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Lazy, hey guys, welcome back to my channel, so today i'm going to show you guys how i get a flat install all the time. So today's hair is going to be featuring eunice hair, so unique company sent me um a wig to review for you guys and i'll show you guys what it comes with. So here's the wig i already bleached the knots um it's a 26 or 24 inch width. Wait, i think it's 26. um everything will be linked down below, for sure, so be sure to read the description box, but it's a 13x4 and i actually watercolored it jet black, because i just i'm in the mood for some jet black hair, okay, some straight jet Black hair and now i'm going to show you guys how i get a flat, install um. My hair has been in this little ponytail for the past three days, um. So it's some jam on top, but i'm not gon na wash my hair just because i don't feel like it for real um, so we're just gon na do some straight cornrows back um. This is my hair. I'M gon na brush this out a little. I always say like the key to any flawless install is most definitely your foundation, so you want to make sure your braids are flat or if you can't do braids um. I do believe, there's other videos on here that show different ways. You can put your hair under a wig without having to braid it, so so we're just going through some straight backs. Um honestly, i don't know why i'm parting with my comb, i always part with my finger because your braids underneath don't need to be perfect. The parts don't need to be perfect um. They just need to be flat. Okay, uh, this thing, gon na, be a tutorial because, honestly, i used to not know how to cornrow. Until i just started practicing. The way i learned was, if you can braid, you can cornrow just try like braiding super close to your scalp and then you'll naturally start to pick up hair and form a cornrow. That'S literally how i learned how to do it so just like braid, a couple rotations by itself and then start bringing super close to your scalp and you'll start to automatically pick up hair. That'S the best way. I can explain it because that's how i learned um and yeah and i believe smaller cornrows are easier to do than bigger ones. People would think that bigger cornrows are easier to do, but smaller cornrows are most definitely easier to do. You don't need to use any extra product um, especially since it's going to be under your wig cap, so to do like four to five on each side, so, like middle, so i'll, try to do four to five on this side, four to five on this side. I'Ll have anywhere between eight to ten braids, all together, um, so yeah, all right guys. So it's all braided down. I have 10 braids one, two, three, four, five, one, two, three, four: five on each side. That'S how my hair is. I need to trim so bad though um. This is how it looks not the best i'm gon na show y'all. I really don't need to be perfect. Okay, it's not perfect, but it works and my edges are brushed back and my sideburns too, because i have long sideburns get our wig cap and we're just gon na put it on like so and then for the back. I literally just flip it up like that and then just put the white cap all over okay, and it's just like that and that's pretty flat. Okay. So now that we have this all laid down, we're gon na get some gel or edge control. I'M gon na use the shiny gym for braids and we're just gon na make sure our edges are pushed back, especially since we're not doing the bald cap method. I lightly put the wig um. I didn't pluck a lot um just a little bit and if i feel like i need to pluck more then i'll put clothes on my head, but anyway, so i plucked it and i cut the combs out and um yeah. It'S ready to put on i'm gon na put on my lace, tint uh. I use the even one, and i use this shade um. Hopefully it's not too light for me now, because i most definitely like it's summer and it's been hot. I'Ve been getting a tan. Is okay guys, so this is the final look. I actually changed the baby hairs. Then i did yesterday because today is another day. Today is the day after the install. So i changed my videos um so yeah, but this is what the hair is. Looking like you could never go along with jet black um straight middle part. You could never go wrong with that um. It'S fuller than i thought it was going to be because it was 150 percent density. So i was kind of scared to see if it's gon na be too thin um, because this is my first time having this like low density, hair um, but clearly it worked out it's flat laying flat like flat. I tried doing my makeup again, so if i look crazy, you guys bear with me because this is only my first time. Okay, my nail broke off so child's time a little bit, but we need to film this outro. I never have a problem with things here. I know that straight hair is pretty good, so um, it's good on the tangle, not on the tangling, but on not tangling um, especially in the back. Usually, you know when it's hot outside, usually in the back wigs, get kind of tangled in the back like right. Here but this wig, but this wig was finally that it did not tangle that much and if it did in the back, i could just break my fingers through it and it's out so you know it's nothing. You know too bad for the summer for the heat for me, 13 by 4 26 inches. This is how long it is on me. I am five, nine! Okay, that's what the hairline's looking like, it's kind of like right here so yeah! This is the hair guys if you enjoyed this video, be sure to give it a big thumbs up comment and subscribe and i'll catch. You guys in my next video bye, guys

Madison Paige: Thank you all for entering the giveaway! There will be more in the future. Congratulations to the winner I appreciate all of you guys and the support

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