Flawless Install On An Affordable Wig How I Lay My Wigs & Melt The Lace (Detailed) Ft Omgherhair

------------------------- Loose Curly 360 Lace Wig ------------------------

This Curly 360 Lace Wig I received is from: https://www.omgherhair.com/

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Sexy Loose Curly 360 Lace Wig 180% Density Indian Remy Human Hair [CLW08]


Hair Type: Indian Remy Human hair

Hairline : Pre-Plucked

Hair Texture: Sexy Loose Curly

Hair Color: Natural black

Hair length: 20 inches

Hair Density: 180% density

Wig Cap: 360 Wig Cap (360 lace all around, with deep parting 4" in front, 3 combs in front and adjustable strap at back )

Lace color : Light Brown

Wig size : Average (Circumference 22-22.5'')

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Hi guys welcome back to my channel today, I'm gon na be showing you all how to do a flawless install with this loose curly 3/16 lace, wig from oMG hurt here. This unit literally starts at $ 100. Depending on what limp you. My unit is England 20 with the density of 180, so it brings it to a total of 200, but you can hit it for $ 10 off using my discount code, so be sure to check the description box. It also comes with all the bells and whistles a pre plug hair line, and that is done in the front and the back, which is phenomenal, although a thing that the unit may have been pre bleached prior to arrival. I still decided that I wanted to do the styling hands in that, so I'm just turning the unit over and then I'm gon na grab my Sally Hansen in color, deep glow, I'm just gon na spray that all over the lace. This is going to tint the lace and also conceal the knots if in and this party does come in different colors so be sure to get the one that is your color, you can find it at Walmart Walgreens a number of different places when you have finished This process, he should have turn the unit over and use a makeup wipe to clean up the excess spray, because I often find that it transfers onto the hair. I want to show you all what the party looks like. You gave it 4 to 4.5 inches of parting space in the front and also two in the bare, and this unit can be parted anywhere before we begin installing this gorgeous unit, I'm just gon na cut off the lace and then we're gon na be ready to Go in preparation for the install, I didn't actually do the stocking cap method or the ball cap method, as some of you all may know it. I just put on a wig cap, make sure it was my scalp color and then I'm going to actually just cut off one of the combs in the middle because that's benecrine holding us at the top. It'S also really not necessary, so I'm just gon na fill. It in with a spray again put it on my head, make sure it fits. I did get a foggy media and I am going to be using my go-to adhesive, which is the gossipy glue in the yellow bottle. I love this one I feel like it is the strongest hold for me between the black and the yellow, and I guess that can be a bit subjective. Let me know which one is the best for you all. Do you all prefer the black bottle or the yellow bottle? So I'm just spreading this all over my hairline in the front and also on my skin. If you're someone who has a round hairline, he won't necessarily have to put it on your hair. But I do because of my box, the hairline after I've done this, I'm gon na use my blow-dryer on the pool setting just until it gets tacky and then I'm gon na proceed to move it forward like to place the unit down one side at the time. I feel like this makes for the best install when you don't try to do it all at once. I generally mess up when I try to place it down just moving it forward and not having done it one section at a time after I've done this. I use the back of a rat tail comb to press into the lead and then I'm just going to use a makeup wipe to clean up the excess jail. So don't worry if you find out using the yellow bottle, create some white residue because you can easily clean it up using a makeup wipe or some alcohol. There is an area that I kind of did not get so I am gon na play. Some of the gossipy glue in that area, I use the blow-dryer or the cool setting and then just use the back of my rat tail comb so part into the lace again. If you find that when you initially put it down there, there are some areas that are still lifting just go back in apply more gel and you'll be okay. You can also crush your finger at the end of the lace and then proceed to comb back, and that will give you a more seamless install, as will so I'm now just gon na comb out some baby hairs in the front. This unit did come with baby hair, but I am gon na trim them down because they are a bit long. This install is looking so good already. It looks like it literally you out of my scalp, but I am gon na set it later, which is gon na cause it to look even more snatch before we move on to actually cutting the baby hair. I do want to actually apply some of my foundation in the front, so make sure that everything is blending really nicely and I'm just using a small foundation brush to do this after trimming the baby hair, I'm gon na apply some mousse to the front hairline. This is gon na, create shine and also give a bit of hold without crunchiness in the front, keep in mind. Baby hair is optional and I do have other tutorials showing you all how to do know. Baby hair looks, but I decided that I wanted a little baby here for this particular and I'm gon na be showing you all a half up, half down hairstyle and if I were doing this with my natural here, I would have baby here in the front. So I am including that I'm gon na apply some more of the mousse in the front, just to give a sleeker look and also create shine out generally. If I was doing this on my natural here, I'd have to use a ton of deal, but this mousse is sufficient for this particular texture. So I'm just calming the hair back in the front to make sure that everything is set. The way that I desire and then I'm gon na apply an elastic band in the front and also do this with a satin, wrap or wrap strips that you can get from Sally's, but I decided to do it with an elastic band. This is going to help to create that melt at least appearance and also to give us some security when we're pulling their hair open. You

Randique Neal: Love, love the Close-ups you gave in video. Thank You!!! Beautiful, as USUAL. August 2019

Mimi Valentino: You are slowly becoming my favorite YouTuber.. you exude class & elegance and you are always on fleek!!

