Wig Talk! Short And Sassy Wig Styles For 2023!

We are showing you some of our client favorite short and sassy styles to go into 2023 by our top quality manufacturers!

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Kim is wearing Emma by Envy Wigs in the color Sparkling Champagne along with Blaze LipSense and Glossy Gloss.

Misty is wearing January by Jon Renau in the color 10RH16.

Wigs shown in order of appearance:

Stylish Flare by Gabor 9:05

Natalie by Jon Renau 12:00

Annette By Jon Renau 15:15

Ivy by Noriko 19:00

Eva by Noriko 21:30

Advanced French by Raquel Welch 25:00

Jett by Estetica 28:30

Ryan by Estetica 33:25

Link by Ellen Wille 39:30

Disc by Ellen Wille 44:10

What do you mean like that? I just Spangled. Well I I thought we said it, but I guess not: okay, hi everybody, hey y'all, Tick, Tock, Instagram, all right! I think so. Angela Gigi joining on Instagram, oh gosh. We got people coming in people coming in. I don't even know if my wig's on straight, I was in a hurry to get over here. We got wine chew, Tammy boy, that's popping up fast, how's everybody doing y'all. These are our very first Big Talk, Wednesday of 2023.. I know I can't believe it's another year, but it is nothing nothing's gon na stop it. I mean what 2023 uh-huh, oh okay, what I thought you meant wig talk Wednesday, I'm like well, technology has stopped it before well. It may have stopped that this, but it ain't stopping this we're a force. You know you can't get rid of his head easy. Does she have a happy New Year? I did. I was in bed by 8. 30.. Oh well. I was dead by 10.. No actually, what did I do? Yeah yeah, I was yeah. I went to a friend's house. We had Lobster risotto, it was good. Oh, what did? I have New Year's fancy? Champagne I feel like I probably just had like I don't even remember, like maybe frozen dinner. Probably at Jimmy Dean's breakfast Frozen thing, that seems to be my go-to. I threw my wig on so fast. Thank you. Oh goodness, hi Celia Angel says Hey women's women's. Oh, we got somebody from the Bahamas. Instagram thanks for you, you guys following us on wig Tick. Tock we appreciate it, we do Wendy's, saying no fireworks. I wish I could go to bed that early while uh. I could hear him. I could hear him, but I was tired. It didn't even bother my dog, I mean it was like oh yeah. I was aware, but I went back to sleep and I live out kind of close to the country, so there was a lot going on, but it didn't bother me. Someone says we look like cat burglars, oh because we're both wearing black we're both wearing black. I just noticed that, but you you bright mustard, yellow corduroy. I got him in Germany. My sister told me to buy them because the other pair I got were black and you know I do a lot of black, so hi Melissa, hi Sandra. Do you miss Texas? Oh Peggy's on Instagram today, hi Peggy, do you know what their motto is in Dumas? I don't know, but oh you told me that was some ding dong. Daddy from Dumas. Oh Dumas, is, I don't know. Dumas is always my sign that I'm almost to Colorado right. That'S where we would stop, you know yeah, and they have this. I always talk about this when we would take the camper you know they had this Campground. We would stay there in the night and he's right by the railroad track and anyway that doesn't matter hi Mary. Oh, I love Mary hi, Mary Lori. I love you all of it. I didn't get to see her. She came in and I was gone. Oh, my goodness, somebody works New Year's Eve in the ER. Oh, my God, I can't imagine how crazy that is. Yeah they can the the ER doctors can tell stories that will curl your hair. I can't just I would hate to work the ER on a regular like Tuesday yeah, but New Year's Eve. It gets crazy. Did you just notice what I did? What I just read that comment from here you did, I got contacts you got them in. I got a man, oh yesterday. She could not get her contact three YouTube videos. I even had to watch a YouTube video of an optometrist that specializes in children wearing contacts, because I thought well if she can teach a child to do it, I can do it. Did it work her video didn't, but another one did Deborah Johns wants to know if anybody's sick of the Diane's Diane Story on Young and the Restless I'm so out of touch, you have not kept us updated Deborah on The Young and the Restless. Well, apparently, the Diane Story is getting old. Hmm. What else did we? Oh, I guess. If we do, I don't know we didn't do anything yeah. You came up here and worked on Sunday. I did I worked on Saturday. We were closed Saturday. I worked Saturday and Sunday, but I was off Monday. Yes, and I did I I would have had to try to be lazier. It was. We were supposed to get bad bad weather. We kept getting cancellations. The phone didn't even ring until, like three o'clock - Melissa Turner added her middle initial. To avoid the confusion, I'm glad you did, what is your middle name? Hi Maxine, all right? Okay, I guess we better get down to business, says uh Gigi's wig wall says I used to do that. New Year's Eve in the ER was a war zone. I can okay. Well, we didn't even talk about what we're wearing. Oh, oh yeah, I got ta talk about this. This is Envy and it's called Envy Hair and it is a human hair, synthetic blend, it's 70 percent heat defiant and 30 human hair. So I'm kind of testing it out to see how I like it. You know whenever you get human, the it's more gold, it's more gold than what I would like, but we're going to work on that too, but a little bit. But I love the way it feels so I'm gon na see how it wears and I, like the color I mean I I think it's a little darker than you normally are, but I like it, it's it's that sparkling champagne and I don't think it's overly gold, But I know that you you, like I'm paranoid about gold. She is so and of course, I'm wearing my January. Yes Jon renau 10 or 8 16. yep, it's beautiful okay. So what are we gon na do today? We are gon na do short and sassy um. Wigs that, oh I'm sorry, I think, they're confused it's it's by Envy, but the style is called Emma. Yes, yeah and Shells Bells when it's a blend. This is kind of weird. I don't know how they do it, but it just it just comes back yeah. This has been washed. It came back exactly like that. Now I have oh hi Italy. I have three human hair wigs. I only bought them because we don't sell human hair and I wanted to see what that was about um. They do exactly what my hair does. So they can look beautiful once they're done and by the end of the day it looks like my own hair, it's all stringy