Ratchet Destiny Gets A Wig For A Date | *Pretending Stylist Does A Bad Job* | Omgherhair

Spring is here. It’s time to go outside. Watch me get my lace wig installed start to finish by @watchdesade and enjoy the chit chat.

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Foreign Destiny - I am about to get my wig installed. I'M super excited so stay tuned, so today's video is sponsored by OMG. Her hair. The length is 22 inches. The density is 150, the color is natural, the size is medium. The edges are 4A 4B curly edges. We have the super fitted glueless wig cap, the real Invisible HD lace. So it's going to lay perfectly clean, bleached hairline, so we don't have to bleach the knots. Y'All know we love that we got the Deep parting 13x6. It comes with the adjustable straps and the elastic band. They also included a red tail comb, a little Edge scarf and some clippy clips and the wig caps. So we're starting off with my super old wig braids Cleo can never let's get into it right there. I don't be slicking it back all the way. What'S that about lazy like having a little bit of time, you still wear wig Caps or no, because I don't do it, I never do it yeah. That'S probably why yours look better, then. Do your me. I want your method because yours be looking good, do whatever you do, uh my hairs, get done by professional design. Today, I'll link, her Instagram and her details down below y'all subscribe to her YouTube channel excess makeup. I thought I cleaned it off good nah. You mustn't use your tongue girl, so if you're trying to cut your own lace off at home, my sister bone did recommend cutting the lace out. First, that way, you're not like trying to lift the lace up after you glued it down, and then you have to re-glue. So she cut that out first and then after that um we basically move the adjustable straps towards the inside of the wig for more snug fit. It did come with a adjustable elastic band, but we're not going to use that since she's going to spray it down. Um in the front anyway, it'll just hold it in place, but if I was doing like a glueless method, I would definitely add the elastic band I just like to see how it fit before I glue it down. I'M trying to pretend, like I got good posture on camera. I'M excited braces or something like that, because that helps stay here, uh back brace after that she went ahead and brushed my edges back using the even 24 hour edge control. I'Ve been using your stuff. I haven't, I need to, I honestly, be slapping on my hair a lot when people be like. Oh my God, your hair growing. I don't be doing nothing too. That'S why I was growing dude. Probably so I thought some oil on my braids every gallon again. If I remember we're going to see the Backstreet Boys, we can, if you want you um you like them, uh tell me why look at me. I still look like this. What that picture of me, oh okay, boom, got a picture of me hanging up in her room. I got ta hang one up for you in my room. I don't barely have pictures throughout the house. Michael rob you down, they don't know who they robbing. They don't know who's singing okay, so she's putting the wig back on now after she brushed my edges back yeah, because the first time she put it on was to see how it's laying and how it fit before you glue it down once over Disney gon na. Tell y'all everything this actually fit tell them for folks who actually have sideburns. As you see that's covering it. Okay, you see that yeah. If you want to cut it, you can a lot of wigs. Don'T do that. I like that, you right they kind of stopped up yeah, even if, on this area, that's perfect, it is because sometimes it be. If I shift it this way, yeah see the girls, don't know what happened. What'S up with that deep side part, they all know that. That'S where they come from. No, this look good. What'S that this alcohol to make sure no oils or nothing from here, okay, so the glue can actually uh hold on. I do a test record. Sometimes you know you ain't clean your nozzle. It go out there yeah and I don't be liking it. I'M saying, though, it's getting in my eye, I'm sorry! No, I'm trying to do like a ticket. Okay, I was watching on Tick Tock, where they talk bad about The Stylist, the whole time and the style is like clap back. I want to do a video like this comment down below. Let me know, starting in the middle section she's using the eBay and the lace, adhesive spray and comb that forward to lay the lace down. You can already see that it's blending into my scalp perfectly, I'm saying, though, where you going so instead of spraying all at once. My sister likes to do it in sections. So now we're jumping over to the right side spring that down and using the cool setting. As well, I honestly didn't think she could do my hair. That was really surprised. She doing a good job. What'S this poor call, I like to separate by edges from the wig: that's why yours looks so good. Okay, you don't really a lazy Edge layer actually using deodorant. No, I have an anti-odorant for when you want to detox your arms from where y'all. So this is the super fitted glueless wig cap, and it also has the real, Invisible, HD lace. That'S why, after she sprays on the lace, adhesive spray and she Taps into it, it blends perfectly into my hairline and it does have the clean bleached hairline already as well. You can tell this is a trick. I know this time. I use one layer of that. Whatever you use this, the Gorilla Snot, you see how you get this hearted, your edges from your lace. When