Blake Warner: I have been doing some research on how to make your wig look as NATURAL as possible ! Just ordered this same wig (which will be my first lace wig) from omgherhair. I SWEAR this is the most NATURAL MELTED lace I have SEEN !

Haus of R.Lateish: I love this unit! I prefer the black bottle but now I'm in luv with the freeze spray.

Kimberly Joy: Soooo pretty! I usually only can watch your installs from start to end ❤

Ms Hunni: Definitely the yellow bottle holds best for me. I wore my hair like this last night in a half up pony. Beautiful you are

jade1990us: As a long time subscriber, I enjoy your videos and admire you style and skill. That being said, I'm struggling to rectify what I received from this company with what is depicted in your video. I went back to OMG Hair's website and noticed that they have 100% positive reviews for the kinky curly hair which I believe you showed in another video sometime ago. I bought the hair because I had seen multiple YouTubers trying it on and saying how wonderful it was. After writing an honest review about some issues with the hair, I noticed that it never popped up on the company's website. It is now clear to me that they filter out reviews that truly say what the issues are with this hair. For one it has a horrible smell that has not gone away after several months multiple washes. In addition the lace is impossible to hide. I'm not sure why it doesn't show up at all in videos, but there are huge pores in the mash that are very visible. Bleaching the knots did not help at all. Also, the lace does not melt. Also the front of the hair is very over-plucked so that there are huge gaping spaces where you can see the mesh. I am not sure if the YouTubers are receiving a different product than what regular customers are getting. However this company is shady at best for filtering negative reviews and I caution folks about buying anything from them.

Inspirational Cafe with Ms. Dorothy: Honestly one of the best I've seen ❤ Thank you for all of the attention to detail. I am going to try this one THANK YOU.

MS DLTV: Every time you post a video I feel like I have to have THAT wig lol

Ms. Michelle Agalte: Oh wow. I love this one, I love all the curly/wavy styles on u the best. I'm coming for an install girl just keep praying on that PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE and thank u.

brenda james: Absolute perfection. That IS growing out of your scalp

Riyborg: I love this! Thank you for being my hair inspo

Lovely Africa: Wow! You are really good with these wigs!❤️❤️

mrs kay: Another one! Yaaas honey, you did that! #SimplyAndEasy

kika Tis: Flawless indeed

Nicole Goodwin: can this unit be secured down with the comb in the back and the elastic band?

Zilly: The black bottle works the best for me☺️

Koko Bland: I JUST discovered your channel and I am so happy.

Always True: Wow great job!

Lauryne Amanda: This is awesome!

latrina hightower: I love this unit it looks good on you.

Bord: One of your best installs

Kadine A.: I call dibs on this unit whenever you have another sale

darcel gray: The most natural and prettiest EVERRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

shameeka hill: Love it! My concern is the glue. Do you have to repeat the glue process everyday or do you sleep with the unit on?

Tee Marie: Very lovely

Ruth Wells: Great job, Again . Tfs

Andrea Wilson: You killed it mary❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

JustKaneisha: Try the lotion of the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs. You get the same results without the mess and glitter.

NaturalNickel: Best install video ever for me!

T'Shaniloveleee: Flawlesss ♥️

Back To My Roots: Mary, would you consider doing a giveaway on one of your lovely wigs?

Chinyere Victorious: How long does the gel last? I workout multiples times a week and I’m scared it won’t hold up.

Rita Polk: WOW! YOU look FABULOUS!

Becky B: Excellent!

Issaray Peoples: How long did it take for your hair to come in the mail


shay trenee: Hey Mary I have a low hairline like u would u recommend this wig. For a high bun

Nyisha Turner: Is that liquid foundation?

paskiiLuv: What’s the spray she used at @0:47 ? Sally Hansen what ? Thanks

Monifa 360:


Krystal: Wow.

Mocha_Goodness: You are too pretty!

Kesley K: The when with the hair

Chichi Stan:

Deidre Rilry: Yes mary wig give in me life look natural

Awnna C: You’re so pretty

kila deen: My favourite youtuber

Jose Pola: Merry Christmas sister

Ms Stewart-Washington: What wig??? Mary you did that

Delania C: Hi do you sell your wigs?

Cocoa AlmondJoy: Yaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssss!!!!!!

Crystol Stembridge: That is pretty yez-zzzzzzzzz

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