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Welcome back to my channel, it's me maya today and i am back with another review, but here we go got this wig on amazon. So when get this wig, it comes with the two-day prime bag. You came in this bag and this week it's from the visit. The semi store s-d-a-m-e-y and it's a 13x4 straight lace, front wig for black woman, brazilian virgin hair human wig with baby hair, pre-plucked lace, frontal 150 density, natural color, 18 inches, and this unit was 129 and 69 cents. I want to say this came with one day shipping. So when you get your wig, it's going to come in this packaging, they give you uh makeup, brushes just a card with the company in the business, a brown wig cap and i literally just took their scissors. I want to see those down here. Yes, here we go so i have a pair of scissors from the sticky neck into this bag. The bad face 18 inches right there. So when you get your unit, it's going to come right in here. This lace, y'all, is kind of it's hard. Oh, the lace, y'all yup y'all, the lace y'all see that the lace is rough like it it's turning ashy. So, let's brush this out, the hair is soft. Oh the hair is thick too hair. Soft has lots of body and movement with the lace. You definitely have to tint the lace, so you get. Your unit has two clips in the front one in the middle one in the back. It comes with adjustable straps, so i'm going to do is just make this a little tighter. These things always give me a hard time. Okay, so i have it on i'm just going to put this on my head, so the hairline is very um. Blac chyna sumo wrestler-ish, the hair is super soft though wow the hair is super soft i mean the lace is not the best quality, but the hair is good. The hair is really good, so i don't know if this already has a part. It doesn't. I'M just gon na throw it this way. I like this, so this is the unit from the front. This is the side, and this is the back. I am going to zoom in on the lace, so this is the lace, so the hairline for the most part looks super natural. You definitely have to go in and pluck i don't recommend um bleaching, the knots, i would say, tincture lace, but i like this wig. This wig is nice and full i wan na. I think let me see how much this unit was. I want to say this: okay, it was 129, not bad, so we're just seeing if the hair takes a curl. Oh, the hair does take a curl. So this is going to be another candidate, so this here will definitely look good, layered um. I like this hair. The only thing i don't like is the lace is rough, not so much rough in the front, but mostly back here. It'S like really rough, but the hair and like it, has movement to go in any direction. I have no complaints about this hairs units actually really pretty the hair is soft. Um, like i said, temperature lace. I don't recommend bleaching the knots um just because of the quality of the lace, but it is human hair. It took a curl i like the unit, so you definitely go in pluck make this unit natural and that's pretty much it. This is like um, 10 out of 10, i'm gon na give it uh eight. Overall, the hair is great, it's nice and full. You definitely have to customize this frontal. I don't like the light. That'S my only complaint is i don't like the lace, but besides it, this is a cute unit. I like this hair, so this is it. This is my review guys bye, bye,


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