Best Wigs Of The New Year | Sky, Alessandra & In Charge

Join Maha host @ as she shows 3 Holiday favorites: Sky by Noriko in color: Terracotta H, Alessandra by Jon Renau in color: S2/103-18RO and Charge by Raquel Welch in color: RL29/33SS.

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Hi everyone welcome to today's YouTube show. This is our last show of 2022.. That is so exciting. Thank you guys so much for being here and for supporting you know watching all these videos, I hope they're very beneficial for you guys and we're going to continue, making them even better and better um. I have so many beautiful styles to talk about today. One of them is the one that I'm wearing right now. This style looks so natural to the point that it's it's more than convincing that this is what my hair looks like. I love it like. The color is absolutely stunning. This is the color terracotta H, and I would say that it definitely is a true terracotta. It does it's rooted, so it does have that darker root at the top. This is one of our best selling Styles, like that everybody loves this style and for really good reason, even though it does not have a mono top or a lace front, but you do not need it because it just sits so naturally on the head. It'S just so beautiful, it's teased at the top for a little bit of volume, but it's nothing crazy like it's. Not it doesn't. Look like you have something bulky sitting on your head: it's absolutely beautiful and it's so natural. I love it so much um. This color is a rooted, dark brown and it also has a golden brown highlights throughout and then it has like this little Fringe, and then it has all these, like kind of spiky kind of layers that you can Spike up. If you wanted it to for a little bit of drama at the back or you can flatten it down for like a little bit more of a classic look, I kind of like it like in between, like I don't want it to be too neat. But I don't want it to be too, like all over the place. I love it. It'S absolutely beautiful. This has a basic Cap Construction. So there's nothing. You know no fuss, no monotop, no lace front. It'S a perfect stretchy. You know very gripping wig. I love it. So much and it's really beautiful and now we can move on to the next ones. These by the way, are the styles that we are going to be taking into 2023 with us, because we love them so much and you guys have shown a lot of love for them too. So I hope you guys enjoy this we're going to be talking about a John Renault wig that you guys probably already know and love it's this one right here. This is Alessandra by Jon renau, and it is just this beautiful long length wig. It has these little front pieces over here to frame the face, and then it has a little bit of layers throughout, and this is one of the new Colors by John Renault. They just released their cascading color collection, and this is one of them. This is in the color midnight and that color is also s2-103 18 Ro also known as midnight. So it's like this very deep Roux. It'S like a dark brown, almost black and then it Blends into like these very cool tone. Ashy blondes. This is the cap construction. You have the perfect three you have over here. You have your mono top, so this over here is all the mono top. You can part the side wherever you want it to, and then you have your natural lace front over here. Give you a better look at that, so it looks like it's naturally growing from the scalp. This is a really really beautiful style. If you like a long wig, it even feels really nice. This is a synthetic wig, but it feels super beautiful. It feels just like natural hair, and it even looks very stunning once you put it on as well, so this is one of our favorites. You guys have shown a lot of love for it too, and now we can hop into the last but not least, let's put Alessandra down last we have a Raquel Welch favorite and one of my favorite colors personally. This is not just my favorite color from Raquel. It'S my favorite color in general, this is called iced, pumpkin spice. I love a pumpkin spice latte, so this just represents that it's an absolutely stunning color. This is actually the style in charge. So it's like this short kind of Bob. It'S not too short. It lays like just below the chin, and then you have like these front bangs that just frame the face, and then you have a little bit of layers throughout and then it has a beautiful Cap Construction that really just fits like a glove. You also have that part mono. So that means that in this area, that's where the hairline is going to sit best and it's going to look like it's. You know coming out of your scalp. Naturally, and then you have your lace front, and this is the ice pumpkin spice shade, which is also RL, 29-33 SS. So it's rooted, you have that Dark Root at the top, and then it goes into this beautiful strawberry blonde shade. We love this wig over here. At - and you guys have shown a lot of love for it too. So that's why we're taking it into 2023 with us, and that was our last YouTube show of the Year. I hope you guys enjoyed it so much stay tuned for all the shows coming in 2023 have a happy New Year and we'll see you guys next year bye. Thank you.


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