and the curls falling out and if it's humid outside forget about it, but that one just I mean - and I really like I wet It down yesterday when I was cutting it and I brushed it out. I did add a few more curls in the back. Just because I wanted to see a different curl pattern go on, but I mean it's it's so far. It'S worked pretty good, so we'll see once she starts wearing it. She hasn't worn it because it was too too thick in here. It is a lot of hair right in here yeah. So I took a lot. He took a lot face, framed it yeah. She did hurt thing well, it's already been carry coated once and I cut it again so right well and I've been griping for how long ago I can't I can't even get my wigs done. That'S like the cobbler has no shoes, it's not like. She doesn't have any other wigs y'all we're gon na do short styles, that are some of our top sellers things that people ask for and they love, and we wanted to show them to you. I mean we sell a ton of wigs and majority wise. Most of the ones we sell are short yeah. I mean it's always fun to get a long one. I need an Altoid. I didn't get an Altoid, it's been like 15 minutes anyway, so we decided to do short wigs. We did the best sellers that we sold. Last year, so now we're like okay, let's do short ones, so these are the ones that people like okay right. This is one I don't even know if you've ever showed this before on a video we may have, I don't know, stylish flare by Gabor. This is a lace front with a monofilament part. It is a regular fiber. It is not heat defiant. A little bit asymmetric, not too terribly. This cap is comfortable. Oh, it's super comfortable. Deborah says she wants wigs. Well, it will make your life so much easier. It sure does saves you a lot of money too people bulk at spending. You know two or three hundred dollars on a wig, but you go to sitting in a Solange here. It'S time it's time consuming, and I I don't have that much time in my life and plus my hair's not great but subscribe when I put a wig on yeah yeah, yes, um, this red does Linda's asking on YouTube. If this is a cool tone red which is kind of hard to find that it does kind of appear cool, because the blonde is kind of a cool one, all right, here's the back great neckline, the lace - is pretty good too yeah. It'S. It doesn't seem very itchy no, and I mean, of course you could add a bang if you wanted it. If you didn't want to do the lace, if you have a higher four, then maybe you probably wouldn't even need to trim it, but you can pull it down just a little or you can wear it up away from your face. Yeah cute cute super lightweight, comfortable, yeah, yeah, stylish Flair. I can see why people ask for it. Terry says she likes our black. Thank you. We both wear black a lot, but I've gotten better about wearing color. Well, I try sometimes on Wednesdays. I try to wear black because it just doesn't distract from the colors of the wig unless we're doing dark colors. That red looks pretty on you Kim. I don't look good in red. I think that looks great. You have the perfect color eyes, make sure you got your contacts in, I got them in. I got a man, I got it. I should probably get one yeah Dana on Tick. Tock says she's looking for a bob, we got Bob's and we are about to do. I haven't told you yet, but we got a request to do um a whole episode on Bob's yeah, which we've done that before, but it's been a while and there's been a lot of Bob's come out since then. So we're about to do Bob's, we'll probably do short bobs and maybe one on long bobs. I love me a good Bob, all right. Okay! What'S next, oh coming up one of my favorites, it's Natalie! Oh and I got this new color peppercorn. Oh that's! Gon! Na look good, my sister's hair so close to this color beautiful, that's gon na look awesome with your shirt and your pink lips. They read well they're Blaze, they're, Blaze blazing. I agree and I don't like myself says: red does look good on you Sandra says: she'd love to come to Dallas and check out our store. Give us a call come in. We will. We'Ve had visitors from all over yeah, get you an appointment and we will just have fun. Natalie is so comfortable yeah, it is Natalie's, nice and large head friendly. This is a Natalie. Is a machine made wig? So there's no lace, there's no monofilament! It'S part of Jon renau's, Oso, light collection, so the whole thing weighs less than two ounces and nice and wispy. You can um trim a bang in this. It already has a little bit of an undercut bang. So if you wanted to just even that up, you can, if you don't want it, you can sweep it over. I'Ve had one that I cut bangs in I've had one that I didn't Melissa said I've never noticed this Melissa says she wears black when she tries on Wicks, so it doesn't take away I'm trying to huh yeah. That'S true, I think maybe she does always have black on cute cute can't go wrong with Natalie, but what I was getting at was saying: is it's big head friendly, large head friendly? If you have a um average to petite size, if they make it in petite, go with a petite, because it's really large in the crown okay. So where are y'all? Oh, where someone's asking where we are located on Tick, Tock, uh, that they say they're in San Antonio or in Dallas, we're in Far North Dallas, and you can go to our website and see everything about us and probably some stuff. You don't want to know. We have a YouTube channel with over 300 and about 350 videos. Now oh gosh, this paper corn is party. This is my mama's hair. Yes, it was. I wish I'd got her coloring. I shouldn't complain. I mean I'm heavy, I'm I'm happy! I don't want to sound ungrateful. What are you saying I wish I got her coloring and not not my daddy's. You don't get to pick your gene pool all right. Natalie is cute Veronica on YouTube's asking if we ship to the UK, yes ma'am. I think we just shipped we just shipped to Israel, we've shipped, would you say Dubai. We have shipped to Ireland. We have shipped where's that at it's in the um Arab Emirates, it's not actually in Dubai. We just we'll we'll ship it there or we'll bring it to you if you're in a you know a great place. Okay, now we're doing a knit, that's what we're doing. Okay, okay, this is storm, and this is such a pretty color and that is um, complete monofilament top in lace front, regular fiber. They also make one like this. That'S heat defiant to be confused, called Ann right. Yes, okay, they make this in all those fun. Colors vaccine says you can't pick your gene pool, but you do have to swim in it. Yeah, that's