All My Natural Hair Wigs

My loves!! Thank you so much for supporting me on this new channel. I hope you enjoy this video, and for the black beauties who are natural or wanting to transition into that, I wish your beautiful self all the best and hope you found a wig you like. Depending on your environment, wearing natural hair might be hard and I’m so sorry you have to go through that. It’s not always easy but I see you and know you’ll look wonderful. I have so much love for my natural black beauties!! You are such a gem.

- Yar (they/them)

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**Update: a lot of these wigs have sold out so please keep that in mind if you can’t find a unit. Much love!**

Hair Details (in order)

*You may be able to find some at your local beauty supply store*

1. Blonde AFRO, Bobbi Boss Premium Synthetic Wig M680XL JUMBO AFRO XL-

2. Ginger AFRO-

3. Large black AFRO-

4. Brown AFRO (4)-

5. Strawberry blonde AFRO (27)-

6. Janet Collection ZARA Lace Wig (1B)

7. White curly AFRO, no luck searching :( I’ll update this if i find it. I recommend getting the other white afro wig it’s much better in my opinion

8. White/Platinum AFRO, Kalyss 8”-

9. Red/99J AFRO Kalyss-

10. Short black AFRO, Janet Collection Wig AFRO ROSEY II-

11. Short blonde AFRO,

12. Straight textured wig- Janet Collection Synthetic

13. Dirty blonde AFRO (27)-

14. Large black AFRO-

15. Honey Vivica A Fox Natural Baby Swiss Lace Front Wig - ROOTS (P2216)-

16. Natural headband wig-

17. Natural headband wig WITH bangs-

18. Sensationnel Curls Kinks & CO KINKY 4B-4C Empress Lace Edge Wig-

19. Loc wig-

20. Blonde 50” braided wig-

21. Red/99J ZARA Janet collection-

That’s it I think!! Please tell me if I missed anything. :)