you lay your edges, I put that gorilla style like this across that lace right there and brush it down to the edge. So you don't have that much on your Edge, it's really holding that lace down. So when you tie down that's actually gluing it down some, oh yeah keeping them okay, see that's what the girls didn't want to tell you, okay, but I'm gon na tell you all right how you want to come on edge. It'S like you, get fluid out on the weekends or you want to be classed. You can give me. I get fluid out on the weekends, let's see what they look like. Oh, I don't know what that means. Now that the wig is laid down, I want to show you all an up close shot of the curly edges. So if you've seen people styling their edges lately they take like a really small flat iron and they curl the edges, and then they proceed to lay it so OMG. Her hair has taken it a step further to already provide the wig with the curly edges. So you get to skip that step and go straight into laying the edges. However, you would like, and it already has the swoop. Did we love the convenience? I think it's not smart. When people be like they make somebody leave and go get a hotel or something for the night when they mad at them like. Why would you do this? I think that's invite but yeah like you open a little bit Spirits in, but then people say like if that's considered opening up the door they wanted to do that anyway. I don't think so. It'S just Temptation. I don't really want in I'll, never be that mad it'd be giving you need to be in the other room so that I can go in there and hmm it fold. My arms sit next to you, man till you acknowledge me so notice how she does the edges since they're already curly. They want to take whatever shape you put them in and they stay that way so she's using the gorilla snack to manipulate my curly edges, and I like the fact that they already come like this. If you're someone who wants to get a wig but you're like okay, once I leave The Stylist, how do I maintain this? These edges are going to stay, how you put them. I have not touched up my edges and I got this wig installed about five days ago. It'S very low maintenance, first hot flashes notice. I don't even know to give this lace a second to really lay down into the scalp we're going to work with the curls for second, first, all right, you guys so right now what she's doing she just has this water, um oil and conditioner mixture, and what You want to do is just spray: the hair and fluff it out. It really kind of does its own thing, so it does not take a lot of effort. This is a very low maintenance Wick, so for all of you, wake up shake and go girls. This is definitely the wig for you. The girls can give it natural audio lately for real, since YouTube been playing with this, like you can't when I say it's so hard to get copyright free music, now no go to the audio library on YouTube. That'S what I'm saying like for the aesthetic music like when they be given the mixed r b? It'S a thing. They have music with lyrics up on that so y'all I forgot they did update it. This item uh ASB for 19.95. Did you know for extra dollar? 95 uh, let me gon na bust a part down turn forward bust down middle part. Coming soon, give me the bus down middle part, especially Destiny, said hey. What'S down on the game, mommy yeah, let's see down! Okay, you went way down in the gutter. I'M saying that, why did I have to let my own chair down you could let the chair down for me. I was unsatisfied. I play so much to mind, giving face it's giving birth. I like the ratchet coach, you know what I'm saying. I love how everybody embrace the richness think about it. Yeah everybody right ratchet is the new place not like dodging cookie cutter, but if that's not you you're not trying to act like that's. You like your feet. Oh that part go way big. We go away. It'S giving false Flags now. Where did that come from? Why do we have to go back that far, it's so flat? So again you got ta remind folks that I had Sunshine right. I watch people like that. Tell everybody where you hear nothing yeah, you got ta! Can'T trust people like that, so I parted this all the way to the back to the track. Then we gon na give it a t. We call this a t-ball, damn we're gon na wham bam bam. See I like to show the fullness of my legs because it's like baby, this ain't, no clothes who you playing with I'm saying. What'S wrong with closures, I'm saying that's how people be now you're not allowed to like what you like. I don't like this side of social media like if I say everybody likes this perfume, but I don't like how to smell on me. People will have a fit like if it's giving everybody love Chick-fil-A sauce who, like Polynesian the Polynesian people, now are offended yeah and for individuality. I be feeling like if you like something stand on liking. It like me with McDonald's yeah, just stand on it, because if somebody say I don't know how Destiny crab there's a seafood, I can't stand Seafood, I'm not offended when you say that we live in a world now, where being different to be like. How dare you be different, I like this, so you should start liking. It yeah yeah, you guys, like yeah yeah. So now, let's get into the details of this front, hairstyle, so she's taking more of the water to go ahead and lay that part flat to find the part using the rat tail end of the comb. Taking a little bit of a pressed powder that matches my skin tone and kind of just dabbing that into the party space not necessary, but