the truth. You know. I think this is a cute wig. I don't care what to say it's cute wig. If, if you have been looking at a short pixie like winner just say winner, for instance, but you think that's just not quite enough hair for me - then look at Anne. If you want something because winter Elite I mean, if you want lace, front mono feel on top when are Elites fully hand tied, but it doesn't have quite this much hair and fullness yeah, and this is just it's cute. This style works for so many people yeah. Oh and her Annette, okay yeah. So if you don't know, um we've mentioned it, but we haven't um our ambassador. Her name is Alicia and her handle she's, really big on Instagram um and her handle is wigging out. So if you haven't followed her, go over to Instagram and search for wigging out and follow her, she is so sweet and she does amazing things with her wigs and she looks good in long short, she has alopecia she's, just absolutely gorgeous she's, so talented. So someone says we can pick our genes like yeah, oh yeah, I picked those I got I had to Pare down my jeans. I had a whole closet. That was nothing but jeans. I thought I I've been buying. I'Ve been on a jeans buying binge well, I buy mine on most of my jeans came from Sam's old clearance. I make that side too big. Do you see that I'm only just making this side big and this side was flat? It'S Palm Springs blind is my favorite colors. What'S the crown length of a net? Oh gosh, the actual specifics are on our website. Shopmemies dallas.com yeah I'd say like four four or five inches yeah, it's cute, but look we're going to show you a cute little clip that she did on her Instagram and you can see what she did with her Annette that we sent her. Look it's so cute. She used her peace out cream, so you can make it super modern fun. You know it doesn't have to be just because it's just because you wear a short style doesn't mean it's going to make. You look older. You know some people think. Oh, if I wear shorts, maybe like oh that's, not true, you can really just make it. You know really modern and Chic and fun yeah fun fun. Thank you, Anita on Tick, Tock says it's cute on both of us. I hope she was commenting on this one and not the one that we already did all right. Next, we're gon na move over to Noriko. I don't know how many people we have that wear Ivy. Oh, I don't either but a bunch, and we don't ever even talk about it. I just think, as it really doesn't need to be talked about it's that popular, it's not and it works for a lot of different face, shapes necklings yeah. It does run a little on the small side, so um. If you have a little larger head, you may need to stretch it or cut the bands out or something - and oh my gosh, it's just so cute. I mean these are straight from the box with no products, nothing. So if you imagine just a little wig wax or something in the oh, my gosh they're just so cute check in the box, but wait till we show you the back y, it's kicky! It'S what your mama would say. Your mom has your mama commented me. Your mom is usually on here um. No, she is having lunch with some ladies today and I had given her some clothes for Christmas, so she took her picture and texted it to me. So I could see how cute she looked and she looked adorable all right. Let'S switch comes in a lot of different colors too. It comes in Grays, blonde red, brunettes Noriko. I love their color line. They do a lot of modern, colorations um. Thank you. Someone shared our live on Tick Tock. Thank you so much. I love sugar cane, oh Alexi's, watching us on Instagram hi Alexa's, our resident makeup artist. If y'all don't know that she's multi-talented, she totally is she's, so good with customers she's. So cute she's, like she's new and so she's only works two days a week, but since she's been off of school, she's been working every day, well, she's counting her wigs that she sells and so we've she set a goal for herself and as soon as she Reaches her goal, we're all gon na go celebrate so yeah every time she tells a big world. What number you have she's so cute. I just love it. I love how to get her hair mayonnaise love having hair. Here we appreciate her so much. Okay, we got a lot more together. I'M sorry time just gets away. Time gets away. Well, let's begin all right: this is Eva. I don't know how long do you remember that old song you talk too much, you were we needed it. You don't remember that song. Okay, I'm gon na play for you when we get off this y'all. Remember that song, you talked to me and this is midnight Pearl. This is such a pretty color. So striking. Oh someone said it would be nice to see your mom on the show. I agree. I agree we got ta, get your mama down here, she's a little camera shy. Well, I thought we'd get her down here and record her without her. Knowing then we'll have to do it live yeah. If it's live, she really might be nervous. Okay, Terry is asking if sugar cane or creamy toffee is lighter they're different. The sugar cane has more warmth in it. So the low light is a little bit on the red side, but not really red and creamy. Toffee is more gold yeah. I think creamy toffee would catch the Light more. So it might look a little lighter, but it Kim's right, they're kind of on the same level, it's just one's a little bit more muted one's a little bit more. You know yeah, that's so pretty with your black. If you just had some those red glasses. You'D. Look like an artist. Oh and I've got some red flower earrings. I could have worn those so Eva's, just a good short size. If you think Ivy has what I've got mine all smoothed down. I know why not go like you if you think Ivy's just a little bit of too much hair. This is a good option right here and you get those great Colors. Oh my goodness, yeah, that honey wheat is such a beautiful color. They don't make honey wheat in everything; no, they don't they don't, but it's pretty because it has just a little bit of that. Lighter blonde dark blonde at the bang and it gets to a darker brown at the back. You have a Kleenex, please! Oh, that's what you were pointing at mm-hmm. I thought you were telling me to look at the tick tock um, no camera Barbie girl wants to know. If we're going to feature the new aesthetica, we cannot feature they don't actually release until the 6th, which is Friday. Um they were supposed to be sending us one, they the rep, so they could send us one, not one of each there's four, but one, and I have been on him and on him. If is it gon na get done? Is it gon na get