28" Bundle Raffle

Foreign I'm eating peanuts. Yes, welcome! Welcome all right, you all so getting here getting here getting here on my voice. What'S popping y'all, okay y'all, so we only have 39 more slots available for this Roberta. Yes, Roberta Roberta! I added you down. Yep! Don'T don't trip a birthday added you down right here? We only had you made it 39 more slots. We only have 39 more slots available. Welcome YouTube. We have a um, I miss you on TV. You was real, make sure you tune in to wilding out every Thursday. Okay. So listen you guys, as you guys can see really fast. I got a bunch of bundles. I got a bunch of lace closures, bundles closures, everything's in here, as you all can see. All my bundles are 10A only doing 10A bundles um, but I thought about it before I sewed wigs. I always do wig Raffles, but I never do bundle Raffles. For my girls, who just need some bundles for my girls on Tick Tock, if you just getting in this, is my cash app? Yes, and I have closets too. This is my cash app 10 entries. We only have uh thanks for this right. I never do bundle Raffles and there's some girls who don't like I know girls who do leave out. I know girls who do a lot that pink outfit huh. Was it like a ponytail bun with so yeah comment below. We only have 39 more entries. I really hope that we can get those entries, so I can ship the bundles today, but we got less than an hour for that. So yeah the rappers will be moving fast, took some time comment below Tick, Tock how this worked. So all you guys have to do is send your ten dollar entries to my cash app right here, as you guys can see, I'm writing the names down very straightforge. I will announce the winner when I announce the winner um. I usually always announce it on Facebook, because Facebook will save the live, so you guys will always be able to see who is the winner, but yeah. We got three bundles right here. Cause somebody comment. My cash app down below make sure you guys double tap. I will flat out by what you definitely can do so love. Let me know what you need, but I do have a specific. You know I got specific bundles on me. I got 28 26 20. So if you want a flat out bye, let me know, but for my girls that want to raffle only ten dollars to answer come on, give a little twerk balance. It don't matter how many bundles you need. If you want 26 28 20, you need seven bundles. I got seven a woo h. I do have 20., I haven't had a weed in 2009. Please pick me: you have to send your entries love. What is your pronouns, Etc? Bondo Joel, you said on wigs too Jay. Yes, tonight I'm going to start sewing. These bottles are definitely not them pull down to the bottom. What'S this style, just a simple ponytail or what or a wee [ __ ]? Oh my teeth hurt so bad. Ah, yes, we pinned the information up top you guys only 39 more slots left where y'all tuning in from should, I add a closure to it. Y'All want to closure. I just got off the bus from Philly period. Y'All wanted to add closure to it or no Louisiana Chicago okay period. Oakland born and raised period comment below what you guys sent your entries New York BX. I feel like [ __ ] for ten dollars. You should be to get your own [ __ ] closure, but then again everybody loves an incentive got some good hair. Yes, I love you more for those of you guys that are just joining. We are doing a wig, but well a bundle raffle. This is my first ever bundle raffle. What is your next adventure? Some more television yeah yeah we're birthing, not playing with you hoes. She just entered again yeah [ __ ] New Orleans in 1962 candy. I want you to do me for my b day. I will start saving for the trip. Yes, I'm accepting care appointments in Houston. The hair looks good. Yes, it does your quality hair shout out to Roberta for just entering her second entry, we're going to have 38 slots available now get into the like Tick Tock. For those of y'all are joining, you just have to send your entries to the cash app yum foreign. What'S the entry info, all you have to do is look in the comments. I just put it again, Tamika Howell, do you retwist your ads? No I'll be want to do [ __ ], like that, so I could do [ __ ] here, but I luck. You want us to start learning how to do the man units them colorful man, units. This is the cash out for those of you guys asking you can call me Miss Mimi, okay period. Let me know when you sent your entry