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I'M literally a cloud in the skylight, please hi dolls. Welcome back to my channel xc! Welcome to my new channel yada sudane. Today'S video, i'm going to be showing you all my natural hair, wigs, afro, wigs and my braided wig, because lately i've been feeling like. I don't really want to wear straight hair like it kind of fell off in a way they stopped, but for um i hate when i wear an afro on my house or just afro anywhere, and someone refers to it as 70s hair, but it's literally just black. It'S literally just hair that looks like mine that grows naturally like it shouldn't be tied to an era. I'M saying like it just don't make sense to me like it's just our hair, how it is, naturally, it shouldn't be tied to the 70s there, but because of you know, hair discrimination and all that black people, just black women, just don't feel comfortable in afros and Textured, hair 4c hair, which is sad. I really love afros, because that's just me. Naturally, i look best. Naturally, you know, i think everyone looks best naturally. So if that's your hair texture and you aren't ready to wear your natural hair yet or you just don't want to do your natural hair, but you want to have natural hair that looks like yours, then keep watching. Okay! First up, we have um. I don't have names, please. Please comment down names. I want names for my wigs, maybe i'll name her, not platy. I don't know so. We i'm gon na, show you all the wigs. Let me stop talking y'all and i'm gon na leave all the links in the description box. I got ta find them because i literally don't remember where some of them are, but i'm gon na search my emails and just search for them. So now let's get started see this is my favorite wig. I look so good in ginger like and see the things about natural hair, wigs. They don't have that many colors, which is annoying because i like doing colors and the only way i can get colors. If i get like a straight hair wig and have to like dye it and stuff like that's, just not fair, because we need more options. Okay, because i like i like being colorful, i like i want vibrant colors. You know afros, like vibrant colors, on textures like these and like straight yaki textures that are like colored, you know, but i want that just know. If i find out how to make wigs, it's a wrap, they're done. Let me just get back to it. This is so big and so beautiful. I love it now see this. This is my favorite wig like this is my favorite wig like this. Is that wait? I feel, like this looks the most natural, at least on me, like it just looks so natural. I just feel so like perfect in it. Like, i, don't know the street's not seeing her. That'S all i got ta say on that see this wig is like kind of like you can make it work, but, like i don't know, i just feel like it's just kind of annoying, but it's a cute color to my other afro wigs. It'S not like the same type of structure. You know like this, it's just different, but it looks cute. So i can't even let me stop him. I feel like a lion in this, like you know how it lines me. That'S so cute see this. This was like this is when you get the wig, it's not gon na. Look like this wait. Let me fix it just a little bit better. This is cute, but the curls were originally like this like way tighter, but, like i didn't like realize it was synthetic. So i can't curl it back and i was like trying to like be cute and separated and get it poofier, but it was just very bad, so i was like, then let me just cut some bangs and try to like make it work. The actual hair is like has a part. You know i put foundation on the part to make it stand out more. It'S cute. This is a mess. Oh that's! Cute! Okay, i see you like. I wanted to hug my face and that's what i love about afros. They hug your face like it's just very cute and my cheekbones need hugging. I was supposed to use this for my zelie cosplay from children of blood and bone, but i never did it. I don't know how to say her name. I wish i could say her name correctly. I think it's nigerian and i don't know i'm gon na obey on east africa and i don't really know how to pronounce anything other than what's in my tribe. So this is my other white wig. This is a cloud like this is so cute and i'm wearing this backwards, because i like the way it falls better when it's this way, but i feel like if you don't think a wig looks right, just flip it around and i swear it's gon na. Be a new wig, i'm literally a cloud in the sky like please can't tell me not look. I can make it flatter. You know if i wanted to, but - and i'm also using this for my storm cosplay - i'm gon na do soon, because i like the way that covers my eyes. Let me just bring it down more. I can't even see right now. This is also we got. Sometimes we're backwards, but it's not backwards right now, i'm gon na show you how it looks normally and i'm gon na flip it around and show you how it looks. So you know what i mean when i say it will fall differently. I think i need to cut the bangs, because maybe my face too much get off me. Okay, now, let's flip it around, you see that it falls completely different. I like that, let me just adjust it and i like it when it's like wider, but it's just very cute. You see, i love it now. This is my baby, like i wear this wig all the time everywhere. Every time i leave, i always wear this, but usually on my brown one, but i do wish it like came with like i wish it came like this sort of like you have to get the wig. You know what i mean, but this is like. It feels like more accurate, this, like, in my opinion, it looks like someone with like type three hair or something with like curls in her hair to make afro out like that. I would like something like this or like this but shorter. You know you can see the difference like something like this in this version like shorter, like maybe i just have to get one like this and just cut it myself, but yeah. I actually do love this week. It'S so cute, like you cannot tell me it's not cute, and now we have miss blondie, which is basically like the way i just had but blonde, but it's from a different company and i'm just kind of like wanted a short blonde, wig, so bad. But i wish it was like an afro type not like like that. I wish was, like you know, like a short afro, but you can't get that. Sadly, so i kind of took an l with this one, but sometimes it's a cute short moment like, but at times it's like now, this wig is yakky like it's. It'S a yaki type texture, but i didn't know when i straightened it. That would like become like more straight looking. You know, like you, see that, but you can see this between this and this, like i like this texture more so i wish i never did that, but just just know, if you straighten it, it's going to look like this. Instead, it is. I don't even know why i strained it. To be honest, and it looks see, it looks goofy on me right now, like it's a little bit of lace, but you can still add edges like like on the side or something i'm not going to do that, because i'm trying to show you the hair, i'm Not trying to do no edges, but i hope if the company sees this that they'll send me some wigs to do. Reviews for because i really love janet collections. Natural hair, wigs, like janet collection, is like the only company that actually does natural hair wigs. So i want to collab with them. I thought they were black on because they tricked me, but still they, the only ones that sell natural hair. Wigs like i have no choice, you see, you see, i try to do like a i try to do. What'S it called, i try to do layers, you know you see the failed layers, you see i'll, insert pictures and videos of how it first came. So you know how it looks like when you first get it, because this is not really how it looks like it's like really pretty, and it's really layered like it's. Actually, the natural hair is actually really layered and you can't see it because i strained it but yeah, but it looks so cute when it's tied back, like you know, with this whisk just do this and you tie it back, maybe make it stick up or something Like something cute and it's cute, this clip