done and he said he's still checking, so I doubt it I don't know well, they did say that they had to send a whole bunch back. Yes, they were not up to quality standards, so it's better to wait and have them come out. Well, when companies launch things too early and the quality they've got QC issues, it's just it's a big mess. Do you know what I wish, though? What do you wish? I wish that they would do all that before they release them before they. You know send out all of this stuff to their retailers and the the pictures and all that and get everyone excited and then say: well we didn't like QC, we didn't this or that you know, because now we're like well, we've got we've been announcing it to All of you guys, oh it's coming out we're so excited because Seneca doesn't come out with new styles. That often - and now it's like - oh now, it's a letdown yeah yeah, I'm sorry. What are we doing? Well, we're doing Advanced French. Now I got so distracted. Well, there was a spider on this wall. Oh I saw and I had to get it y'all all right. This is Advanced French. It is lace front with a machine made cap and oh it's heat defiant, that's the other yeah. Why is the Matrix? I mean we have some people who can now other styles that are real asymmetrical. Like jet, I don't like to cut that off or Natalie which I have, but you don't have to, but this is just a little bit. So if you don't like it, it's even fine. If you just kind of push it back like that, because this lace front is amazing. This wig comes out of the box perfect, almost every time I don't. I don't think we have ever had a cold set issue. It goes back away from the face. Well it just it works. No, I didn't I'm sorry. I will put it on really quick. I got distracted. Uh Carolyn is asking if it fits large, you know she's petite, pretty average, it's pretty average. I mean, I think, it's large, I I don't think it's large, it's a little bit too tight on me. Okay, let me put this midnight Purl on really quick since someone's asking on YouTube. Oh thank you. Fancy kitten! That'S what the blonde looks good, okay! This is back to Eva, so don't get anybody to get confused. I don't have on Advanced French here's Eva midnight, Pearl, okay, now, okay, yeah, wait we're in the wrong. No, we just haven't switched it. We'Ve already done all righty and I love the way they put. Some lighter pieces at the front on the blonde ones so that you don't see the dark knots. It is this one. This has dark, but it's not noticeable that noticeable. Is it it's not because even on the darker wig, they put it's just a shade, lighter. It'S not um, that's not bad um! That'S asking on Tick Tock how we keep our wig caps in in place so good. We actually don't wear wig caps. This is just for hygienic purposes. We wear the wig grips and I'm telling you when we get done we'll. Take them off and show you they you can. Literally, we have a tick tock video on our channel that has carry going 60 miles an hour on a jet ski. So go check that out. It will keep your wig on in place. So this I like this color, it's very natural. It is very natural jet what a Misty's favorite wigs we showed Jack last week too, because it's one of our top sellers of 2022. and everybody wants their jet to look like Misty, oh Karen, said. Thank you. Sweet! Miss I am sweet, they don't think I'm sweet around here, just y'all think I'm sweet she's, pretty bossy. Actually, everybody hears Boston, everybody's bossy because everybody has to be because everybody's bossy about different things yeah. So we each have reasons that we have to be bossy or we'd, never get anything done all right. Jed is a lace front with a um, a machine made cap, it's regular, fiber, okay, what's the name of the tick tock Channel, wig, jigs, weight checks and Kathy's asking how we store our wigs at home? And what I do is I store mine upside down. I take a skirt hanger and I hang them upside down by the tag it's pretty space efficient, but I'll tell you. I have a guest bedroom closet that when I go look for wigs, it's literally like looking for a shirt I'll, probably not just do mine like this make a t-shirt born bossy. Well, what I did was I got Marcia and Misty shirts. That said, I'm bossy, I'm not the boss, they just said I'm bossy, and then I got one that said, I'm the pop and that one yes, she never lets us forget she's the boss. I get run over you do not all right. It'Ll it'll go away. It will all right, let's see this is such we didn't talk about this color, but if you have natural red hair, this is their answer to a natural way. My friend Betsy, this is her haircut. Yes, it is a natural redhead, Deborah Johnson says she hangs hers on hangers too. She lives in an RV. This is my favorite blonde they've ever made. I know ever ever ever made. I love it. I love it so much. I love it. So much love it. So much I love it have I said I love it. Maybe you should get one. I can't even justify another wig right now. I can't I can't I mean Missy puts a ton of wig wax in hers. She also used um use peace out cream. I used to use peace out cream until I got the wig wax. I think the for a novice, the wig wax, is easier and quicker to apply the the the peace out cream holds better but, like I said it's easier Michelle's asking if I attach the hanger clip to the tag. Yes, I do and I store mine upside down. So that they stay nice and fluffy um, you know using gravity to your advantage. So if you store it on a head, upright, that's not wrong, but if you want it to have good volume, it's going to gravity's gon na, take its toll and it's going to get flatter and flatter um Carolyn's asking I'm not Carolyn. I'M sorry Jan's asking if Sun lip blonde is a cool color. Yes, absolutely it's not doesn't have a silver undertone. It does have a creamy blonde to it um, but it's not gold. So it's it's absolutely gorgeous. I would wear that color, absolutely gorgeous. That'S the test of the if it has gold in it yeah, because I mean it's kind of a fine line between going this light and platinum to the silver color, and you know, Seneca does have that silver Sun root, which it technically is part. I considered maybe a gray like a silvery gray, but this is just that really creamy blonde love. It love it love it all right, Michelle's asking are the wigs inside out no they're not inside out literally. I hang it with by the clip like that. All right. Let'S um, let me just address this. One Tick Tock comment this asking: if we only have short hairstyles, no, we don't and I'm sorry. I