it's just an additional step. If you would like so then she Parts out probably like half an inch and taking some more of the uh gel like the Gorilla Snot. You can use whichever product you like and then she's going to two strand twists that front part just to kind of get y'all a little playful little something okay versus me, just leaving all of the hair down and she's kind of Crossing her finger over holding the Hair kind of tight and just twisting it in a backwards motion, you got ta check and see how it look, what it's given and then she plaits it down a little bit midways, but not all the way secure with the rubber band, if you would like, is Giving Bohemian a little playful vacation type of Vibes - oh yeah, that's given you could do anything but, okay, I can do anything. He'S hyping me up anything but don't ever say that I say well, shucks this a little snot y'all, okay gorilla! Why was she? Why would she put slime in your hair? That'S why your wigs be laid. I really can't already get my hair done, so I can still out of the tips it's good. I can play the video back now see. I would have just took my clipped it back because you don't want to nap you're right. She cute, but huh. You know [ __ ]. I always find you Coulda. You could have just right there. You could have just I hanged with photos. You see the little spot right there, yeah like what I ran out a little spot right there, it's just a little spot. That'S why I left you right there we get an apple. Oh, I am loving you this so see how when she's combing it it just bounces back and it's like. Oh you want me to do this. You want me to do that when the edges are just naturally straight, you can manipulate them, but sometimes they won't stay. So you don't have to do the dramatic middle that we're doing I'm just showing you all how the edges really curl. The way that you want them to, which is similar to the flat ironed look but, like I said OMG her hair, has already done that for you and eliminated a step. You know you feel good. We get your hair done. You know it's like getting your hair done, cure depression, mm-hmm, because you know I've been praying. You get the um damn pick get that over there baby go in that backyard. Behind that bush and bring me my purse, you know also have they purses. I took that there from your granddad and see hell. No, don't tell Granddad about that everything so taking that same pressed powder that she used in the part she's going to put that right between the edges and the hairline just for a little more oomph, my sister. She like pays special attention to details, so you know I'm just sitting back relaxing letting her do her own thing, I'm always doing so much for myself so to be able to just get someone else to do it for me and to treat myself. I love that. So after taking off the scarf, this is what we have y'all. It looks so good. I went home. I just put a bunded on when I took my bunded off. It still looked exactly like this OMG, her hair, thank y'all. So much for sponsoring this video and getting me all the way together, y'all. I was ready to do my makeup and go outside. I actually did like three days later. It'S a few days later I did kind of just re-damping it and since the edges are curly, they kind of hold the swoopy shape, so I kind of didn't touch them up. I like the way they look kind of kind of natural OMG. Her hair is currently having a sale going on. So, if you all like this hair - and you want to check out their website, it is currently on sale, so y'all might want to go and snatch it up right now, it's like no bleaching, no plucking the knot. Yeah I mean you can plug the next if you want, but I kind of want to show you all the idea of just taking it out of the box, cut the lace off and then just style it. This is the back. It'S raining today, so perfect, rainy day type of hair, because I did forget my umbrella. It'S effortless for spring, I put a little bit of like a conditioner in it right here. Okay on the screen, let me know what y'all think I feel really pretty really cute. Like when I got home the night, I got home after getting my hair done. I kid you not it's gon na sound, so conceited when I say it, but I'm trying to be more open and honest with y'all. So don't judge me. I sat and I stared at myself in the mirror for like 30 minutes, and I was like it was that girl, you look so good. You look amazing. It'S like talking to myself and I'm like girl. Oh baby dress up and get cute like when you look good, you feel good and I felt so pretty like. I think I tweeted that I put it somewhere. I was like I just feel so pretty OMG her hair. They did their thing. This is 22 inches by the way. That'S where it stops on me. We like it. I'M gon na have to show y'all how I clip the hair up, but yeah I clip it up, put my Bonnet on and then that was it for like the first two days, I didn't do anything and then today I took the spray bottle and just do Like this with my hands The Twist giving it to the girls, I'm gon na, let it down in a minute but for right now I like it with a Twist and you can move the part too. I don't know: what's up a distance, told y'all, but you can move the part anywhere. You want sometimes I'm a sad part kind of girl. I feel like whenever I wear curly hair. I do a middle part like my profile picture. Oh okay, that's it questions comments. Be sure to leave out that down below and as always I thank you all so much for watching.

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