is from when i was practicing my monologues, but yeah. You see how it looks like the bangs are long, the hair's just really cute. When it's tie back too. I wish i never cut it or strained it. This is so cute. I love the color it's the first week i ever got like it was not. Let me pause. It'S the first afro wig i got and i loved it. I thought i was like the perfect wig ever i like an afro that looks more textured like this, because this looks kind of looser. I like this better, but i also like this one too, like i got ta pay respects to her because she she made me feel cute, so you might think what, but this way is actually very cute. I think the color kind of carries it a little bit. Let me stop not a little bit, it carries it completely. You can glue it down, but like i'm, not gon na, do that i like having it and it did not come like this. I fluffed it out if i can find a video with it. Looking naturally how i got it, then i'm gon na find it and put it here. But if i can't you'll see on the website, but the curls, when i first got it was just they were all like this kind of. Basically i just kind of fluffed it out. You know give myself a little bang, you know what are you having in front of my eyes kind of like in this video? I only wore this wig once and that was that day, and i know you can't see, but there is lace on the perimeter, so you can glue it down and there is some lace on the parting too. This hair texture is so pretty. This is actually a headband wig, but i added clip-ins, i'm pretty sure this is on the pricier side, like i literally emailed the company, because i was not paying, i was not paying that money. I said um i'll make a ticket for you, because i really want more natural hair, wigs like and not many companies make them. So this is like a bob and right now, it's like very, like unstable. I haven't actually installed a fro, fro, i'ma, wash it and like because it's human hair, i think i'm gon na wash it and get it get it together. You know, but it's very cute, with the bangs i'm gon na, take off the bangs and you'll see it's a headband wig and i think they do sell this unit with bangs and that's how i found it. I found it because someone had it with bangs. I thought that was what i was gon na get, but i got this instead, which is okay, but if you can't get it with bangs right away, you should do that, i'm at a scarf um. This is my green scarf. It'S not really the same type of green, but we got ta do what we got. Ta do pray for me. This looks cute because if it don't, then we just gon na move on. I feel like i'm doing this right, i'm doing it wrong. You know, like i, just missed a very obvious step. I just don't know it. Okay, yeah we gon na have to move on see this week. Like kind of got me like it was. I tried to cut bangs. This was actually very cute, but i tried to cut bangs and i failed so yeah. I think i'm gon na order a new one and cut the base correctly this time or just leave it out. Actually yeah, i'm gon na cut bangs again i'm gon na get the wig in, like maybe like see, they need more colors if they have a blonde. I'M gon na start crying, like i'm gon na start, crying immediately and dry. My phone because i want like more colors like they only have like 1b one, maybe 30, they have 99 j, but it's like night and bread. It'S like it's like not. I want a vibrant color. You know. If, if i can't get this in platinum, then i don't want it anything else. You know i want in platinum or i want it in like some other colorful bright, vibrant color, you know, but if this would be cute, if you like, actually cut it correctly, it's like it looks better right here or you know. I just agree. I'M kind of weird and bangs, i don't know the thing about afros. Is they remind me so much of nature, like we kind of ate that i don't know, i don't know: okay, here's this wig. When i seen this week, i was like kind of unsure, but then you know how you see someone in the reviews and it looks so good. It'S like that could be me. Sadly it wasn't me, but i'm gon na show you the hairstyle. I attempted to real quick. I know you see the vision and you can make it like. Let me do the rest of the mirror. Okay and we're back. I feel like this. Wig is only for like pictures and like videos like not for like for real pearl, because it's like a lot of spots where it's like looking a little bit crazy, and i know you see it, i'm pretty sure you can see my wig cap, my bad, but I wanted to like try this loc hairstyle, so bad nothing looks cute on my camera, but not like for real life like you could definitely take some cute pictures with this. Like don't you think i should have done that, but look i think it looks cute down too. I really like how it looks up with bangs and that's the style i really want, but i don't know anyone who could do it in my city, so it was kind of bad for me and i could probably learn myself with the bangs part. Is the hardest part, so i don't know if i can do myself like i feel like i can crochet locks in and do all that other stuff, but the bangs. I don't think i can do that so here i am wearing this wig, even if you think it looks ugly, i'm obsessed with it. Okay now here is my infamous wig. We see the problem already, but i still really like this wig. I think it's so cute, and these are the edges i just kind of leave them alone. I don't really care about them like, and i leave two out every time or i think i already showed how i do it on tig talk, but - and this is 50 inches yeah - this wig is 50 inches. Is the 30th original this week that you can get you try to search up the wig name, i think see. I can do that, you don't tie it or i can leave it out and just tie it back. You know the hair is kind of itchy, like i'm gon na touch your skin, but not when it's on your head, like it's, not random, like that, oh you know. If i can show y'all it goes to like the back. My knee, i can't even tell it's like fake if you got if you're like a head scarf on or something uh yeah. This is what it's looking like. I almost forgot this wig. Oh my god, ain't this really cute. It'S kind of giving like human low key right lucky. These are the same wig, so you see the curls like you see how i messed them up yeah. I wish they had like a more vibrant red instead of like this, like dark 99 j like what this it looks like and i didn't make edges when i first got it, but i ain't never like like when you actually install you can make edges and stuff And the reason why it looks very straight like this, because i i keep forgetting a synthetic i hot combed it i'm gon na get a new one in a different color and just hot comb it only in the front. So it looks like this. I'M not gon na. Do it like straight out here, like i'm gon na, do like only right here, boop and stop not going all the way down there like. I don't know what i was doing, but it's so cute and if you want to make bangs you can make you can cut them, but or you can also like clip your hair back. Let me just i need to cut these ends y'all, but i don't have scissors. I can't find them like. I have hair cutting scissors, but i can't even find the regular scissors that we have at home. So it's kind of annoying. I, like the bangs, and i think that's the last wig, i'm finishing the video in my favorite way. I hope you found one you like and you get it and you wear and you rock it because duh come on he's like please get into it like. Please. Please i don't really care about that situation. No more! You can keep that straight. Okay, if you see me pop out with a straight hair for cosplay, don't say no, but i rock with her. Thank you so much for watching. Please, like comment and subscribe like comment for real, i want to know what way you like the best and if you are going to get away, which one are you going to get so next week, ish or in two weeks, i'm gon na do a makeup video On this, look because the girls wanna know so yeah stay tuned for that so put my post notifications on so you know and look oh my god y'all see this like. Are you seeing this? Oh yeah? Thank you so much for watching. I don't have an outro. Yet so you know just enjoy me, posing looking cute