know we can't put the titles on um Tick Tock, but we have all sorts of styles, but Today's Show we're featuring the um short styles. So just stay back. We go live every Wednesday at noon and we have tons of videos on our YouTube page. So you can go check out all of the styles that we carry there all right, Ryan. This. I think when people put this wig on it just makes them happy. I love Ryan. I have Ryan and I have Ryan in the um. What color do I have Ryan uh silver Sun, rape, silver, sunroot, yeah, um, pinecones, asking is um. Oh Holly wants to try, I did say yeah, yes Holly. I will put you one aside asking. If dust is an issue, when you hang your wigs, I haven't really noticed that I get, I think your closet's the best place. Yeah I mean the door's shut, so I don't really get that much dust gosh. This is so this is so cute and cute. Oh gosh, I just love it, I'm so sorry we're trying not to shake shake you guys. Oh sorry did I do that yeah. If anything's gon na get knocked over it's gon na, be me, isn't it cute yeah, just a little bit of curl make it messy? You put a little product in that this is lace front with a monofilament uh part. I want a darker color like I just love. This love, this caramel kiss is pretty Elizabeth, wants to know how she can order. You go to our website, which is shopmemesdallas.com, and we have all of our Styles there and we have the colors prices. All that good stuff, we told y'all. We were going to show you a lot, there's still two more to go there. It is sometimes Kim just keeps picking and I'm like I was, do you realize how many I was told, go pick wigs out best ones that people ask for that. We sell a lot. I was. I was voluntold to do that and I scratched two of them. Yeah, that's a that's an actually a great comment that just came in from YouTube yeah. It is you want to address it all right, so Deborah's asking she said she doesn't have hair loss. She wants to try wigs for the fun or convenience. How should she start start with cheaper wigs to try or go for Quality? So the best thing you can do when you want to start looking into wearing wigs, is go to a wig salon and try them on um. If you don't have the opportunity to do that, it's really hard to do online. We do Zoom meetings, we don't charge for them. So uh, that's an option or you can just like vaccine, says pick something you like the look of and try it I mean. I. I do want to say this and I'm not trying to say just spend all the money. You'Ve got okay, but don't go for cheat just because you're getting weight, because if you you're going to get what you pay for. So if you get something cheap, it's going to look cheap and you're not going to wear it. You know so do do your research do do, watch a lot of YouTube videos, you know, do your research and then just go for it. I mean you, don't know until you try it. You know, and you're gon na find you're gon na love it, and I have a full head of hair. Okay also watch videos, because when you get a wig you know we have a video on our YouTube channel. I got my wig now what we literally walk you through opening the box, putting the wig on putting the wig grip on so that you know what to do when you're at home, and you don't have anybody there to help you and so there's all kinds of Tips and tricks: we have a Facebook, VIP group, it's a private group and it's seven thousand women. All they do is share what they're doing with their wigs they'll show pictures uh. It'S a very, very positive support group. It is, and we say this all the time you can go to the manufacturer sites all day long and look at the wig models, but it's so good to see them on real people. Yeah. You know it's. It'S one thing to see someone. That'S got a you know a team of stylists putting every here in place versus US pulling them out of the box. You know and messing with them, or you know someone that's in their living room. That'S taking a snapshot. So definitely go to the Facebook group. You know start there. Shells Bells says that it's probably a good idea to find somebody that has your same face shape and she says hers is very similar or the same face shape as Misty. So when she orders wigs, she orders whatever looks good on Misti. Well, everything does but anyway, and she has never been disappointed. Yeah I mean look, that's and see how you wear your own hair. You know, I mean I'm a round face, so there are certain links. I won't go to because I don't want to make it look any more round. You know, that's why I'm always going for height up here is because I want to elongate. You know my face shape so just but just you got to start somewhere yeah. So that's our best advice right um. There was a comment I wanted to address on. Can you we are answering Alice? I was gon na and you were the one I was gon na answer um, I just it Scrolls. Okay, how do you get them to stay on hair glue? No, we do not use glue and we're gon na go as soon as if you just give us a minute when we get to the end of what we're doing we're gon na. Take all this off and I'll show you okay. So just hang hang on with us um and you can go see. Someone also ask where our YouTube is just type in Mimi's, wig, Boutique, on the YouTube search bar and you will find us um and on Facebook Mimi's big Boutique. Our private group is wig, chicks, VIP, Mimi's, wig, chicks, VIP and then on Instagram we're wig chicks in here, where we checks all that just look at which you'll find us: okay, okay, all right. So I tried, but that wasn't a very important question all right. Two more two, more y'all, two more a couple of Ellen Villas. What does that mean? What I have a turkey waddle so hard to find that face shape? Oh when you got this, that is not hard. I got it too and I'm trying to lose weight and it's only going to get worse all right. Uh. This is Link Link is a lace front with a monofilament part. Did y'all ever watch um, never mind. I can't think of the show. It would just take up time, because this is what I do. I start talking. How does Pearl blonde rooted compared to sunlight Pearl blonde is a little bit cooler. It'S got low lights. You know it's got more dimension, um. Let me just pull it out. We already put it down, I think so. I think it has a little bit more dimension, Maybe yeah. So it's really close just different under it's it's side by side. You can see the difference, but you know if you were going to wear this color one day and it's called the next. Nobody would ever know both are gorgeous colors. This is heat defined though, and