first three rows are looking. I basically did the first bottom row. I put one on the left side, skipped the braid and then did another one and then the row above that I didn't put any bubbles on it. It was just regular and then um above that I did the same thing. I staggered it. So I put one on the first one and then skipped and kept going like that foreign. So now, I'm gon na show you guys how I do my edges, so I like using the gummy gel um. I swear by that that works really really good. For my edges, it holds it all day and it doesn't turn white um. So that's on Amazon as well I'll, have it down below, of course, but um for this part right here, so you out, I basically swoop it in the beginning, like how I did the first swoop, but then right here is where I start to swoop it like Backwards so the opposite direction, so think of like a eight um like the number eight um, so I started swooping it the opposite direction and holding it in place with one finger, so it doesn't like move while I'm trying to like curve that that little round part To end it off um, another thing I want to mention is that these are my like natural edges, meaning like I didn't perm them at this point, so I did later go back and um actually relax my edges, because it's something I have been thinking about doing For a while now, especially when I have like braids and go on vacation and stuff, I'm not advocating for you guys to do the same thing, but I just wanted to explain like when you see the final results. That'S why they're gon na look a little more. I guess laid or different and straighter, because I did go back and relax just my edges, so this part um also, I realized, like I took out too much hair so also just a tip. I would recommend doing your baby edges before you like braid the front row, so you don't have to go back and do it, but this is how the hair looks without any goddess, hair or jewels. Then I got these really cute Jewels off of Amazon. So I basically put this one here and the way you can slide it on is by using the back of like your um, your rat tail comb and just like kind of push it through and then pull it through and go and slide it to where you Want now what I recommend doing is making sure you like put some extra rubber bands um, so it stays in place because they do slide off um because my braids are like smaller. So that's that and then for this little cute charm. This is actually adjustable. The little ASP - I guess so um we just literally like squeeze it on and it'll, be secure as long as you squeeze it nice and tight, so yeah. I love love that piece. It is so unique and cute and now we're going to curl my ends. So um I'm using like these little. I guess flexi rod, things um I'll, have those linked below as well and I'll. Just yeah wrap it around and then fold it over. And then I boil some water in my Kettle and then put it in a cup and then I just go ahead and start dipping it, because it's much easier - and this is like a cup I use specific if you are specifically for um, like curling my ends And stuff but yeah do that and then I leave it in for about like 10 seconds, not too long, and then it will curl it so yeah that is so so cute. I love the look of curl ends on like braids and twists and stuff. So that is how it looks once I have it curled I have the bubbles in. I have some of the jewels in like it's so cute, it's also very very lightweight, so you don't have to worry about this being very heavy foreign. So this is what it looks like down with the middle part, and I got a lot of questions on Instagram and Tick Tock, asking where I got this really cute two-piece outfit from so I got it from Amazon, I'll link it down below in the description, I Believe I'm wearing a size small, and this is what it would look like if you were to do like a cute little low ponytail. And this is how it looks with it up in a high ponytail, with two pieces in the front. And now I'm going to go ahead and show you guys how it looks with goddess hair. So I do the same thing with crocheting. So I just go ahead and crochet through the middle of the braid. Put the um synthetic goddess hair in and this is synthetic deep wave, um hair, also from Amazon. I just love ordering all my stuff Amazon, because I don't have a little hair store close to me. So it's just much more convenient for me to do it. That way, uh and so yeah. I just go ahead and loop. It through I'm gon na pull it and then what you can also do is spray. The um like where you just tied the knot at um, spread with like some holding spray. So it actually does stay and doesn't like unravel, but yeah. This will definitely help your hair to look a lot more full, which I love like. I can't go without my goddess hair. I need my goddess hair, it's just so so so cute um, but the only thing with the goddess hair is like it definitely Tangles up after a while, especially if you use synthetic hair um. I didn't plan to leave this style in for long, but if you want the style to last a little bit longer and you don't mind paying extra, then I would recommend using human hair foreign. So I'm just going to show you guys a few different ways that you can wear this hair, so you can definitely do the high ponytail. This is actually my favorite um style to wear this in so yeah you could do the high ponytail. You can also pull some hair down in the back and do a cute half up half down look and then you can also wrap around your ponytail at the top and then do a cute little bun and that's always an adorable look and you can also leave Out some of the curly pieces um I just like - I wasn't even trying to do that. I thought it was cute, so I just kind of like left that out. You can actually make it look better than this. Also, I just wanted to kind of give you guys some quick inspo but yeah. I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did give it a thumbs up, comment down below and I hope to see you in my next video foreign

Nyxiz: Thank you soooooo much for this tutorial!!! I cannot get people to call me back to confirm an appointment to get my hair braided . So I guess Im going to be braiding my own hair. I haven't braided my hair in over 13 years & I'm so excited about all of the new styles Im seeing!!!! I love the way you explained this method. You are absolutely gorgeous & sweet!!!

Carranita C: Thank you for this amazing tutorial! Can’t wait to try it ❤

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