Mimi I'll, put the information down in the comments. I love stunner girl too. I love her. I love a girl. That'S always ready to fight. I don't know why I know it's toxic, but I love a [ __ ]. It'S like huh, [, __, ] wet. I love a girl like that. Okay, so we just enter come on Zoe. We got another entry from Zoe where you at Zoe okay. So now we got one only 36 entries available 36. That'S it y'all into what y'all can until way up see the booty jumping into a while yeah Jay or Miss Candy. If you nasty right, can we get some Tuesday motivation after this okay Brad doll? Oh Zoe, that's you Brad Dollz! Oh okay, not that's you Zoe! Let me get these bundles. You can jump in life. It'S your girl, candy, with the edible panties in them cure. Panties. Still edible, you already know what the [ __ ] is good. You know what the [ __ ] is good all right, so it don't look like nobody's answering from uh YouTube, YouTubers anybody gon na enter. Let me know now before I get off yeah yeah yeah. Can I take it off of YouTube y'all, not answering, which is okay, but Tick. Tock blessing, my girls have a tick tock. One of these bundles girls. Give you a little high, ponytail Margo. These are so good. Can you make me a curly, wig love? Of course I specialize in curly wigs what length are you interested in and are you ready to pay unless you wear today? We ain't doing all this talking. It take me no time to get a wig ready entering for what we're doing a bundle raffle right now, you guys the winner will receive three 28 inch bundles. All you have to do is send your 10 entries to the cash app. We only have 36 slots available, only 14 girls entered so only 34. More girls can either 34 more girls or somebody can buy more than one. It is like one b34, my girls, but yeah. We uh, not wig graphical bundle raffle. This is the first time I've ever wrapped off bundles how much I'm ready? Okay, what length and um what length are you interested in? Do you want? You want a frontal right. I absolutely appreciate you. Thank you, love before I change. What okay now do you uh for the for the front? So do you want me to customize it like bleach or not and pre-pluck it, or do you just want it straight from my vendor to you, you want it customized, plucked and bleached and baby hair swoops. You still being wild out yes tune in Thursday to catch me on a new episode of rolling. Oh, I got more skits coming, are y'all ready for the skins, love you and wanting out. Thank you. You guys, I have more skits coming little mini plays and Etc. All that fun stuff y'all love when I do whatever all of it send us okay, Q. I could do that normally would be like 360, but I could do it for 340., which is crazy, cheap, which includes customization yeah. We need some music come on. I love you everywhere. Even I love hip-hop girl. I hate it loving hip-hop, my new [ __ ] is cold shivers and when I drop Y'all Gon na. Thank me forgiving license. Bundle said that death of me hey. She kick it. The best. Her name will call me for a recipe. Every L I took with my legacy now the world one of us Trey. Looking at my gym some thick, my jeans, gems. Okay, we got another entry from Khaleesi Bryant Kelsey Brian, her name up; uh-huh yeah, yeah, yeah love the hip-hop Hollywood, but I act the opposite: I'm still a confident [ __ ], like woo everything in a different thing. So if I swing a [, __ ] came soon walk by had a train like oh, he like shawty. What'S your name hold on on whoa my back hurt y'all. I was working out earlier. You wan na know someone on Facebook, I'm Gon na Knock it on. Here too, but that's where, if you miss it, I just be. I uploaded up there if that makes sense, your boy candy, they know exactly who I am DM DM DM. As Seen On TV, why cause I'm popping poo knowing for going ham like green eggs? No Dr Seuss, a bad [, __ ] and a roster too love it. When the [ __ ] start me up, like pasta, ooh sneak healing he not my boo, Blunts and bundles, didn't fumble you, my niece Rapunzel's Uncle spelled and gold cross. My knuckle leave it in prayer if I soccer [, __, ], love and hear about Hollywood, but I act the opposite, I'm still the company. It'S like. Let me stop. When is the new episodes of water not coming out every Thursday and penthouse? Still a Compton [ __ ], like whoa everything in a different name? So if I swing a [, __ ] came so walk by had a trade like. Oh, I would not eat