the um sunlight blonde isn't, but in this cute this is. This is probably my favorite Wig by um Ellen Villa yeah. It is so cool. I mean this is my style. I love these short really like asymmetric messy Styles, and this Rosewood rooted color is so pretty. It is it's that I don't know what you call it Orange. Maybe I don't know I'm trying to describe it. It'S just it's kind of pink, it's kind of Rosewood, yeah, oh Veronica's, asking our Raquel Welch wigs the best. No, the best wig is the best wig for you right. I have one of I of every brand that I think that we carry, and I mean I like each brand for different reasons, and so it's just whatever works for you works for you gosh this color's. So pretty it's easier to see on Tick Tock from because of the lighting. It was hard to see huge huge. This I need some product and it'd be perfect. Michelle says she finally caught us live was because we're still on here we've been going 41 minutes. Let me see that's too long who picked out all these wigs. It wasn't me foreign all right, Kathy, no um, you don't they don't flare out with these she's asking if they, if you wear glasses and make the sides flare out if you're wearing a short wig. No, no, they make you make these little stays, and so, if, if you feel like it's pointing out, you just curve them around your glasses. Well - and I it's gon na sound like a dumb explanation, but this is how I explain it if you feel like that's having or having a problem, you can literally lift so slightly on the band behind the ear, and it makes like a little Canal for your Glasses to fit in and then you don't that alleviates that problem, because I have three others that look just like it. I just got a trend, alert, Stella and Emma well, I got and they're all similar, but I love it too yeah. I got it in the room, I'm probably gon na get another one um. Oh, we didn't show them back goodness. What'S wrong, you know what's wrong with me. I didn't have caffeine today, not because it's it's my fault, I texted her. I know it's when I was on my way to work and said I'm going to Starbucks. Would you like anything, then she was whining about not having caffeine. I told her. I would go get her some here's, the back and she goes. No, that's. Okay. I text. Cda, you texted it for Starbucks and I said I'll go get you something! Oh sorry about that. She keeps hitting this table. I'M sorry, um Jan, wants to know how many wigs do I own. Personally, I really don't know um. I usually keep six here and then at home. I don't know, I don't know okay, so if you lacked in the last Style, but you don't want heat defined and you don't want lace front and you don't want any of that. Then you need this style, because it's super sleek, regular fiber, doesn't have a lot of density at all, not enough hair. For me see this is this is an example of something I wouldn't wear, because my face is too round you know I mean yes, you can get product in it and do this well, yeah, it's pretty cute now did anything to make it look cute, but I Thought I tried that earlier. Oh goodness, when I was in Germany, um at Ellen Villa one of the girls that was trying on wigs. For me, I put this on and I looked. I was like I have to take a picture and I love that color and you sent that picture to me and I was like. Oh that's gorgeous. I didn't even know what it was called so then, when I got back, I had to text a picture to George, our wonderful rep, and just it's called pepper light. It'S just it is so pretty. Isn'T it cute more fullness out of this than I thought cute? This is cute. Okay, let me try the cup and we're about to show you y'all y'all. Just hang on. Okay, we, you know these little wig chicks over here on Tick. Tock keep asking how we keeping them on. Let'S show you give us two more minutes: oh Peggy loves her desk. It looks beautiful on her hi Peggy. Oh Maxine says I look classy, you do classy and Sassy. I don't know about that, but thank you um, and on Instagram's asking um we we will show the new estatica as soon as we get them. I promise they just don't actually release them until um, the 6th, which is Friday, yeah, and so as soon as we get them we'll show. Oh there's Peggy on Facebook. Yes, she looks great in disc. She does oh look at this color. I know I love that color and this Bernstein rooted, if you like, mochaccino by Noriko. This is a great color for you, uh or um. Did you say like FS 1224b from Jon renau, but see this? This needs red lipstick. It looked better on you. This is, this is not right. You know I like me some red lips. This color needs something more bright like yours, yeah all right, let's get together, everybody wants to knows how we keep our wigs on and I just rolled mine up. I didn't do well. First of all, okay, the way I put my hair when you put your hair up one thing you got to remember you're going to cover it up. It doesn't have to look good. So that's why mine looks so wonky, but I just use clips and I've flattened my hair and put the clips down and then I do the same thing. Yeah. Let'S see we both like these clips and we don't sell them. Uh they're my they're made by scuncie Goodie Goodie and you can get them at most drugs I'll just take one out, so you can see, because I know it's hard to see in our hair. They are literally the old-fashioned. They don't look like they'll hold a lot of hair, but they will hold a lot of hair this. Let me show it to Instagram. First, these kind. Now, let's show it over here to the YouTube and the Facebook group. These kind of right here now wig chicks over here on Tick Tock, these kind right here and then just stick them in and they curve to your head and they just are so powerful yeah. So you get straight Clips. The straight metal Clips sometimes will poke through the cap, and a bobby pin will just eventually work its way out. I mean it'll, just because the inside of the wigs I mean, if you're new, to wigs, you know what we're talking about the inside. Most of these are wefted, so you put your hair in a bobby pin, I mean look at there. You can just pop right out and you're they're talking having dinner or a drink or something and you're just talking, Allison blue right on your shoulder. There goes bobby pin. I don't want that to happen to me, I don't either, which is a little bit dramatic. I can't hear some of the stories I've heard from these women over the years. Oh lizanne says that her husband's in Dallas on business, we should have came with you. Yes, next time. Please come see us