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Hey y’all, here’s a video of me coloring my wig jet black. The process was fairly easy. I hope you enjoy this video. Like, comment, and subscribe. Thank you for your support.


Hey y'all welcome back to my channel, so I have another Hair video for you guys and this one is going to be a coloring video. So I purchased this unit from Icy hair and let me just tell y'all this is my second time purchasing from this company and yet again they did not disappoint um. This is just me showing y'all the goodies that came, and I was here for the satin cap princess treatment. Only yes ma'am, yes, ma'am um. They gave some lashes. These lashes are beautiful, okay, they all mix and you get a satin bag. I guess to put your wig in to protect the wig: I'm not mad at it. You'Ll get a edge brush and elastic band, and, last but not least, a wig cap. Okay, so now I'll be showing you guys how this wig look. This is a 28 inch. 200 density weight closure. Yes, I had to think because I'm like hold on hold on but anyways look at this hair. It was beautiful, listen when I say beautiful, beautiful soft. Look at me running my fingers through it and when I tell y'all I was happy with my purchase very much happy with my purchase. So this is the hair color I'll be working with it's Revlon number 12 color, silk, um, permanent dye and again I'll be coloring. This um wig jet black okay. So let me show you guys. This was very easy. It was like a one two three step: yes, ma'am, yes, ma'am just showing you the goodies that came in the box, so you pretty much have to mix number one with number. Two and then boom you got jet black okay, and that's on that. Thank you. So I'm just mixing um number one and number two and please do read the instruction. I didn't read the instruction because I watch slay by Jordan, video and so what he did. I was like okay, but period period, so yeah I was like. Why was it this cap going on but yeah? I was putting the one cap on anyways, but yeah just shake it shake it real good, shake shake shake. It shake shake with your mom again yeah. Okay, so, like I said before, I saw this method. I got this method from slave by Jordan and when I tell y'all guys he went the hair, so I said I'm gon na wet the hair. I didn't ask no question because the finishing product was beautiful and I was like baby, I'm just gon na do what he did and that's what I did all right. So just wet the hair thoroughly like really good wet it wet it. Don'T worry about if the color is not going to get because it's going to get on there, just sweat it wet, wet, wet, wet the hair. Okay, that's it keep wetting. It make sure this little baby is soak. Okay, all right, okay. So to begin, I parted the um closure, like in my part of the closure, and I parted the hair. You know I did two separate a little section because I am starting with the closure first and that's what um stayed by Jordan did, but for for the closure guys do not use the bottle because you don't want the um color to sit through the lace. So please get a bowl, get a brush and just apply it like you would like. You would apply um. You know like highlight bleach whatever. However, you want to do it, but do not, because you don't want your lace to be dark. Okay, it's because this is a jet black color! Yes - and this part just part little, you know like little thin section, don't rush through it, because if you do, if you rush to it and you put too much product, it will get on your lace and you do not want that. All right. Okay, foreign, foreign, foreign, foreign, okay, so once you are done with the closure part, it's time to color your bundles, the remainder of the wig, so um I was using the bottle to for the remainder of the wig um. Just pretty much like. I just part the hair, I parted the hair with my fingers and just you know, distribute the color throughout the hair. I it was nothing fancy honestly because yeah, that's not the closure part, so you don't have to be careful. You don't have to be. You know take percussion or whatever, but yeah look at me making a mess like always always make it a mess girl but yeah. Just pretty much. That'S all you have to do just make sure you. You know you distribute the color thoroughly throughout the hair and just yeah all right: okay, foreign, okay. So once I was done applying the product to the hair, I went back with my comb to comb out the product, I'm not sure if I'm making sense, because I just wanted to make sure like I went back with my brush to make sure like the roots. Um the ends to make sure that the products you know was all over okay, so I was done this is me showing y'all. You know what it looks like with the color on there. I left it for about 40 minutes and now it's time to rinse the hair, I'm not even sure why I was moving so slow, but I guess I was making sure that the color did not get on the lace because baby. When I tell you this black was blacking, it was black, it was black as hell black black okay, but I was I was. I was here for it, though I was here for it because it was beautiful. It was beautiful but make sure that when you rinse the hair that you rinse the hair really good. Because when I tell you, it probably took me about I'll, say a good 30 minutes. Because when I tell you, the color did not like the color was just every time. I thought like okay, you know the the hair is done. You know the like. It'S clean, like the pot. All the products is out no baby. No, it was. It was more. It was more and look how my look, how slow like look, how weak the water pressure was. I was like I was like, and I didn't like that for me at all so yeah I saw slay by Jordan, use Dawn, soap, okay, Dawn soap and I was like say last say last, so that's what I did that's exactly what I did. I used Dawn soap. He said it helps um wash the hair better, and I you know I I I've been watching him for like years now, and I noticed that even when he colored like when he bleached um his wig, he was done soap. So I was here for it, so guess what you got! Some dog dog soap use it once you're done washing the hair with the Dawn soap, you can honestly go back and use whatever shampoo and conditioner you have, but I just want to say thank you guys for watching another video, okay, another one, I'm gon na keep Them coming, I promise, but thank you for your support, don't forget to like comment and subscribe, and I will see you guys on the next one. Ciao

Sandrine White: Definitely putting me in with the dawn soap trick. Can’t wait to try it

Pierrett Fle: Back with another bangerr! I loved the video. I seen the wig in person. Let's just say ON POINT

QueenSendraV: Looks good. Put it on for us

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