these. For individuals, it would have been a wig on the 25th of next week. Okay period walked by had a trade like eBay. Yeah again my back hurt y'all, I think period. Deion Sanders hey book, he was popping, were y'all tuning in from these are real password foreign slots available. Thank you. It'S gon na be four lanes like so when you had on the other day. Oh you want a full lace. That'S different. I thought you wanted a wig. You want full lace, let's talk about it. How DJ Unk walk it out before? Let me stop. I wish you could uh ship that barbecue wings with garlic cheese fries. I know I want to get more into food Lil Mama, going here, more bars, less glam foreign like you, did okay different price, but it can definitely be done. I don't know how to be a stripper. How do I stay in the 10 for the raffle wow single yeah? This is where you stand to be a cash app 10A bundles. Let'S see how the hair Bounce With Me. Let'S do a sound test. I'M not obligated to answer nobody questions. So if I miss a question, the best way to get an answer for me is don't be impressing me because I'll I'll start to miss you a question of purpose. Okay, we got another entry from Terry. Let'S go Terry, Terry anyways, that's how the [ __ ]! I feel you can reaction to give you a smart ass. I get paid to talk, [, __ ], so behind me come on entry for Terry, where you at Terry name tomorrow, 34. you're, almost halfway y'all, who am I Arabic? You can live. Oh [ __ ], Mario, I got too excited oh yeah for those y'all who want to enter the raffle um, just the cash out. That'S the cash up, my favorite person period, my favorite y'all. You got good taste [, __ ], like it's me, say your 10 entries of that oh hi, Terry, all, that's working right, TNA, bundles 28, the [, __, ] and y'all know I'm tall right. Y'All know I'm sick too. I know y'all don't know, but so this would be way longer on somebody shorter, as you all can see forward to the tips so heavy on his sleeves fall to the tips. I never do Raffles for just bundles, and I feel like what about my girl, who just need her three good bundles to get to some [ __ ], who do not want to wig who just want to go for what you know with someone knows: oh Jamila. Okay y'all, so we only have Jamila just entered. We only have 33 more slots, 33 more stocks available again right, because that song is better than you anymore. You got ta. Let me know how much contact me when you ready boom and you don't even do pricing on live so just contact me down. Y'All I've been trying to get my body back. You don't look like I'm coming down. Y'All I'm trying to stab my [ __ ]. Together, you get to get me on Instagram if they gave me like a little Slimmer fish, I'm trying to get Sierra about hoodies fish like it looks like a year. You gaining muscle to me in a good way right. Should I get my six-pack my six-pack, usually how um go to me: 33, more entries y'all, because Richmond VA okay, what a Richmond [ __ ] at you and I what Kelsey this [ __ ] Kelsey just entered her another entry. When you dropped an ad, the song is already out. All you guys have to do is search. My music anywhere music is available on all streaming platforms type in candy. It'S called Adele 32. More entries all right. Give me a y'all want me to come back later. Y'All giving me I don't give a [ __ ] y'all want me to go because, like your [, __ ] just called me, and I might even answering his text because I'm talking to Elon, hey, look Goofy, I'm joking, I'm being humble that [ __ ] is Less Rumble I slow down, didn't fumble you mind me. Some Rapunzel's Uncle spelled in Gold across my knuckle. I leave an imprint if what, if our soccer, [ __, ], Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, but I act the opposite: I'm still a Compton [ __ ] like Kelsey. Yes - and I added you right here boo, we got Kelsey right here and then we got Kelsey right here. Don'T ignore me: what's TiVo, oh you're, not saying nothing worth even acknowledging next time. You change! Don'T ignore me. You have a y'all gon na stop pressing me. Y'All, I'm happy y'all supporters of mine, but I don't like to be impressed. I'M a [ __ ], who do not be impressed. If you impress me by not responding to you, make sure you send something. That'S significant enough for me to respond to oh y'all, not saying [, __ ], that significant

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