okay. This works one way and one way only like a flight attendant, I'm gon na. Let you tell it because you do it better. I wan na do the hand motions like like we're in a plane. Thank you. Okay. Well I'll tell it, because I talk so too much you're right, it works one way. We may be opposite on your screen, but you have to put the tag on the right side outside. So this is my little trick. I'M right-handed some of you may be left-handed, but I'm right-handed, and so, when I put it on, I make my right index finger. Touch it and that way, I know when I put it on it's in the right spot, because it's going to go on your right Temple. I just had a lady come in yesterday and she's been wearing hers. She immediately she came out there to put it on and she put it on the inside on the left and I'm like. No, no, no, no, no see how easy that just slipped right there. No! It'S not gon na work when you put it in the right spot, it grips see, I can't move it, it grips, it works with the nap of the fabric and that's why it will only work one way. I think so too, and you don't want to make it tight. You literally just come back here, follow your hairline and just velcro wherever it goes, lay it down, because if you, if you tighten it when you get a new one, the nap is nice and tight. When you stretch it, it gets looser and your hair is just going to slip right on through it's going to stay. I promise I didn't adjust it now. I can pull on my wig, it's not coming off the other thing. It does pull on it. It anchors yeah, you pull mine, because people think you're not really pulling. You can really pull uh. The white doesn't show if you put it too close and you can see it just take your finger and push it up. So I mean I'm pulling it all the way back there see where it's at it's not going to show, and it's always a good idea. I only own Brown, I mean I have blonde wigs, but if you have one that's hand tied right here a lot of times, if you get that tan, it's going to show so always just pay attention to what color you're getting yeah. So that's how we get them to stay on. That'S the best product on the market. There'S a lot of knockoffs we get. We have companies that send us free samples that we can test. Not one comes close to Milano weight grip. So, no because when we're always looking for, you know a deal yeah and if we can offer our clients something that works just as good for a lower price, we're going to do it, we haven't found it all right. Jan says she feels her way grip sliding underneath her wig. While you have it on okay. So if you have stretched out your wig, your wig grip, it separates that nap and it loses its ability to work anymore. So the way you can tell that it's stretched is this part there's the white on the other end, this will start to get very narrow, so you can see mine's already started narrowing from what it was in the beginning. Once that starts to happen, then it's it. Doesn'T hold as well. Mine is not too stretched out, but I like, I think it feels better to have it on a little snug. And so, if you like it to be snug you're going to stretch it out over time and you just have to buy them more often um and I do want to address Anne on Instagram say: does it work on a bald head? I have a client that's been coming here and she's actually been wearing wigs when she was 17 and she's almost 40. um she is has alopecia has no hair. She wears them um. It does make her wigs more comfortable, um, not say it's gon na reach its full potential without hair, but it does yes give you a little bit more of you know a grip on there also um Michelle's Bells. She does exactly what I do. I think you do it too um. My hair is really fine and slick. So, just to give me an extra, I don't have a prominent occipital bone, I'm really flat back here, so I usually sometimes will. If I'm going to be in a really like outside in the wind or know, I'm going to be doing something where I'm taking my wig off and on a lot. And I want that began to stay tight I'll spray. The back of my hair with hairspray and while it's still wet glue that thing down yeah honey, Holly, um, yeah, some. If you don't have a prominent occipital bone, then you it is gon na have a hard time. Yeah and and Annie says she's been using double-sided tape for years. You try. The grip, I mean. Double-Sided tape is really hard to beat for its durability. I mean it depends on what your lifestyle is. If you're very, very active, then you might still use a double-sided tape, but in the meantime, if you're just going to be out shopping or whatever the group might be a good solution for you, okay, we are we're gon na have to get off here, yeah, because We have clients coming um, so let's just go really quick through this. We usually bring somebody else in to do this, but we're gon na have to rush through it. So we're about to just remember: y'all follow us everywhere. There'S our handles. If you're watching on YouTube or Facebook, with your Instagram at Mimi's, wig, chicks, Tick, Tock at wig, chicks, Facebook, Mimi's, wig, chicks, VIP and Mimi's wig Boutique YouTube memes, we would cheek okay. Now you want to tell them about this yeah. So the sale for the week is depending on how much you buy you get some free products. So if you spend fifty dollars, you get a brush a hundred dollars. You get a wig grip and a brush, and you need to specify in the notes of your order what color wig grip you want and if you spend 200, you get the travel kit, which is really great, a wig grip and a brush, and you should spend Over 250, you get wig wax a travel kit, a wig grip and a brush. You get all of it, so yep no code needed, so you just put the dollar amount and it doesn't matter what you spend it on. You can buy all products you can buy. Wigs you can buy, I don't care, I don't know anything yeah you can buy Mimi's exclusives, you can buy clearance wigs, you can buy whatever yeah whatever so it just goes by dollar amount, just stick it in there and if you don't specify a color on your Way grid we'll send you a tan one, so um. If that's, okay and that'll go through Sunday night, yes, um, there was something else I was going to say and I just forgot it. I don't know, but that's everything you need to take care of your wig. Even a styling product, so thank you all for joining us. We had lots of people here. I bet we've got over 500 people watching and we appreciate you guys hanging out with us for all this time and listening to us. You know rainbow we'll see you next week. Bye, bye,

