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Check out the nail polish collection I made with LOUD LACQUER! YAY : https://www.loudlacquer.com

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Hi Friends, Happy Saturday!

YAY A COLLAB WITH LOUD LACQUER!! I have been working with the Loud Lacquer team for quite some time now and I am so excited to share these 4 beautiful polishes. A big thank you to YOU guys for always being here for me and always showing your support. I cant say thank you enough, seriously. I love and appreciate you guys more than you know.

But other than that exciting news, WIG HAUL. I purchased a bunch of wigs from Annabelle’s wigs and decided to try them on. I thought they were SO CUTE but once I compared the photo to the actual thing I am thinking…. Whaaaat? None of the wigs actually look like the image online, haha. Oh well. Hopefully I can fix them.

Hope you have a wonderful rest of your day and hope to be seeing you very soon.


Bailey Sarian


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: Listed In Order :

Annabelle’s Wigs - http://bit.ly/32Syrx9

JOSEFINA color 350139 - http://bit.ly/33W1Fwk

CORA color 24H613 - http://bit.ly/32SxXqP

ILSA color T2614J - http://bit.ly/2CKbOjT

EMMELINE color 24H613 - http://bit.ly/2XhVSi6

MELISSA color 24BBT18 - http://bit.ly/2XkAmZW

MILENA color 1B - http://bit.ly/2NSzqZZ

BECCA color 1B - http://bit.ly/2r0fX0w

TESSA color 1B - http://bit.ly/2CO3xLJ


WigTypes - http://bit.ly/32KLbpu

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I dyed my hair there. She is Miss America hi guys. How are you today? My name is Bailey serían and today is Saturday, which means it's Saturday. Do you like it? Do you love it she's brunette? Who is she we don't know? So this is my real hair and I don't have any hair extensions in and boy is she long crazy? This hair journey has been crazy, so today I wanted to just try a bunch of wigs on to a wig haul. This is gon na, be a wig haul. Ok, because I went crazy and I bought a bunch of wigs from this website called Annabelle Annabelle, wigs I've seen them before on like Instagram, and they make a really cute like vintage. Looking wigs and I've always wanted to try them, but I don't know so. I ended up like buying some wigs and I thought I would try them on here and we can see the different styles. I thought that'd be fun, but before we get started with the wig Tryon, I want to talk about a collaboration I got to work on on my Instagram. I have been teasing all week about this collab and I announced it on there as well, but I hadn't had a chance to mention it here on my youtube, so hi very exciting, nail polish collection, the collaboration was with a company called loud lacquer and they create Nail polishes that are free from harsh chemicals, cruelty-free vegan made in the United States, long lasting long wearing they dry super-quick, which is amazing, and they are woman owned, which is a badass with loud lacquer. I created these 4 nail polishes, it's so exciting. Oh sorry! In the frame for nail polishes, I have this a beautiful red orange shade, which is called red rum I'll, add a little swatch video like right here to so you could see. The swatch is suspicious like a topcoat or you can wear it alone. We have really barb, which is like this deep sexy like a black cherry, but it has red flecks in it or flecks sparkles. I just love red and then I have personally been on a hunt for yellow nail polish, like a good, yellow, not just a yellow nail polish that was easy to apply. I didn't have to do 6000 layers. We did it baby one coat and you could be good. I would say two coats just to make sure it's amazing, it's limited edition, so once they sell out, I think that's it pretty much yeah! It'S just it's crazy. I really don't know what else just fly or use every time I film there's a fly so on the packaging up top. It says my name and there's also a rose design on the on the Sisqo on the handle of it. This Rose actually is like my very first tattoo. Was this rose right here and guess who did it Fernando my fiance? He gave me this when I was 18 years old, that's when we first met and we didn't start dating at all. Like seven years later, I put it on here, so it's like a little it's sentimental. Yes, it's just amazing and I feel so blessed. I feel so grateful for this opportunity to work with loud lacquer and just the fact that I got to create something and do a collab in the first place like crickets bit what you know it's just nuts. I really owe it all to you guys. I could sit here and act like I just like take all the credit like, oh my god, it's cuz, I'm so amazing, but at the end of the day, the reason I got this collab and stuff was because of you guys, because you guys support me when You watch when you subscribe like if it wasn't for you guys, I wouldn't be here right now, so I just want to say that I appreciate you guys so much. You have no idea just want to say. Thank you. I I just feel so grateful for you guys and for just everything I wish I could pull an Oprah and give each and every one of you this collection, but I'm also not Oprah. So I definitely can't I'm going to leave a link in my bio, where you can check it out. We made like a little short film, which I will also link down below, where, like I'm, a fancy, wife and I murder my husband so exciting, and I appreciate loud lacquers so much for reaching out to me and giving me this opportunity. I love you guys. I appreciate you guys at the end of the day you just being here is all the support I need. Is this cheesy cuz like I'm, trying not to cheesy but citrus Hague? I will leave in the description box and even in my pinned comment where you can find this collection at you will not be disappointed with loud lacquered. I hope you like the nail polishes as much as I do modified a gorgeous Wow. Oh this color is sexy. Look at this, this style is called Josefina and I will make sure in the description box, I'm going to list the names and the colors in order for you. Ok, ok, so in