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MariahxEditss: Let me just take a moment to appreciate how pretty you are Love the videooo

𝔎🔅𝔞𝔯𝔞: your so beautiful ma’am I wanna look like you when I grow up (I’m currently 12)‍♀️

peperlover99: Very cool video! I'd love to see you show how you put on your wigs, specifically #10 (the short black afro), it's incredibly cute!

nala15: The last one took my breath away! The red looks great on you

Erick Zoolander: Love you girl can't wait to see all of your projects

Juliet Ortiz: your joy is so contagious, i swear all of them look so cute on you

Zee: THANK YOU. Straight hair is dead boring sometimes, I love rocking textured wigs

BPMOON Official: You're so stunning and gorgeous, I love your content

NN Zulu: Firstly man you are beautiful, I bought an afro wig months ago cause I like wigs that match my hair texture but felt self conscious about wearing it but nah I'm inspired now.

chrissi moore: definitely gonna be getting some of these they’re so beautiful !

Carmel Capricorn: Timeless. Classic. Natural

Sarita: I wish there is more vidéos like this. You are amazing.

ALix Lou: J'ai passé un merveilleux moment .Thank you to set in highlight the beauty and variety of natural wigs.

cyan: i am so so so so grateful for this video!! i was just about to buy a new wig but something told me to check your tiktok and here I am. thank you for sharing the details with us <3 you bodied every single style

Takiyah Jackson: Omg I really love your content. You’re literally one of the reasons why I continue filming my YouTube vids

Mamie Glay: Sis we need a makeup routine because your skin is perfect

LAZZ: instantly subscribed, natural hair is so beautiful i absolutely love ur wigs they look amazingg ^_^

Kim Thompson: Girl same. Straight hair got annoying af to me. Been enjoying tf outta the natural hair headband wigs for the last 3 weeks lol Thanks Amazon

Tia: Sis came through with skin and afros

Ziah Jayra: Absolutely LOVE this video. I’ve been looking for one to buy but I just couldn’t decide and picture how it would like

My Black Is Beautifull: Girl you are soo can wear any style and color and make it look awesome!

san: not sure how to say this but this video fells so refreshing lol and you look so good in ginger!! <3 all these wigs looks absolutely stunning on you !!

sour lemon roll: I would definitely wear that to school ❤️

Indigo: Also someone needs to talk about clowns and how they wear afros as humiliation

The Great Mammon: You literally look like a doll so cute and pretty

me me: Great video! I had Just given up on looking for natural looking kinky hair wigs and you've encouraged me, so thanks!

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