Vicki Cobb: Misty looks great in EVERY wig!

Teena Covert: I can’t always watch you live, but I watch you the minute I get home! You two are such fun! I received my Ahead of the Curve, and I love your little note and quick delivery! Thanks!

Donna Baty: I would like to see low density wigs. A straight style and a curly one that you could interchange. Thank y’all so much! I love Ellen Willie.

Christine Kirsch: I have a Natalie that is my go to Wig and I love it. I started out with Jett, than Easton Pettite,than Natalie. So it really looks like it is naturally longer. I absolutely loved it. WOW helped me out greatly. Thank you!!

Ed and Cathy Christensen: First let me say, I love watching you two! It's about wigs, but it really is more of a social visit for me. I have a question as I am fairly new to wigs, coming off of toppers...I just cannot seem to keep a wig grip from sliding up my nape at the back. I have two types and have tried loosening and tightening. I've also tried a wig cap with or without. Everything slides up on me and eventually slides back from my hairline too. I used It Stays but it seems to make my head sore/sensitive by the hairline and further back because everything feels like it is pulling. Help! What am I doing wrong?? PS I am a 21.5" and an 11.5 ear to ear.

Susan S.: Always enjoy watching you ladies. Hoping the new year brings in some new petite wigs.

Glenda Mock: I want one of each! Thanks for showing us all these great wigs.

Sassybanjo: It’s very interesting that Kim smooths the wig and Misty adds volume, so the same wig looks like a different one.

Bonnie: Thank you ladies! I loving Annette & Ivy!

Sunny Dale: First wig looks great on Kim!

Linda Reeves: Can't wait to get my Starly in pink rooted.

Belgium Girl: Thank you so much for bringing the short styles for us to see

Karen's Kloset: Girl Kim you look good in red much better actually than blonde because it really warms up your face and make sure eyes pop it really matches your skin tone.. Just saying

Kathy Solomon: Cute styles on you ladies!

auapplemac: Kim, you do look great in red!

Sassypants57: Advanced French is so cute. I was always afraid to get it because it seemed so short. But why does the blonde version look so much nicer than the brown one? The blonde looks much fuller, with more body.

DeeCee: Short wigs are great. I gravatate towards. Dont even wear my HH ones much anymore as dislike upkeep of..

Dawn Schmidt: Thank you, ladies! :)

maryanne gibbard: I like Stylish Flair but I don't want asymetrical. If it's parted differently do you think the sides could be even?

David Huey: Frank Campanella said that there were going to be more HD Gabor styles yet to be released. Did you hear that?

Elizabeth Currie: Pearl blonde is a more natural colour. Sunlit blonde is platinum with a touch of beige.

Lynda Steinway: My hair is so fine all clips and barettes slip. Any Suggestions? THX! Love y'all!

Lynda Steinway: I do use a wig grip, but how do I get my hair from slipping out of wig?

Dorothy Nolen: Misty, love the color of you lipstick, what color is this?

vichec gptx: Hi ladies can y'all please show the back of all the wigs, the front is beautiful but I don't see the backof some. Thanks ladies

Joyce Bokman: I just got my Jett. It is very flat! It looks like a bad hair day I have used numerous products, ( wig wax, .piece out cream, wig hair spray, and its still flat! What's next?

Deirdre Wagner: What wig was Misty wearing in the very beginning? They talked about Kim's but what was Misty's?

Kathy Haatvedt: Do you have the bennet wig in silverstone? Have you seen it? Want to know if there is blonde colors around the face like in the hunter wig?

Dennis Riddle: Hello this is Connie in idaho.

Linda Reeves: Hello girls

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