Testing The New Clear Lace Super Preplucked Hairline Wig | Is It Better Quality?? | Ft. Ronnie Hair


Wig in the video: https://bit.ly/3wc6Zwz

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13x6 CLEAR Lace Wig: https://bit.ly/355aCFD

360 Lace Wig: https://bit.ly/3q8PlpH

Ronniehair Website: www.ronniehair.com

*Super * Pre-plucked 13x6 Clear Lace Wig

Clear Lace

Four Combs (Front*1& Sides*2 & Back*1)

Hair length: 20"

Hair density: 180%

Cap construction: 13x6 Lace Cap construction

Contact Us:

Website: https://ronniehair.com/​​

Email: [email protected]

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Foreign, thank you hey. You guys welcome and welcome back to my channel hello, so I am back with another Hair video and if you think that you may be interested in today's Hair, video then make sure that you keep on watching. Thank you. Thank you. All this girl, a girl standing in the line for the bathroom foreign, get lost foreign sponsored by runny hair. Thank you guys so much for sponsoring today's video. I do appreciate it, so this might be my second or third time working with them and y'all y'all. The hair, the hair is so beautiful, gorgeous everything love the quality of their hair, but not just the quality, not just the quality. I freaking love their freaking lace, y'all they're lace, their lace is everything y'all. Look at this. Look at this look at this I mean this is the type of unit that you don't even need. Baby hairs like you, don't even need baby hairs with this unit, because it's pre-plucked knots are already bleached and it just looks so good. It looks like my scalp. You can't tell me that this is not my scalp now. I do believe that this is maybe a water wave or it might just be a curly unit. I can't remember it's giving maybe 24 inches. All details will be down in the description box below so y'all. Make sure that y'all check that out, they did send me over a comb um. This was in there and it smells really really good y'all. It smells really um anyways. They also sent me two. Wig caps always need those, and then you also get a hair clip. So earlier in the video I know, y'all probably noticed that I sprayed the lace and put it on my hand and I'm gon na. Do it again in person, because y'all yeah look at look at that look at how that is laying on the skin y'all. Look at that look at it. Look at y'all, don't make me be don't make me be super super dramatic, I'm already a dramatic person, y'all y'all! Oh my gosh y'all, better head to that description box and get you one of these and y'all better. Get you one of these, get you one of these! Thank you guys so much for watching and tuning in okay, all details will be down in the description box below once again, so make sure y'all check that out today to slay with Jay. Oh okay, please make sure to like comment and subscribe hit that Bell for all post notifications. So every time that I post a what a what a video you will be notified catch y'all on my next video foreign look up here: foreign

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