Flawless Wig Install | Jet Black Curly Wig


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Hey y'all y'all already know what time it is it's time for another sleigh, so we're gon na first start off with the got to be gel and the black body. You want to go ahead and slick all of our edges back and then we're going to hit it with the blow dryer on cool and on warm to make sure those edges are molded back all right and then we're going to go ahead and order her scalp With some well growth oil and then after that, we're going to apply the bald cap and then cut out her ear tabs all right now about to apply a thin layer of lace glue. You want to apply like a little bit ahead of her hairline. This is going to secure her bald cap to sew the back of her ball cap. This is going to keep the ball cap from sliding and moving wise under her leg and after we finish so we're going to go ahead and cut this cap off. You want to cut as close to her glue line as possible without cutting her and then, after that, we're going to go ahead and apply the makeup just to say how much you mean. Well, baby, i've been around the world. Y'All see that ball cap. My girl is looking bald so now we're about to go ahead and try the wig on make sure it fits and size it on up make sure pay attention. Y'All see how white this laces just wait. Just wait. We don't too sweet. So now we're going to go ahead and apply the same makeup that we applied on the ball cap, we're going to apply it onto her lace and then you're, going to kind of do the same thing as the ball cap. We'Re going to cut out the ear attached, we want to make sure that the wig is comfortable and it's not laying on her ear us holding hands all right. Then you want to go ahead and pin all the lace back and then clean her skin with 91 alcohol and after that dries you want to spray her skin with the skin protectant. This is going to protect her skin from any chemicals in the glue and then we're gon na go ahead and apply the glue. This is hair by erica j's glue and we're gon na apply four layers for the maximum hole. Make sure you allow each layer to dry completely clear before applying the next layer is that can take where'd? You go now about to lay the lace, make sure you take your time with this, and you want to make sure you get it in there. Real good have your client hold down each side while you're applying it to make sure you're not getting any ripples all right and then i'm about to go in and pluck a little bit more, i like to pluck somewhere just to get a more natural look after. I have the wig on is: is we get into the fun part? You want to go ahead and start cutting that lace off use the razor you see me going in a super jagged motion that is going to get you the most natural hairline possible. So take your time and cut real jagged all right and after we finish cutting off all the lace, we're going to go back in and just re-glue down any little pieces that didn't catch on to the glue the first time now you want to go ahead and Get your part separated and then you want to start pulling out your baby hairs, make sure you pull out enough, but not too much only to your liking, though, and then we're going to start with the melting process. All right, then, you want to push back all the hair and then we're going to go back in and just touch up any little spots with just a little bit of makeup and then we're going to square our favorite hairspray and then melt the lace back down. Uh and then this whole time, i'm pretty much just perfecting everything, making sure that her part is sharp and then that her hair is flat making sure i don't need to go in and pluck anymore. This is just the perfection part all right, y'all, remember what i said in the beginning. Look look at that. Elise, y'all, remember how white that lace was now like what lace, what lace, what anyway so we're about to get into the baby hair. So you want to comb out the baby hairs and then i'm going to go back in and thin them out just a little bit and then we're going to curl them and then start forming them with the hair spray. I use the got to be free spray to form my baby hairs. Uh. Can we just please get into the scalp? Please remember this is my hd lace. This is super white, transparent lace on my chocolate girl get into it, get into it y'all, but to form the baby hairs. It'S all just you know working the wrist. You want to really just play with it, but you got to move. You got to move fast. You got ta move fast and just play with it. Yes, baby, you don't know what you do to me between me and you i feel like chemistry. I won't let no one come and take your place me all right, then, to really define that part. We'Re gon na go ahead with a concealer. That'S the one shade lighter than the client and then i'm gon na apply that to the part, and then i'm gon na go in with some foam and then just to find those curls y'all see my girl. Please get into it. Thank you guys so much for watching. Please subscribe and, like my video, i will see y'all next week me

kay Kay: Love your channel, this look is bomb!

just yans: amazing !!

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