the inside it has adjustable straps so can fit your head, nice and snug by the way. All of these wigs I purchased, this isn't sponsored or anything just FYI. Oh wait! Do I like this in my bangs person a lot of the times when it's shiny like this, you could just take some dry shampoo. Some people use baby powder. Some people use the Laura Mercier loose setting powder which you can, but I feel like that's kind of expensive like don't do that, but last resort you know just to get rid of some of the shine. Oh, what a difference is zooming out. The camera makes okay. There I would just zoom out okay she's cute, who she Josefina. When I get a wig. What I like to do is leave the name tag in the bag, with the wig. That way, if you really like the wig and you want to repurchase it at some point down the line, you'll know like what the color and the name one trust me. It'Ll save you. If you fall in love with a wig - and you can't remember like what it was called or whatever doing that kind of helps you out, it looks like I'm going to a disco party and I'm not mad at it. So this style is called Korra and it was 37 dollars and she's cute Cora I love wigs, have been wearing wigs on and off. I mean since, like 2011-2012 back, when I first fried my hair off. Oh it's a long story. I should do a video where I just tell you my whole hair journey. I don't think I've ever shared it. It'S been a mess for quite some time. My hair, I feel like like a it's like a oh okay, look. I saw this girl wearing a pink wig on Sunset Boulevard and when I saw her I was like. Oh my god like I want a pink wig. She looks so cute. I mean it was Halloween. I was like. I don't have a pink wig or I want a pink wig. Look how cute this is. Are you looking look how cute this is, so this one's called Lisa and it was also 37 dollars. It seems to be the same style as the last one Cora, but it's just pink right. Here'S what I really look like so pretty much! This is just like Josefina huh. This one is called Emmeline and this one was $ 38. Why the price increase? I don't know, maybe, because it's longer and blonde, I don't know this one's pretty shiny. This one I'll have to add some dry. Shampoo too, should I cut the bangs. I don't know how big life is. Is this too long? Oh, this is pretty, I feel very studio, 54 right, maybe not Wow. I really like these. I feel cute no regrets Barbra Streisand, hairstyle yeah, that's what it kind of looks like so these bangs are way too long. I think I need it. I mean I have to cut them. I can't see where are you so this style is called a Melissa, I'm going to swoop the you can't really scoop the base. Oh see I don't like us I'd soup so for this one I'll probably try and cut the bangs as best as I can, I'm no hairstylist. So I just try my best with the kitchen scissors junk drawer scissors. Don'T judge me, I don't judge you and this one was $ 38 Melissa. Thank you so much Melissa for coming on by round of applause. Okay, oh I didn't even notice, you see the zigzag part. Maybe that's why it's a dollar more! I got this one because I've always wanted Betty Page Betty bangs and just like Betty Page hair, I thought I just always loved that style. So when I saw this weight, I was like get it on my head ASAP on the website. It'S super cute it, but the curl is definitely not there and it smells weird like it smells musty. It'S like a jacket. You haven't worn just been sitting in the back of the closet for awhile. I need some Febreze, the other wigs feel so like silky, and you can just run your fingers through it where's this one. It'S like towards the end. My fingers are like tangle. It'S kind disappointed. Oh sorry, this one's called Molina and it was $ 38. What happened to this one, I'm sad, it's still cute, though I'll probably still wear it. I just don't like how it smells this one is called Becca and it was $ 37. It'S interesting because it seems that black one and this one they both have that musty smell to it, which isn't like the end of the world. I would still buy it because you can easily get rid of it with some Febreze or perfume dry, shampoo whatever. But it's bothering me also, like I had mentioned with that black wig like this one also doesn't feel as silky and smooth as the other ones did. I mean they're 37 dollars really like come on. You can't be that mad cuz wigs most of the time. Look. Some of the companies out there are charging over $ 100 for a synthetic wig. Don'T fall for that scam! Okay, you can get synthetic wigs for so much cheaper in the description box below I'll leave. You some links to some of my favorite websites to buy wigs for super cheap, they're, all synthetic for the most part. These websites do sometimes sell human hair like blends or even human here as well. I'M like innocent, like like a little angel. I got this one for when I want to go undercover and like murder, some people and I need a disguise. I look like I could be taken seriously with this hair. This style is called Tess and it was $ 36. All of them have bangs. That'S what I was really looking for. Oh it's like shorter in the back, I'm here to kill you now. This one is darker right, it's, but it doesn't have that musty smell, so I don't know what's going on with those other ones, okay already, so that is all of the different wigs I got. But boy am I feeling inspired. These wigs are so cute, like they're, very 60s, 70s glamour. I don't know feeling it I'm really liking it. I can't wait to create. Some makeup looks with these wigs, I'm feeling very inspired. I like that. Let me know down below which wig is your favorite and which wig I should create a tutorial with. Thank you guys so much for all of your love and support. Again, I will leave in the description box and in my pin comment where you can find the loud lacquer and nail polishes. Look at me can't say thank you enough and I feel like I just owe so much to you guys. I hope you have a wonderful day today. You make good choices and I'll be seeing you guys later bye out.

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